June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The scumbag villain 1


“Hello, Sister Ma Li.”

When Xia Beibei saw Ma Li recognized herself, she could not help but smile at Ma Li: “That, I come to return this. Can you help me pass this to President Yan?”

Xia Beibei took out a plastic bag from her pocket with Yan Yicheng’s handkerchief folded neatly inside.

“This, President Yan said that he didn’t want it.”

Mary looked at the handkerchief in Xia Beibei’s hand and raised her head to smile apologetically at her.


Xia Beibei was in a daze for a moment. Did he have a mysophobia? Or is it because he was afraid that she would take an advantage to tangle herself over him?

Think of their folly that day, Xia Beibei really wants to find a hole in the ground and buried herself in.

Well, keep your cool.

After the last world’s mission and having experienced the royal family’s infighting, Xia Beibei feels that she should learn how to respond maturely.

“Well, forget about it.”

Xia Beibei smiled as she carefully put the handkerchief back to her pocket. It is a pity to throw away such a good thing. En. She might as well go to the pawnshop to see whether it is a famous brand or not.?


Seeing Xia Beibei was about to leave, Ma Li suddenly called her again, “Xia Beibei, about your salary this month, I have just asked the finance department to check it and pay it into your account. The last payment will be doubled according to President Yan’s instruction.

“Oh, what, doubled?”

Xia Beibei stopped for a moment

Would Yan Yicheng be so kind?

No, he must still be afraid that she’s going to haunt him, so he wanted to do her a favor and make her willingly quit?

So I only worth a month’s wages?

Well, being well off is better than having nothing.

Anyway, it is also free of charge. When she thought that, Xia Beibei immediately become happy. . It is really easy to satisfy this girl.

Xia Beibei left the office in a good mood. Ma Li hesitated for a moment before she dialed Yan Yicheng’s intercom.

“Ma Li?”

Yan Yicheng’s voice was as grave and deep as ever.

“President Yan, Xia Beibei was here just now. I have told her about the salary.”

“Got it.”

Yan Yicheng cut off the call. At this time, Xia Beibei’s data was spread over his desk-

In the parents’ column, it’s was written “none.”

She turned out to be an orphan.

So in that world, did “Mulan” death made her feel so sad?

In Yan Yicheng’s opinion, it is stupid to show one’s true feelings to people in the task world.

He doesn’t understand and doesn’t need to understand.

Because he doesn’t need any feelings in his life.

Feelings, it’s…

A source of pain.

Yan Yicheng’s eyes dropped down as it hides a flash of pain. He then slowly closed Xia Beibei’s file.


After leaving the company, Xia Beibei originally wanted to see Gu Yan. Since she had mistakenly sent the love letter to the wrong person, so there should still be some hope for her to chase after Gu Yan, right?

That’s right, our classmate Xia Beibei’s stirring of love bloom once again as expected.

But she ended up did not go to Gu Yan company. Xia Beibei somehow remembered Feng Linmo’s eyes when he was on the verge of death and suddenly unable to move.

Growing so big, Xia Beibei had never really been in love, but she can understand the feeling reflected in other’s eyes.

Feng Linmo wants to tell her some words, and she knows what it is.

Although she did not feel the love between man and woman for him, the thought of him, still made Xia Beibei feel uncomfortable –

That is other people’s hearts. Whether you accept it or not, you cannot waste it arbitrarily.

Now the most important thing is to do the mission. As soon as possible, I need to improve my level so that I can become a qualified villain.

In that way, I have a chance to rewrite the fate of Feng Linmo and Mulan…

Back at home, Xia Beibei lay on her bed immediately. She closed her eyes and silently opened the mission board of the Star Villain Club. This time, she did not choose according to her own preferences but left everything to the novice guide 110.

“Xiao Yao, remove any mission related to the royal family. Other than that, you can help me choose any random mission that is suitable for me!

That’s right, random pick!

Now that I’m determined to be a good villain, I need to adapt to any type of character…

110: …

You are really not a proper cadre, ah! Treat me as a coolie, huh?? Well, let This system surprise you with a random, extraordinary task.

“Ding! Junior villain 109: Mission successfully received!

[Mission World: The world of novel

Mission level: Primary medium difficulty (suitable for junior villains)

Mission host: Ji Liujing

Summary of the mission’s content: Due to unknown bugs in the world of the novel, it has led to the death of the original villain, Ji Liujing. The tasker needs to replace Ji Liujing to complete the mission to kill of the Female Lead and let her commences the revenge plot against you.

Task bonus: Life span of half a year upon completing the task! Mission failure, deducting three months of life!]

Xia Beibei: …

The bigger the reward, the greater the risk! What’s so weird about the name of the host as well as the description of the mission?

“Congratulations to junior villain 109 for successfully taking over the mission. The mission lasts 4 hours in the real world. We are now connecting to the space channel! Ding! Start binding! Ding! Ready to deliver…”

Xia Beibei did not have time to think. Her consciousness has been cut off from her body…

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