April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The scumbag villain 2


“What do you want to do? Don’t you touch him!”

Once she reached the mission world, Xia Beibei’s surrounding was very noisy. She felt dizzy, and her body seemed to be burning.

“Su Mingxin, what time is right now? How could you still be protecting your pretty boy! A zombie had bitten him. He’s had a high fever for a day and a night. He’s going to become a zombie.”

At that moment, a man’s voice rang out in Xia Beibei’s ear, followed by countless harmonies

“Yes, he must be killed!”

“True! Brother Fang is correct! Ji Liujing has become an infected person! Su Muyu, come here and take your sister away!”

At this time, another weak female voice also whispered: “Jiejie, don’t be so silly. Ji Liujing has been continuously played with you. He even cheated you, and yet you still want to die for him?”

“No, no, Liujing won’t lie to me. He’ll be all right. I’m his lover. I can’t leave him!”

Su Mingxin’s voice was unyielding. At this time, she was in a shabby bedroom. Behind her, a handsome young man lying on the bed who was called Ji Liu Jing is Mingxin’s boyfriend.

At this time, the people who had been circling Su Mingxin were the survivors of the B city. Originally they were a team traveling to the L city’s relief station. However, when they passed through the old town, Ji Liujing was accidentally bitten during their battle against the zombie.

Once a human bitten by a zombie, there are only two outcomes.

The first is not to survive the infection and become a new zombie.

The second is to go through the virus, which will stimulate the potential in the body and developed a new power.

Su Mingxin naturally hopes that Ji Liujing will survive. However, it has already been a day and a night. He is yet to wake up. Everyone already knows that Ji Liu Jing is nothing but a weak young master. Therefore, no one believes that he can survive this virus…

In fact, due to this accident, Ji Liujing did indeed lost his life.

Now the soul in his body is Xia Bei Bei.

Currently, apart from Ji Liujing’s own memory, the plot of this world was also constantly flashing on her eyes –

Xiao Yao, you are really a deceptive good, oh!

Unexpectedly, you choose such a scumbag to be this baby’s body?

At this time, Xia Beibei also wishes to cry without tears, ah!

As for this Ji Liujing, after all is said and done, how much of slag was him?

As a man who only knows how to eat, drink and play, young master Ji before the end of the world has been proud to declare himself as a pick-up master, claiming that there is no woman he cannot chase.

Over the years, he cheated and ruined too many girls. Just before the end of time, Ji Liujing just caught up with Su Mingxin and tricked her into his bed.

In the original plot, Ji Liujing and these two Su sisters, Su Mingxin, Su Muyu were on the run and met the group of survivors on the way. Then, halfway the journey, Su Mingxin inadvertently found a mutant plant fruit and gave the fruit to Ji Liujing, which inspired him with the power of fire and led him to become the leader of the team.

From then on, his natural disposition began to show up as he started seducing women in his team. After hooking up with the other three and four women, the boring woman Su Mingxin had already become his burden. He forgot how Su Mingxin had helped him along the way. He only knew that Su Mingxin had become his stumbling block. So in a confrontation with the zombies, he pushed Su Mingxin into the zombie group and watched her die…

Su Muyu, who saw her sister being killed, insincerely threw herself into Ji Liujing arms while plotting an act of revenge for her sister. However, unfortunately, in the end, she is a weak woman. Therefore, Su Muyu’s revenge plan failed. She was tied up by Ji Liujing and was sent to the leader of another squad in exchange for a half-carriage of supplies…

How great. For such a man who had done so many bad things, calling him a scumbag is too flattering.

However, the so-called evil has its retribution, and Ji scumbag was doomed to be short-lived.

Su Mingxin becomes a zombie after her death, but she was lucky. When she dies, her blood woke up the millennium corpse monarch who had been sleeping underground- Ying Baizui.

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