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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Nation’s Husband 4

“Hey, are you really angry?”

Jiang Liu put a bottle of strawberry-flavor yogurt on the table and pushed it towards Gao Ruru.

She seemed to like this sour and sweet flavored milk and will drink two boxes of it in one morning. So he went to the shop and bought this supposedly error-free crime gift before finding out what God really liked.

Gao Ruru did not speak. She pushed back the drink to Jiang Liu.

At this time, her heart was full of injustice. For the sake of writing her rejection to Jiang Liu’s love letter, she had repeatedly made consideration hundreds of times. She had wasted the time that she could use to solve a lot of problem sets, only to find out that all of this was a bet between Jiang Liu and his friends. The other party didn’t even like her, and yet she had been racking her brains to think of a reply that won’t hurt his pride. This had made her felt so upset.

For the upright Gao Ruru, not to mention a bottle of yogurt, even if there are two bottles or three bottles, it still could comfort her wounded heart.

“That Gao Jin had no clue what he had been rambling about. You should not believe his ghost talk. Even though I Jiang Liu, is lacking in class, I will not take the matter of feeling as a joke.”

Just a moment ago, it was only the tip of her nose is red. However, now, even the rims of her eyes are red.  Jiang Liu thought that if he did not manage to coax her well, maybe in the next second, her tears will come down.

Perhaps because he had previously experienced in raising his daughters, Jiang Liu could not stand seeing any girl crying in front of him. As of now, it appeared that he could not use this yogurt to coax this God of Elementary School, so he ended up getting flustered.

“You are; you are the same!”

The more Gao Ruru wanted to get angry, the more grievance she felt. How could this person be so bad, ah?

Her tears fell, but she did not cry. She raised her hand to wipe away the tears.

“Yes, yes, yes. I am, I am.”

Looking at her wronged expression yet pretending to be strong, there is no way that Jiang Liu could resist it.

Speaking of this God of Elementary School, because of grade skipping, she was younger than her classmate. It seemed that she had just passed her 15th birthday not long ago. At this age, for Jiang Liu, there is no difference with a milk doll.

He scrambled to coax and said yes to everything.

“You admit it. You are garbage, big garbage!”

Gao Ruru’s family had protected her very well. Apart from showing a high than average IQ from an early age and an extreme liking towards math, this God of Elementary School had spent most of her time learning. She is not like the children of the same age who like electronic products and the Internet.

She doesn’t know how to curse much. All she could say is rubbish most of the time. In her opinion, this word is the ultimate insult.

“No, god, even the criminal has the right to appeal. I’m not at the level of a crime. Therefore, you have to allow me to defend myself.”

This matter if Jiang Liu did not explain clearly, he was afraid that from today, he would be charged with playing with the feelings of his female classmates. Jiang Liu did not plan to carry the original black pot. Naturally, he had to pick himself out.

“I really like you. If I don’t like you, am I going to write that long love letter?”

Jiang Liu did not know what the original body had written in his love letter, but since it is a love letter, he always had to write a few more words.

That is the truth. After listening to Jiang Liu’s explanation, Gao Ruru’s frustrated heart was slightly eased.

Although she didn’t like Jiang Liu, however, this is the first love letter that she had received in life. Gao Ruru could not help looking over it several times. When she thought of the content of the love letter, Gao Ruru’s face suddenly became red.

This time is not because she was angry but shy.

As a student with outstanding mathematics achievement, the pure-minded Gao Ruru did not know that a similar love letter template with thousands of words, citing classics from the ancient literature to foreign literature, could be found online. As long as you think of it, there is nothing that you can’t find on the Internet.

When she thought of the short reply that she too the whole summer vacation to think of, Gao Ruru felt that Jiang Liu’s love letter should also take him a long time to write.

Does he need to spend that much time writing love letters if it’s just for teasing?

“Well, don’t you think that it’s quite normal that I should like you since you’re so lovely and clever? But Gao Jin is always jumping around talking nonsense. How can you believe anything he says?”

Jiang Liu saw that the God of Elementary School’s expression started to ease, so he decided to continue to dub her.

“I’m not that good.”

This simple girl, who didn’t know how contrite the other person’s heart was, was soon attacked by a sugar-coated bullet.

Growing so big, Gao Ruru had often being praised by many people, but she had not heard the straight face-to-face praise coming from her peers, especially when the opposite sex also someone who likes her.

“After reading your letter today, I deeply realized the gap between myself and your idol Riemann, but you can rest assured that I will try my best to catch up and try to make you understand my heart.”

Maybe he’s addicted to it, but he’s just about to tap his chest and become the next Riemann.

“You don’t have to set your goal that far. Set a small goal first, like passing your math exam?”

After hearing Jiang Liu’s confident words, Gao Ruru was silent for a moment, and then she used her soft, sticky voice to reply. Her expression is a little worried as if she felt that her words might stab Jiang Liu’s heart.

“It’s really great for you to be able to pass the math test. I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to catch up with Riemann.”

At this time, Gao Ruru also felt that she might really have wronged Jiang Liu. If he is lying to her, there is no need for him to coax her. Due to her guilt of misapprehending the good people, Gao Ruru was racking her brains to comfort Jiang Liu.

There is nothing that man incapable of doing, ah!

“Not only passing, but my goal is also full marks!

He was very arrogant when he said it, yet Jiang Liu died off after talking.

He was a junior high school drop-out. In his first world, it was an illiteracy world. He was semi-literate in his second world. The third world was the pinnacle of his education, but the ancient arithmetic was now at the level of his primary school’s Math Olympic. As for the last world, the original body was a common bricklayer. One could expect that he did not leave Jiang Liu with much important stuff related to art, music, and literature.

As for the original body, Gao Ruru had set a small goal for him, which is to pass the math exam. As for how well the other person’s math scores were, she should already know it.

Now, he is a small illiterate clamor to get full marks in the high school mathematics exam. Jiang Liu feels that he is in his own dilemma.

But knowing that this rich second generation is not good, how could he achieve this task?

But since he already declared it so, and looking at the encouragement from the God of Elementary School, Jiang Liu could not really say that he wanted to back off, right?

“It’s always good to have a dream. You have to work hard.”

Gao Ruru sincerely encourages Jiang Liu. She believes that as long as Jiang Liu attentively learn, he will find the beauty of mathematics, and fall deeply in love with mathematics.

“But Gao Jin is too bad. You should not play with him in the future.

People who are willing to learn mathematics are generally will not be bad. At this time, Gao Ruru has completely believed Jiang Liu. And because of his words, Gao Ruru had a grave misunderstanding towards Gao Jin.

Gao Jin, who had just entered the classroom, heard Gao Ruru’s words and felt that a sword had stabbed his chest.

Why is he the only one bad? Looking at his best friend, who made managed to coax the God of Elementary School and made her looked so happy, Gao Jin swallowed his troubles and endured the misunderstanding alone.

Jiang Liu bore the sight resentment that came from behind and was relieved to see the God of Elementary School who had finally recovered her smile.

“Do you want to drink this yogurt?”

Jiang Liu himself did not like this kind of sour and sweet flavored milk drink. He thought that when he was very young, the family conditions were deplorable. When he watched his peers drink this, it also instills some kind of an obsession with it.

When he entered the construction site to work, the first thing he bought with his first pay was the snacks that he wanted to eat but could not afford before. However, perhaps at that age, when the obsession disappeared, he thought it was just that.

This bottle of sour yogurt, which he certainly did not like to drink, was bought for this schoolmaster. Now that she had got her temper down, it’s time for her to have it.

“In the future, I will have to ask you a lot of questions when I learn math. This is a thank you gift from me.”

The young girl had been glancing at the sour yogurt from time to time and behaved in a reserved manner as if meant to refuse it. Seeing that, Jiang Liu is very clever to give her a reasonable excuse.

“Well, then I’m not going to be polite.”

The allowance of this learning god is also limited. Her daily allowance only allowed her to buy two boxes of yogurt after brunch. After her anger cools down, Gao Ruru was very willing to compromise on behalf of the sour yogurt.

“Don’t worry. If you study hard, you will pass the exam.”

With the taste of strawberry, the sour and sweet yogurt let the little girl’s whole aura become sweet. Watching her smiling crooked eyes, and Jiang Liu also played down her lack of confidence in him.

* * * * * *

After Gao Jin entered the classroom, the students who went to the cafeteria also came back.

Being the third year students, this time was the most critical time for them to learn, and this is the first thing that almost all the students focus on as soon as they entered the classroom. Except for Jiang Liu and his friends who were in a privileged position, all of the classmates who came back immediately take out the practice book and start learning.

In such an atmosphere, Gao Jin and others are less likely to make noise or talk loudly. They were either playing with their mobile phones or playing games.

Only Jiang Liu was forced to take out a new set of math books under the watchful eyes of the God of Elementary School. When he looked at the scribbling on top of the book, the small eyes met the big eyes, with a look full of bitterness and hatred.

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