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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 69

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 69: Nation’s Husband 3

After pretending to become a senior secondary high schooler for half-day, Jiang Liu finally memorized the names of all students in his class and matched them with their faces.

Of course, his focus was also on his deskmate, the original body, once unrequited love, Gao Ruru.

This small girl is probably the big darling among the teacher in this school, ah. She is a gifted child with an IQ as high as 187. She also had won the first prize in the IMC International Mathematics Competition quarter-final and the silver prize in the final during her first year of junior high school. In the second year of junior high school, she was unable to participate in IMC International Mathematics Competition due to illness. In the third year of junior high school, she broke her personal record and won the gold medal in the final of the IMC International Mathematics Competition.

In her first year of senior secondary high school, she was selected as a member of the national team of IMO, International Mathematical Olympiad, and won a gold medal for the team as well as a gold medal for individual competition. In her second year of senior secondary high school, she was the only one who got full marks in the IMO, International Mathematical Olympiad.

Such a person cannot be described as being the top student. She is the ultimate God of study in the minds of everyone.

According to her score in the math competition, she can be admitted to any university in China without having to go through the examination. Even Yanjing University was opening its door unrestrictedly for her.

According to the gossip, Gao Ruru has signed a contract with Yanjing University since its department of mathematics was recognized as the best in China. For Gao Ruru, who was obsessed with mathematics, it was natural for her to choose Yanjing University as her eventual destination.

Jiang Liu really cannot connect this neat bangs, baby-face, pure, and clean, shy little girl with the God of study of the mathematics department.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

Gao Ruru had endured Jiang Liu’s glance for half a day. Under such a line of sight, she no longer has the energy to devote to her favorite mathematics study. The more significant part of her enthusiasm to brush the mathematics questions was also consumed by now.

Her voice was soft and sticky like glutinous rice, and even when questioning others, she seemed to have a weak voice.

“How do you know that I’m looking at you if you’re not looking at me?”

Jiang Liu also did not mean to tease the little girl. He just ended up acting like that subconsciously.

“You -“

Gao Ruru’s cheeks were puffed up, and her eyes were as round as small grapes.

She pushed her black-rimmed glasses against her nose and thought for a moment. “You needn’t need to feel inferior.” She continued. “In my opinion, no man can match Bernhard Riemann.”

Gao Ruru thought that Jiang Liu was angry with her because of her refusal. You know, in order to reject Jiang Liu, she had repeatedly revised her answer hundreds of times during the summer vacation. Therefore, she finally chooses this version that she felt the least hurtful, and let the people lose their interest in pursuing her.


Jiang Liu looked at the little girl’s serious expression and could not help patted the table and laughed.

From where does this darling baby come from, oh? How could it be so silly that it looks so lovely, ah?

Jiang Liu does not know who Bernhard Riemann is, but what he did not know, Baidu knows, ah. As early as the first time, he “baidu-ed” Bernhard Riemann, he initially thought that the girl’s idol was a movie star, but this Bernhard Riemann turned out to be a mathematician.

[T/N Baidu = Search engine popular in China. Similar to Google]

Bernhard Riemann was a famous German mathematician whose significant achievements were in mathematical analysis and differential geometry. He initiated Riemann geometry, which later provided the mathematical basis for Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

The name and his achievements may be unknown to many, but the Riemann conjecture should be known even to those who do not know mathematics.

This is also one of the unconfirmed conjecture among the seven major millennium mathematical problems. According to the rules set by the mathematical institute, it is stipulated that as long as anyone manages to explain any of the seven major millennium mathematical problems and published his evidence in the authoritative journal of mathematics, the solver can get a bonus of $1 million after having it verified for two years.

So far, only the Poincare conjecture has been solved by the Russian mathematician, Perelman, and the remaining six-millennium mathematical problems have yet to be proven.

As a math fanatic, it’s not surprising that Gao Ruru would consider Bernhard Riemann as her idol. After all, some mathematicians consider math as their partner and never get married in life.

It’s just that Gou Ruru’s action of seriously trying to comfort Jiang Liu and wanted to make him not to feel inferior to Bernhard Reimann, that ended up poked his funny bone,

He now understood why the original body memory was missing. Perhaps after being rejected by this girl in this way had severely hurt his male self-esteem. Or probably in the original body’s mind, Gao Ruru just found a casual excuse to fob him off. Due to this incident, it led to original body muddling disorderly in his private lifestyle.

Jiang Liu even doubts that the original body is so obsessed with finding a woman who does not love him because of his money was related to this huge blow.

But this did not prevent him from admiring this soft and waxy little girl.

Serious people are always beautiful. And this hardworking little girl who studies mathematics is no exception.

“Stop laughing –“

Gao Ruru did not know which part of her words poked Jiang Liu laugh point. She looked at the students around who was looking at them. With a red face, she blocked her face with the table and secretly poked Jiang Liu’s thigh with the endpoint of her ballpoint pen.

Her voice remained unthreatening. Obviously, she was using a rushing intonation. However, it ended up sounded so coquettishly.

“Okay, I’m not laughing, pfft -I’m not laughing.”

Jiang Liu closed his mouth, but his chest was still heaving violently, which showed how hard it was to hold back his smile.

Seeing that that Jiang Liu had stopped laughing, Gao Ruru breathed a sigh of relief and quietly returned to work on her own mathematics problems.

* * * * *

Jiang Liu’s lunch was solved at the school. Even though he was the son of the richest man, he did not seem to enjoy any special treatment. The only change was estimated to be the remaining balance in his meal card. For the first time, Jiang Liu know that someone’s meal card could have a balance of five figures.

When he thought of himself, who dropped out of junior high school, Jiang Liu could not help but lamented that continually comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.

However, even with the five-digit balance, he still only had enough stomach and intestines for one meal. Jiang Liu wanted to be prodigal when he had money, but after all, his years of frugality took over his sense. In the end, he only ordered two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes, and a bowl of soup.

Looking at the five dishes in front of him that cost him more than 30 yuan, Jiang Liu thought he was extravagant enough.

But apparently, his former friends were not used to his “extravagant” style.

Those friends of his partly were the rich second generation, who are equally well off, and another part was common students who follow them to eat some broth. However, at this age, they are still learning-oriented with the hopes of passing in flying colors. In this key senior secondary high school, the spirit of comparison is no longer so important. Even the original body will also subconsciously restrain a lot in this school.

Consciously ordered five portions of food, Jiang Liu could not help but feel distaste as he looked at the table full of food.

Apparently, of all the meals, only a small portion ends up in their mouths.

Jiang Liu forced himself to eat all five dishes into his stomach and then watched his friends will only taste the dishes before throwing it into the trash can. He could only console himself that this was the life that their parents had created for their children, and he could not be enemies such wealth.

But the essence of being a grass root made Jiang Liu unable to get used to such life. He touched his bloated belly and let out a bitter smile directly from the heart. Maybe he really did not have the consciousness of being a prodigal. The things that already etched in his bones, even money, could not change it.

He wanted to show off his big meals, but as a result, because he did not want to waste those meals, Jiang Liu did not know whether he is digging a hole for him to jump by himself.

“Jiang ge, today I saw that you and our elementary school god were chatting so happily. Is it true that you had successfully chased after the God of Elementary School?”

The original body’s good friend, Gao Jin patted him on the shoulder and said.

What are you talking about, ah? Jiang Liu smiled as he wanted to explain that he had an honest relationship with Gao Ruru.

“You told me in the beginning that if you successfully chase after God of Elementary School, I will have to complete all your homework for a month and vice versa. To honor our promise, I can start fulfilling it from today.”

Gao Jin’s words stunned Jiang Liu because he had no memory concerning this matter. Therefore, he had no idea that the confession was actually has a stake behind it.

So, in the end, whether the original body like Gao Ruru or not left Jiang Liu in confusion.

However, in any case, with emotion as the chip, Jiang Liu could not help but cursing himself as a piece of garbage inwardly. Such a person still wanted to have pure, true love. You better dream it off.

“Ah, Gao Ruru, this is nothing, I was just joking with Jiang Liu.”

When it rains, it pours, Jiang Liu looked back and saw a girl with a baby face pursed her lips while holding a plate standing not too far away.

She seemed to have heard everything that had just been said.

Gao Ruru lowered her head and put her plate inside the recycling bin, and then left quietly.

Jiang Liu could not let this dirty water splashed on his own body, ah, so he could only run after her with a wry smile.

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have compared you to Monsieur Riemann. You don’t deserve it.”

After being stopped, the tip Gao Ruru’s nose looked red. She looked up at Jiang Liu and said it with hatred.

As if this weren’t enough, she thought for a moment and gestured her thumb downward, and said savagely, “Garbage!”

Consciously it appeared to be very fierce and very malicious, yet it still sounded soft and milky.

Looking at Gao Ruru, who ran away, Jiang Liu was unable to decide whether he wanted to laugh or cry.

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