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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 83

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 83: Nation’s Husband 17 [END]

T/N: This is the end of this arc. See you all next month for Analect of Righteous Father~

Jiang Zhongmin, as Jiang Liu’s father, was naturally one of the most excited people in the audience

For the richest man in China, money and power were no longer something he sought after. Now, what he lacks the most is prestige, and this prestige cannot be brought even if he has money and power.

Times are changing, and the money-making industries are also continually being updated. No one can guarantee that they will always be the richest man. What was the last name of the wealthiest family a few hundred years ago? Jiang Zhongmin was not arrogant. So he understood that no matter how strong the family was, no matter how secure the enterprise was, there will eventually be the day when it will step down from the altar.

Perhaps after a few hundred years, he, the former richest man in China, will become a figure in the textbook that was occasionally mentioned by economics and business students in retrospect. Or perhaps in a few hundred years, everyone may not know who Jiang Zhongmin was.

But today, with his son’s achievements, the milestone influence that he brought into the history of mathematics was enough to let him been recorded into the annals of history.

Perhaps when the textbooks for the Chinese primary and secondary schools were revised, his son’s life history might fill up several pages of those textbooks.

At this time, Jiang Zhongmin could no longer take care of his image as the richest man in the world. He eagerly pulled off his tie and then reached out to unfasten the diamond cufflinks on his sleeves as he threw these hundreds of thousands of jewels aside at will, as he applauded for his son with all his strength.

And Ning Lan, who stood next to him, was no better.

If she hadn’t had a little rational control over her action, I am afraid that she might have been pulling the surrounding people and telling them that the brilliant young man on the stage was her son.

The applause lasted for nearly 10 minutes before it stopped at Jiang Liu’s sign

It seemed that his speech was yet to come to its end.

“I still remembered the interview that I gave when I won the IMO league gold medal for the first time. At that time, the reporters had asked me what prompted my change, and I told them it was for a girl.”

When he said this, Jiang Liu was using Chinese. Except for the very few Chinese present who understood it, most people showed a confused expression at the strange language.

Some mathematicians were afraid that they might have missed some wonderful remarks, so they asked people around them whether they could speak Chinese, and help them translate it.

“At that time, the girl rejected me because she liked Bernhard Riemann. At that time, I didn’t know who Bernhard Riemann was. That’s right. As a learning scum, I didn’t know anything about it.”

Jiang Liu chuckled lightly as he watched the girl sitting in the middle of the third row.

“For this girl, I made a big change, and then, I stood here today and proved Riemann’s conjecture.”

At this time, there were already Chinese who understand Chinese that helps to translate Jiang Liu’s speech for the mathematics researchers who were not familiar with Chinese. They finally realised that what Jiang Liu was telling right now has nothing to do with mathematics, but it seems to be a beautiful love affair about math.

People who study mathematics think mathematics is the most beautiful language. For Jiang Liu to talk about love in such a public and grand occasion, they were more tolerant of it. They even think that this may become a good talk in the mathematics circle.

So no one bothered to stop Jiang Liu. In fact, they were happy to follow it through.

“I’m not as successful as Mr Riemann, but I think this proven Riemann’s conjecture could be considered as my love token to her. Ruru, please marry me!”

Jiang Liu took a ring out of his suit’s pocket and knelt on one knee as he said those words with deep affection.

There were national boundaries in language, but the act of proposal knows no boundaries. Everyone realises that this rising star of mathematician wanted to do something at the most crucial moment in his life after proving the conjecture.

The applause that had been stagnant once again sounded. The mathematicians who had been serious in the past even whistled. They used their own language to persuade the lady, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively and warm.

 Gao Ruru ran down the stage while holding her skirt.

She was panting slightly because she was running too fast. Her cheeks were glowing pink.

“I do!”

With no hesitation, Gao Ruru reached out and waited for Jiang Liu to help her wear the ring.

The 13.14-carat beautiful diamond was cut into a heart shape. The pink colour represents the first gift Jiang Liu ever gave to Gao Ruru, which was the strawberry-flavoured yoghurt milk. The heart shape represents the love curve that he gave to her when he confessed. As for the 13.14-carat, it reflected his promise of a lifetime, the best yearning for a hot and pure feeling.

[T/N: 1314 or yī sān yī sì sounds similar to 一生一世 [yī shēng yī shì] which translated as [one life, one world]. Aww, I remembered sending in-game’s flower equivalent to 1314 point to other people’s partner in RC, LOL digging the corner.]

It’s a marriage proposal witnessed by countless mathematicians. Just like the story behind the legendary curve of love, maybe someone will say that this excellent love belongs to Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru when they bring up the proven Riemann conjecture.


For a Chinese person to be able to prove the Riemann’s conjecture, this could be considered as a significant event.  The domestic media will naturally not let it go. Especially the person who proved this conjecture is the son of the richest man in China. Jiang Liu’s identity itself carries a high degree of interest.

Almost as soon as it happened, relevant reports about this event spread to the country.

Video footage of the scene, the words that Jiang Liu said when he proposed, and the giant pink diamond he used to propose have all become hot topics on the Internet.

[Ah, ah, my husband is so strong that he has won the nation’s glory and proved that Riemann’s conjecture. This should be able to be recorded in history, right?]

[Don’t talk too much upstairs. Usually, for a conjecture to be proved, it will take nearly two years for others to verify it. Perhaps in these two years, someone will overturn Jiang Liu’s proof]

[Even if the proof might be proven flawed, with Jiang Liu’s current age, it is indeed remarkable that those mathematics experts on the scene can’t find any faults regarding it on the spot.]

[This is really wonderful. I take back what I used to say about Jiang Liu’s brags. He really did it today. He is letting people call him by his name instead of Jiang Zhongmin’s son when they mention him in the future]

[Whoo-hoo, my husband is great. I love him]

On the Internet, it was almost one-sided praise surrounding the news, though, occasionally, a few internet users spouting conspiracy theories though it was soon spurned back by others.

[A rich man really paid a lot of money to hold his son up. I don’t know how much money that rich man paid for the proof of this conjecture.]

[That is, I felt that this rich second generation was very problematic at the beginning. How could the grades of a scumbag improve so much in a short period? I am afraid that his dad bought his grade with money.]

There were not many similar comments, but they did often appear in different forums.

For some people, being rich is the original sin. Only when people abandoned those second generations due to being caught committing any possible misdeed could their hearts be temporarily balanced. If a person is rich and talented, and at the same time has no flaws in morality, these people will be so jealous and crazy over it that they could only be happy by finding a thorn in their side.

[Emmm, I’m afraid those who can say these things probably don’t understand what level of Riemann’s conjecture is? An average person, if he could prove this, he could immediately become an honorary professor of various prestigious schools, and he will have nothing to worry about all his life. Not to mention that Riemann’s conjecture is not a problem that ordinary people can touch. The fame that came from proving this conjecture is more important than any amount of money. For those people who think that it can be bought with money clearly underestimated the value of Riemann’s conjecture. At the same time, they probably don’t know that the money that could be gain from proving this century-old problem was way more than they could imagine. It was entirely unnecessary to give up long-term interests for a short-term gain]

As long as one of these seven mathematics puzzles was proved, one can win a prize of one million dollars. This news was passed over after the announcement that Jiang Liu managed to prove the Riemann’s conjecture was spread around.

For ordinary people, a million dollars is enough for them to do a lot of things, especially if they really managed to break down the Riemann’s conjecture, the incoming rewards were definitely not just one million dollars. So those conspiracy theories that Jiang Zhongmin had bought it from others is simply too untenable.

Not to mention that there qwre so many rich people in the world. It was not only Jiang Zhongmin who had children. After all, Jiang Zhongmin also has more than one son.

Those well-connected reporters soon discovered the news that Jiang Zhongmin and Ning Lan went abroad to find a surrogate mother and give birth to a child. Despite that, the child’s identity was tightly wrapped by the Jiang’s family. To this day, no one knows what Jiang Liu’s younger brother looks like, and only knows that the child should be about three years old this year.

No one thinks that the richest man wanted to generate another child on a whim. Everyone thinks this was a symbol that the richest man does not intend to leave his fortune to the eldest son and decided to establish another heir.

During that time, the stock price of Tianyi Group was even affected and fluctuated. It was after Tianyi Group issued a statement that the stock price gradually stabilised.

However, after that statement, everyone also understood that Jiang Liu did not intend the household wealth. He was more obsessed with his scientific research. After the father and son had a long conversation, Jiang Zhongmin made such a decision.

At that time, many netizens laughed at him for being stupid. The thought Jiang Liu as someone with no ideals. To think that he will give up the wealth that he could not earn even after studying for a lifetime.

But more people admire him. After all, not everyone able to stick to his heart while facing such huge interests, and yet Jiang Liu managed to do it.

Because Jiang Zhongmin has given up on letting this son inherit the family business, it would be ridiculous to say that Jiang Zhongmin will spend a vast sum of money just to build up the momentum for his son.

[Who knows how much money that certain rich man could give out? If he refuses to accept one million, he will give one hundred million. If he refuses one hundred million, he will give ten hundred million. I’m not saying that the Chinese simply can’t prove that Riemann’s conjecture. It just that, this kind of mathematics problem, if it were confirmed by the American or a Russian, I would not doubt it, but it is a Chinese. A Chinese who have an advantage in mathematics due to its examination-oriented education. In terms of brains, they are not like those white people smart]

[What the hell with you, upstairs? Are you desperate to be white people? Or are you a wild seed wishing to cry on your knees to beg your white father to take you as a grandchild?]

[Isn’t upstairs, a Chinese? You’re so self-deprecating. Did your father and your mother know about this?]

[Hehe, some people just like to deceive themselves and others and start attacking other people’s parents after being told the truth. Are you the Red Guards? What kind of era is this? Where is freedom of speech? I’m just giving reasonable speculation, is it wrong?]

[Precisely. Those red armies who like to criticise the matter of principle are the most annoying people around.]

Because of this stinky group, there was a war of abuse online.

Fortunately, Tianyi’s legal department was not a vegetarian. Jiang Zhongmin can treat some ugly words on the Internet as if he didn’t hear it. However, this time, it was related to his son’s reputation. Therefore, Jiang Zhongmin will not sit idly by.

Within three days, Tianyi’s Legal Department issued nearly a thousand of lawsuit’s letter against the netizen. It included those who made so-called “reasonable guesses” without evidence as they jumped up and down trying to attack Jiang Liu to those people who doubt Jiang Liu inability to prove Riemann’s conjecture just because he was a Chinese. Tianyi Legal Department sued all of them.  
This time, it was no longer a joke. Jiang Zhongmin set up a team consisting of hundreds of lawyers, ready to fight these keyboard warriors to the end.

The Internet’s unscrupulous keyboard warriors began to panic, and those netizens who spoke for Jiang Liu but ended up being abused by these keyboard warriors started to laugh.

After this incident, the Internet has become much more peaceful, as for those netizens who cannot control their dark thought previously, they started to tone down when they saw the decisive and severe attitude of Tianyi Group. None of them dares to challenge Jiang Zhongmin’s bottom line.

Without these annoying voices, everyone turned their attention to the joyous event itself.

[I envy Gao Ruru so much, ah ah ah, ah! There is a man who spent many years trying to change and be a better self in her eyes. And even after so many years, the original intention has not changed at all. Is this a fairy tale?]

As the photographs of the scene spread, the characters inside the pictures were also identified.

High school classmates, college classmates, even after going abroad, although they were separated in both schools and continent, their relationship remained still strong.

And, according to several interviews done with Jiang Liu, as well as the more secretive news that those reporters gathered from their former classmates, Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru love story can be broadly drawn.

A wealthy and tempestuous student who fell in love with the female student who sat on the same table in high school. Yet he was politely rejected by the female student because of his poor academic performance. However, because he likes the girl so much, that student was determined to change and strive to become a man worthy in her eyes.

He didn’t take advantage of his parents’ wealth but instead took this opportunity to study in a down-to-earth manner. Finally, a few years later, he moved the girl’s heart and cultivated a positive result.

Not long ago, the young man proved her idol’s conjecture in a world-class hall and used it as a gift to propose to the girl, ushering the climax of their love story.

I’m afraid those people will write their romance as such.

In this slightly impetuous society, there was no denying that money is indeed very attractive. Especially this young man who possessed the aura of being the son of the richest man, As the son of the richest man, in the eyes of the outside world, it was a normal phenomenon if Jiang Liu were to linger among beautiful woman, one after another. Yet, he was different from other rich second generation in the conventional impression.

He was modest and never boasted the generous life that his parents have created for him.

He was affectionate and forged ahead for a change, all for the sake of the girl that he likes. For years, except for that girl, there is no ambiguous object around him.

He was talented and managed to prove the century-old problem. In the eyes of the world, he confidently proposed his conjecture to the spectators.

Such a young man with money, talent, character and even a handsome appearance, I am afraid that the world can’t find a second best.

[Jealousy makes me unrecognisable. Can anyone tell me how much a 13.14-carat pink diamond is worth for?]

In recent news, Sotheby’s had auctioned a top-quality pink diamond about ten carats for 103 million yuan. It was estimated that this 13.14-carat pink diamond should fetch an even higher price

[Yiyiyi. Previously, I was apprehensive about my husband’s life. I was afraid that he would have a hard time after giving up the inheritance of the family property. I forgot, isn’t he still the son of the richest man, ah? Even if the majority of the company’s shares are given to his brother, will his dad mistreat his son? There is a diamond worth 1.314 million in hand. Jealousy is really beyond recognition.]

[I am so envious, I want to know what kind of experience is like to have a rich, talented and dedicated husband.]

[The upstairs is so vulgar, I am different, I don’t like money at all. I just like the big sparkling pink heart-shaped diamond ring. saliva.jpg  saliva.jpg  saliva.jpg]

Few girls can resist the temptation of a diamond, especially a diamond given by such an excellent man.

Because of Jiang Liu’s devotion for several years, coupled with his generosity in his shots, it has made his position as a national husband even more stable. Even if there was no shortage of people who acted like those second-generation young master, for more than a decade, there is no one who can surpass him.

It was not until the birth of his son that he changed from a national husband to a national father.

Of course, this is also another story.


Today was the most important moment in Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru’s lives.

After sending away the guests at the wedding banquet, the couple sat on the large bed covered with roses. Gao Ruru was still wearing a red cocktail gown. Even the ornaments on her hair are yet to be removed.

“Do you know what we are going to do later?”

Jiang Liu, with a smile in his eyes, whispered to Gao Ruru.

“Do, what?”

Gao Ruru shrank her neck subconsciously. The breath blowing in her ears made her feel itchy. She became a little shy and nervous because of the unfinished ambiguous meaning in Jiang Liu’s words.

“Should we do a few math problems?”

This seemed to be Gao Ruru’s habit. Whenever she was nervous about something, she has always had the urge to do some math problems to relax.

 But at this critical moment, how could Jiang Liu let the heroine go?

“Some things are more important than math problems.”

He held Gao Ruru’s cheeks as he gently kissed her forehead.

Her eyelashes softly quivered.

“For example, like this, or, like that.”

Jiang Liu’s chuckle seemed to reverberate in her ears. Gao Ruru tensely tightened her hold on Jiang Liu’s dress shirt. Her muscles were stretch-taut as she closed her eyes to welcome the howling wind and torrential rain that was about to arrive.

After then, they drew the lamp to harmony——



“Grandpa, what kind of person is Mr Jiang?”

More than 70 years later, Jiang Liu had left, Gao Ruru also had left the world. Only Gao Jin remained energetic.

Gao Jin, the best friend of this century’s most celebrated mathematician and physicist, has been interviewed by many people. Even the most factual biographical film script based on Jiang Liu’s life was also made under Gao’s instructions.

It’s just that today he was interviewed not by these reporters, but by the very youngest granddaughter of his. When the girl was born, Jiang Liu had already passed away. She was a girl who grew up listening to Jiang Liu’s legend and regarded him as an idol.

“He, ah! Truly a crafty devil, ah.”

Lying on the rocking chair, Gao Jin laughed as he said those sentences to his granddaughter. Those decades ago were enough for him to understand the hidden malicious attribute of his good brother. Yet, he had never said these words to anyone else.

Gao Jin’s granddaughter pouted her lips, obviously not believing it.

“Then, what about Teacher Gao?”

The teacher Gao in her mouth was Gao Ruru. Although her mathematics achievement was inferior to her husband, Jiang Liu, the contribution in mathematical theory had made her become one of the brilliant contemporary mathematicians.

The achievements of these two math madmen in their respective fields, as well as their love, were talked about by the world.

“Gou Ruru, ah! She is a really foolish person, ah.”

Gao Jin chuckled. If she was not so foolish, how could that man deceive her for a lifetime? Dang, that was one exceptional white lotus, ah. Gao Jin often felt that all the brain cells of Gao Ruru were occupied by math.

After hearing Gao Jin’s answer, his little granddaughter no longer wish to talk to her grandfather.

How could her Grandpa describe these two great people just like that?

It may be because his two good friends were so good that it put too much pressure on him. Yet, this doesn’t mean that he can arbitrarily slander these two great idols.

A nine-year-old girl patted her grandfather on the shoulder to express her comfort like a little adult. She didn’t know that the answer she heard at this time might be the closest fact to the truth.

The author has something to say: Jiang Liu: What do you mean by being a National gōnggong? I don’t want it!

T/N: Gōnggong: Mean Grandpa and also a eunuch. I guess Jiang Liu ‘killed’ himself early because he did not want to be called Gōnggong…ha…ha….

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