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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Nation’s Husband 5

A thin old man came in with transparent glass.

He turned his glass and drank a mouthful of strong tea before he placed it heavily on the table.

The whole class was startled by his action.

Satisfied with the effect it produced, Xiao Changming smiled and then put his hand behind his back as he cleared his voice.

“You are the worst I’ve ever had!”

“I heard all of your voice at the stairwell. And in this whole grade, your class’s is the noisiest!”

Xiao Changming, with his hands on his back, started the school every year with these words. With the coming of each new term, he will speak about this again. Not only he, other teachers also have this habit. In the eyes of the teachers, this is also a way to motivate students.

Jiang Liu has been away from school for too long. Therefore, facing this kind of teacher’s habit makes him unable to adapt.

He thought about the atmosphere in the classroom. Did anyone speak before?

Or did he just get so caught up in the alien math problems that he didn’t hear the conversation around him?

“What are you looking at? Jiang Liu!”

When Xiao Changming saw that other students were listening to him very seriously, he finally detected Jiang Liu, who are restless and had been looking around him. The teacher decided to sacrifice him to warn the whole class immediately.

“How many points you score on the last term exam? I’m not surprised if you think that you are learning because of the teacher. No, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re good or bad. To put it unkindly, you are right now a senior of the secondary high school, not a nine-year compulsory education. I can focus on serious students and give up on the bad students. However, I didn’t do this because the teacher didn’t want to give up on you. It is not the teacher who gives you up, it was you who gave up on yourself.”

While Xiao Changming was speaking with his saliva spittle around, Jiang Liu was thinking about the original body’s score and did not dare to talk back.

“Jiang Liu, you stand up. I asked you what mathematics is?”

Xiao Changming pointed at Jiang Liu and asked him to stand up and answer the question.

“Is it a compulsory subject for the college entrance examination? Plus, minus, multiply, divide?”

“No, in my opinion, the only thing you can’t learn is math!”

Xiao Changming’s voice just fell; many students in the class could not help but laugh out loud.

Jiang Liu can assure that the person sitting behind him, Gao Jin, who posed as his best friend, is the one who laughed the loudest.

Fortunately, Jiang Liu is not without any relief. Just like his soft and cute little desk mate, who quietly poked his thigh with the ballpoint pen, and then gave him a look of encouragement.

“Why are you laughing?”

Xiao Changming looked at Jiang Liu’s who was laughed by the students around him and then earnestly tried to persuade him.

“Do you remember how many points did you get in the last exam? 54. I can’t believe the results that my student got from my teaching. Do you believe that my 12-year-old granddaughter could test better than you?”

Xiao Changming making such a big scene, was not completely to satirize Jiang Liu. He is hoping that the other party could mature up, seize the last year of the senior high school and try to put up a much better result.

“Your kid’s brain is actually smart. I’ve learned about your grades in other subjects with your class teacher. Your English and Chinese are pretty good, especially English, where you scored 117 on the final exam last semester when the full mark is 120. As for your Chinese, you managed to score 104. If you can raise your math scores, it’s perfectly possible to get into a college as well as universities.”

I know that many of our classmates have excellent family conditions and can afford to go abroad. But have you heard a saying that you should not be afraid to go overseas as long as you can perform well in mathematics, physics, and chemistry? Wrong! Not only do you have to learn math, but you also have to learn math in English.”

Xiao Changming is an excellent teacher, or he won’t remember. Jiang Liu’s final exam results so well. He did not only stressed on his math subjects, but also other subjects like English and Chinese.

In the face of such a serious and responsible teacher, even if he was picked up as a target, Jiang Liu is not so angry.

The teacher reminded him of his teacher before he dropped out of school to work.

The old man who was so respected in his mind once offered to take care of him and take charge of his daily expenses, because he felt that Jiang Liu could and would like to study. He also thought that it was an immature and irresponsible decision to give up study at such a young age for the sake of earning a living.

But in the end, Jiang Liu still refused, which did not mean that he did not appreciate the teacher’s kindness.

The rambling little old man in front of him and his memory of the headteacher is very similar. Both of them are excellent teachers who sincere for their students.

“Teacher Xiao, I know I’m wrong. This semester I’ll try to make up for the subjects I left behind before, and I won’t let you down.”

Compared to the time when he was digging a hole to bury his impulse, this time, Jiang Liu was more sincere.

He feels that it’s not bad to come to this world to study well. It may be nice to take a college entrance examination and make up for what he once regretted.


Xiao Changming was quite familiar with his students. The original Jiang Liu was determined that he did not want to study at all, especially after he knew that the family conditions of this student seemed to be quite good. His parents were busy working and only compensate him with pocket money. Even in the face of these teachers, he could not hide his arrogance.

It just that as a teacher, he really doesn’t want to give up on any of his students. Although in the current society, it is more popular to rely on one’s father’s wealth or prestige to get ahead, after all, this is not their own thing. What will happen in case one day, their parents unable to make money? What if their parents passed away early and his students did not have any ability except to spoil all the property left behind by their deceased parents? It’s all possible to happen.

These students are still young and didn’t necessarily understand it, but as teachers, he had to teach them to understand it.

Xiao Changming saw that Jiang Liu’s attitude was quite sincere. However, he was unsure whether Jiang Liu was merely deceiving him, or really wanted to understand.

Fearing that the student might develop a rebellious mentality, he did not let Jiang Liu wrote a written pledge like military order or something and let him sit down after receiving this response.

“Damn it, Jiang ge, are you fooling old Xiao or are you serious?”

Sitting behind Jiang Liu, Gao Jin poked Jiang Liu’s back, as his whole body leaned over the table and whispered in Jiang Liu’s ear.

He thinks that this dude had been acting all wrong today.

 The first occurrence was his performance at the canteen. In the past, he will order a table of food and then picked a few to taste it, but today, Jiang Liu only ordered a few dishes and has eaten everything.

As he poured out the food he had not finished, Gao Jin could even felt the heartbreaking emotion that exuded from Jiang Liu, as if he was too reluctant to let the food go.

You have to know that before, in this group of people, Jiang Liu was the most wasteful of them all. Not to mention the cafeteria’s three to four portions of meat dishes and one or two vegetarian cheap dishes, even the restaurant’s dishes that cost hundreds of dollars, he only took a bite to taste before he throws it away.

Gao Jin didn’t know what his parents were doing, but he knew that Jiang Liu’s family was definitely more prosperous than his family. During the summer vacation, he even saw that Jiang Liu had gone to Hong Kong to play. He even shows off his first-class air tickets in their circle of friends. It was impossible that his family had lost their way, and suddenly there was no money.

And besides the sudden trembling like QQ instant messenger, even his attitude toward learning is getting different.

Before, this brother of mine did not care about learning this thing, ah. After all, it seemed that his home had been arranged for his future. They only need to seek a relationship to go abroad to study. As long as you have money, those capitalist countries will welcome you with an open hand. Those Ivy colleges are free to enter for them, too. At worst, they could still obtain diplomas from any second-rate foreign schools.

Learn what business administration or finance is, graduate, and then took over their own company. Life just goes on as usual.

Do you think it is fair? Of course, it’s unfair.

While the other classmates are racing against time for the college entrance examination, as they try to promote themselves in search of the only a good job, their starting line is already the endpoint for many of them, even a long distance from those people’s starting points.

But who made their parents fight for their future. Sometimes having the right parents are the most important than a lot of things.

Therefore, Gao Jin could not understand the attitude of his friend. Before, it seemed that he did it to coax the God of Elementary school, but now he is still vouching for the teacher Xiao in front of him. Is he really planning to study seriously?

“My dad got mad and stopped my card. He also stopped my pocket money unless my grades go up.”

Jiang Liu slightly tilted his head as he gave Gao Jin a reasonable explanation.

He also realized that his sudden shift was easy to attract the attention of those people who is familiar with him. So he was bound to find a reasonable excuse for his change.

Nobody in the school knows that his father is the richest man, and usually, it was their housekeeper who came to his parent’ meeting. Whenever his rich father managed to get away from his work once in a while, he always used it to scold his unworthy son. He had so little energy that he couldn’t spare to care about his son’s life in school, so Jiang Liu didn’t have to worry whether his lies will be exposed or not.

“Uncle is a little tough.”

Gao Jin’s doubts suddenly went away, and the cut-off perfectly explained Jiang Liu’s performance in the cafeteria. It also rationalized Jiang Liu’s sudden change of attitude towards studying.

“Such a big thing, yet you did not tell me. What’s our relationship, ah? If you need money, you can borrow from me, ah.”

His parents must have given him less pocket money than Jiang Liu, but it’s a lot more than the average student. However, Gao Jin has a wide range of hobbies. He likes to collect models and sneakers, and sometimes he doesn’t have the money to get together, and he has to borrow from others.

Not long ago, he had borrowed 8,000 yuan from Jiang Liu to buy a tall model.

Thinking through his financial position, Gao Jin was humbling and smiling. His pocket money didn’t seem to be able to afford what he had been spending before.

“After calculating it, I think you still need to study hard. I think my uncle is only temporarily angry. Maybe he’ll take off his ban on your card after a while.”

Gao Jin patted his buddy’s shoulder, saying that he could not help him.

“Well, that’s all I have to say. It’s up to you whether you’ll listen or not.”

Xiao Changming also said that he was tired. He reached out to his glass of tea on the table and listed it up to drink it to moisten his throat only to discover that the water had been drunk before he knew it.

He smacked his mouth as he said: “You’ll be crazy for more than a month this summer. I don’t know how much you still remember from what I had taught you last semester, so let’s relax.”

When it comes to relaxing, many of the students have their mouths shut and laugh, and finally, they don’t have to listen to Xiao Changming’s nagging.

“Let’s do a set of test papers, and let me see how much you remember from what I taught you previously.”

Before they could fully display their smile, that declaration let it froze midair, before they started to cry unsightly.

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