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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Nation’s Husband 6

Jiang Liu was unwilling to face failure for the first time after coming to this world.

However, who let the original body being such a letdown that his mathematics’ comprehension was only at the level of a junior high schooler. Additionally, because he had never had any need to use those formulas and theorems in the previous worlds’ mission, Jiang Liu could only choose the simplest way to answer the test. He was making a blind wild guess!

He closed his eyes as he held the pen casually. Whichever option is closest to the pen is the answer that he is going to choose.

Looking at the multiple-choice questions that he answered with his eyes closed as well as the completely empty fill-in-the-blank questions, Jiang Liu felt that perhaps, even getting 54 points like the end of last semester would become a mountain that he could not cross temporarily.

Xiao Changming paced back and forth around the classroom. As he walked on the aisle next to Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru, he couldn’t help but smile as he glanced at the logical and careful answers written by his proudest student.

He has to admit that in his 30 years and after having taught many students, Gao Ruru is the most gifted student among many talented students that he had seen. Xiao Changming also felt that the way Gao Ruru learned mathematics was not the kind of learning that was done solely for grades. She learned mathematics because she loves it from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at this student, Xiao Changming also feels her passion.

What a splendid calculation, what a beautiful formula, ah.

Look at this good child. Every time she gets a problematic problem, she will use at least two kinds of problem-solving method to test it. Some of the methods used were even something that was only taught at the university level. Although this method was usually forbidden in the college entrance’s examination and will not be scored, however, when Xiao Changming looked at this cute little Brainiac, he could not help but felt gratified.

Soon, the International Olympic Mathematics (IMO) will begin. This time, the preliminary competition will be held in China. According to Gao Ruru’s achievement in the previous years, she can enter the winter camp without having to take the preliminary test and compete for the six slots of the IMO competition’s team.

In the past two years, Gao Ruru has achieved excellent results in IMO.  It just that IMO Competition does not allow students with a university degree or above to participate. Therefore, since Gao Ruru is already in her third year of high school, this year will be her last IMO competition.

If she wins, she will become the first girl in the history of China to win three consecutive championships.

Xiao Changming looked at his beloved student with an even kinder gaze.

It’s just that when he turned to look at Jiang Liu’s test paper at the side, his previous gratified feeling and smile suddenly collapsed.

The first two questions of the multiple-choice questions are not too tricky, so Jiang Liu got it right. However, starting from the third question, his blind answers are wrong, and Xiao Changming’s face is getting ugly by second.

Currently, there were only 10 minutes left before the end of the exam. The fill-in-the-blank questions on Jiang Liu’s test paper were basically empty. Contrary to expectation, he did try his best. In each short answer question, he wrote the word [solution] plus two colons. Apart from that, there was no calculation process could be seen.

Xiao Changming sighed. It seemed that instead of reviewing during the summer vacation, he had forgotten everything he had learned in the previous two years.

He was afraid that Jiang Liu’s scores this time will not be as good as his final exams’ score from last semester.

As a key high school that was affiliated to a university that gathered many talented students from around the province, the learning progress in this school was faster as opposed to the regular school. As early as the second semester of their second year, the students have already completed all the courses that should be completed in three years. Therefore, the entire second year was meant to consolidate and improve students’ current understanding of the classes. Due to this, Xiao Changming was unsure if Jiang Liu’s current enthusiasm would be enough to help him to make up for the courses that he had been neglected in the past two years.

Being so close, Jiang Liu naturally heard his sigh.

Jiang Liu believed that despite his good and bad situation, he is still a quite decent person. Therefore, for him to be stump by this little mathematical problems, he could not help but felt ashamed.

There is no need for others to force him now. For the sake of his dignity as men, Jiang Liu decided to study this subject seriously.


The house where the original lived in was bought by his parent with particular consideration to his schooling.

The housing prices in the capital are not low, especially at the old residential area where the affiliated high school was located. This area was at the centre of the second ring road. The housing prices here are basically at the range between 120,000 to 140,000 per square meter feet. As for the house Jiang Liu lived in, it even goes as high as 170,000 per square meters due to its security measures.

Therefore, the market price for a 200 square meter flat could go as high as 40 million.

This is just a house that was bought casually so that he could study hard.

Jiang Liu couldn’t wait to gnaw on his small handkerchief at this moment. He couldn’t imagine the happiness of the rich people, ah.

The original body’s parents live in Hangzhou and fly around the world for business. The nanny who worked at the main house for more than ten years had come to this house to take care of Jiang Liu’s daily life. As for the housekeeper of the old house in Hangzhou, he will visit this house once or twice every month to check on him. On this occasion, the old housekeeper will confirm the original’s daily activities and study with the nanny. Occasionally, when there is an activity held by the school that required parents to participate, this old housekeeper will also attend it on behalf of his parents.

When Jiang Liu returned home, the nanny had already finished preparing his dinner.

On the dining table, there was sweet and sour meat with pineapple, shredded eel, steamed grouper, stir-fried asparagus, and,  a pot of old hen soup.

The sweet and sour meat with pineapple was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, whereas the steamed grouper’s flesh was delicious and mouthwatering. Every dish is tasty. Yet, just sitting alone in an empty dining room with no one to talk to, had significantly reduced Jiang Liu’s appetite.

In the Jiang family, the housekeeper and the nanny will eat by themselves. This habit had been formed at a very young age. Hence, if he insists on calling his nanny to eat together, it will not only go against his character but also led to a more awkward moment for all.

Jiang Liu hastily finished his dinner and then returned to his room. He poured out a pile of exercise books from his schoolbag.


All these things, in the end, how to learn, ah?

The original body’s grades are not particularly bad. As Xiao Changming had said before, his English is excellent. His Chinese is only slightly inferior to his English’s score. So his ranking had always been in the Junior High.

It is essential to know that the usual full score for language was 120 points. Hence, it is already very good to get 100 out of 120 points.

As for his overall performance, if they took consideration of his poor performance in mathematics, he could secure at least 150 points out of 300 points. If he could improve more on his mathematics, it would not be a problem for him to enter a second-rate university’s undergraduate program.

So now, Jiang Liu should put more focus on mathematics.

But how far should he go back?

 2nd year?

1st year?

Jiang Liu felt that, according to his and the original’s mathematics’ knowledge, he is afraid that he needs to start studying from the beginning of the first year to salvage any chance to improve himself.

“Looks like it’s time to get a math tutor.”

Jiang Liu grabbed a handful of hair. He was planning on being a good, 2nd generation rich man, but, how did he end up sinking into the bitter sea of ​​learning, ah.


When Jiang Liu was troubled by his current situation, 001 appeared.

“Remember what you said to me in the third mission world?”

001 was floating in the air with waves rippling on the spherical light screen, indicating its good mood at the moment.

The third world?

Jiang Liu thought for a while. Isn’t that the world where he became the champion?

In each world, he had said no less than tens of thousands of sentences to the system. With the system being so vague, how could he remember which sentence meant by the system?

“In that world, host had pointed out a loophole in the system. Host asked me [Why the system cannot provide an independent space where the time was flowing slower or the time was simply stopped when the host needs to spend a lot of time to learn.] I think host’s proposal is perfect and I had given timely feedback to Father. At the suggestion of the host, my Father had created my brother, the Xueba system, 004.”

[T/N : I decided to use the original slang in the novel. Learning tyrant = Xueba]

001 floated up and down happily. From today, it will have another companion.


Jiang Liu was pleased after listening to the first half of the passage. He thought that his proposal was accepted and from then on, 001 will have such function installed. However, it turned out that this Xueba system, 004, is an independent system, which made him happy for nothing.

It seems that 001 didn’t hear the perfunctory tone in Jiang Liu’s voice as it continued happily:

“It’s just that this system has not been certified in practice. Father decided not to place this system in 004’s body for the time being. Since host was the one who proposes this idea, Father asked me to ask host whether he would like to help to test the feasibility of this Xueba system in the current world.”

001 stated the purpose of its sudden appearance: “As a reward, host can permanently retain the knowledge that he learned in the current world from using the 004 system. Additionally, host can also earn an extra 2000 points.”

Jiang Liu’s eyes become brighter.

Incredible. Still have this kind of good thing, ah. To think such things will fall on him when he needs it the most.

What he lacks now was his brain. With the addition to this Xueba system, won’t it make learning mathematics easier?

Jiang Liu didn’t even think about it and agreed. For this kind of cheap deal, it will be stupid for him not to accept it.

“In fact, I have many interesting ideas. In addition to this learning system, I also have other good ideas, such as the  2nd generation rich man system, the spending system, the foodie system, winner in life system, the gold finger system, and the lucky system. ……001, you may tell the Lord God that as the one who proposes these ideas, I am happy to test them one by one in the following world.”

If these ideas could be realized, how beautiful the world of the mission will be.

001: …

It thinks its host is a bit strange.

Strangely shameless!

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