April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The scumbag villain 4


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The people in the room were holding their breath under Xia Beibei’s slightly icy eyes. After a moment, Xia Beibei charmingly smiles as she said: “Alright, it’s okay. Ping-zi, you drag that body and throw it into the storage room. I want to take a break now. We will leave here tomorrow together!”

“Yes, young master Jing!”

The young man named Li Xiangping, who had been standing behind the crowd, was excited when he heard Xia Beibei’s command. He pulled the brothers beside him and dragged the body out.

By now only Su Mingxin, her sister and Xia Beibei were left in the room.

Jiejie, I also… went out.”

Su Muyu still had that frail and pitiful expression on her face. Her tone of voice remained weak.

“Mu Yu, you take a rest too.”

Hearing her sister’s word, Su Mingxin immediately nodded her head. At the same time,  Xia Beibei, who sat on the bed, smiled at Su Muyu’s back. As she watched her walked to the door, Xia Beibei suddenly said with a lowered voice: “Ming Xin, how did I feel that Mu Yu doesn’t seem to like me a lot? Does she think I’m not good to you?”

“Liu Jing, how can you think like this? Mu Yu is always like that. She has a lonesome and introverted personality. Please don’t misunderstand her!”

For her sister, Su Mingxin felt that she still knew her very well.

At this moment, Su Muyu had already closed the door and stood in the corridor. She naturally heard the last conversation between the two people inside the room.

With a lightly relieved sigh, Su Muyu’s expression became a bit harsher–

Ji Liujing, even this way can’t kill you but instead actually stimulate the lightning power within you?

This is totally unreasonable!


Obviously, the “future” that she had seen before was not like this!

Could it be that her newly inspired prophecy was wrong?

On their way to escape, they had stumbled into a scenic area with some mutant plants. Some of them would actively attack people, while others were harmless. If you don’t attack it, nor does it will harass you.

Su Mingxin discovered the fruit that inspired Ji Liujing’s fire system in the forest at that scenic spot…

Putting away her thoughts, Xia Beibei walked out of the building slowly, and what caught her eyes was a devastating scene.

Gray sky, billowing sand.

A lonely, ruined city surrounded by helplessly whimpered cold wind—full of dust and blood.

The end of the days, zombies.

In the past, Xia Beibei had only seen such scenes in movies and novels, but now she has to face this cruel world as Ji Liujing.

Those who live in a beautiful world yet always complaining how miserable they were, should really come here to take a look. Even if it’s just a look, they will immediately realize how precious what they have now.

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