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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 82

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 82: Nation’s Husband 16

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“Holy shit, you’re pretty smooth, man!”

Gao Jin heavily hammered Jiang Liu’s stomach as he vigorously winked.

Even three years later, Gao Jin still had not changed. He still looked like a simple-minded blockhead. He is still Jiang Liu’s best friend and naturally the first one to know that Jiang Liu and Gao Ru has come together.

“Back then, I was —

Gao Jin was about to reminiscence the betting incident that happened during their high school time. From then on, he already aware that Jiang Liu had a bad intention regarding this Elementary School God.

It’s just that everyone was young. He was also naïve. What he did was too reckless, and he did not even consider the consequences of his action. He regarded feelings as a joke that could be used as a bet. At that time, Gao Jin did not think that Jiang Liu was serious about the Elementary School God. However, the changes that occurred on Jiang Liu was too significant. Gao Jin watched him absorbing himself on mathematics. By that time, Gao Jin finally realised that in addition to the financial threats from his father, Jiang Liu’s love for Elementary School God had spurred him to change himself.

Jiang Liu is really serious about this!

Now, after facing such an enormous hurdle, Jiang Liu finally managed to snatch the beauty to his home. Therefore, as a good friend, Gao Jin decided to stop mentioning those things else he might end up pitting his best friend.

In particular, Gao Jin also knew about his brother’s temper. Jiang Liu was the kind of two-faced man who has a different attitude when dealing with his woman and when dealing with his own brothers.

Don’t think that he didn’t know that Jiang Liu had directly put the pot over his head regarding that betting incident years ago. Since then, the Elementary School God had been putting her guard against him for several years lest he might have strayed her beloved Jiang Liu to the wrong path.

Fortunately, his brother finally got what he wanted, and Gao Jin felt that all his grievances were not wasted.

“What kind of ‘back then’ are you talking about?”

Gao Ruru looked at Jiang Liu worriedly while rubbing his stomach before she inquisitively asked Gao Jin for an explanation.

“Back then, back then —”

Facing a threat coming from Jiang Liu’s eyes, Gao Jin suddenly changed his tune: “I knew how much Jiang Liu liked you back then.”

Seeing that the Elementary School God believed his words as she showed a bashful look, Gao Jin was relieved.

“Let’s stop talking about those things. I’ll toast this cup to both of you and wish you a long life together.”

Gao Jin picked up the wine glass and drank the wine in one gulp. He had no other wish. He only hopes that this Gao Xueshen [Learning god] can influence his best friend and let him become a good man.

As for Jiang Liu’s action of letting him shoulder the black pot and dragging him to the abyss of learning, he will slowly pay it back to him in the future.


Time is like a white steed flits past a crack. Neither Jiang Liu nor Gao Ruru was the kind of people who pursue a passionate love affair. For them, the occasional little surprises in life, combined with their shared love for math, were enough to stabilise their relationship.

And in the last few years, both sides have met with the parents, and both parents have affirmed their relationship.

It should be mentioned that the brother of the original body in the previous life was still born according to the original trajectory. Jiang Liu had a serious conversation with his parents, indicating that he was more interested in pursuing scientific researches. Therefore, the thought of having a child was not within his and Gao Ruru’s life planning for the time being. For that reason, he suggested that his parents should have an additional heir to continue their legacy. After this conversation, Jiang Zhongmin and Ning Lan who respected their son’s decision followed the route of the previous life. They went abroad to find a legal surrogate mother and gave birth to the younger brother of the original body.

In the years that followed, the two graduated from Yanjing University together. Gao Ruru ended up going to Princeton while Jiang Liu continued his postgraduate studies at The Sixth University of Paris, due to their different pursuits in mathematics.

Yet their life in a foreign country does not dilute their feeling but made those occasional reunions sweeter.

The Sixth University of Paris was also known as Université Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie-Jussieu. Yes, this university was named after the famous Madame Curie and her husband, the great physicist, Pierre Curie. This university was ranked first for mathematics’ research, surpassing even Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley, California, and MIT.

[T/N: This rank was during the time this chapter was written. For the current [2020] 1st place, it is Stanford University. Additional note, Université Paris 6 Pierre et Marie Curie-Jussieu already been merged with Paris-Sorbonne University in 2018 and currently known as Sorbonne University]

When Jiang Liu was admitted to the Sixth University of Paris for postgraduate study, it had caused a sensation in China. It was also at that time that many talented people knew the existence of this school with strange naming.

After that, Jiang Liu appeared to be much quieter. Fortunately, his father, Jiang Zhongmin, was still the richest man that was active in both entertainment and financial channels. As the son of the richest man, he again could not run away from the ever-changing internet-world. From time to time, someone will mention this former national husband and curious about his achievement after he went to the Sixth University of Paris.

You know this is the university that has produced 19 Nobel Prize winners and 7 Fields Medal’s winners, ah.

Of course, many netizens mock those people’s fantasies. Do you think those Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals are so easy to get? Even though Jiang Liu is a genius, he is still not on par with those awesome people. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Jiang Liu was able to win the IMO league due to his father, Jiang Zhongmin, playing his hand, behind the scenes. This also proves why Jiang Liu has been in obscurity over the years. It was all because Jiang Zhongmin can only give his son those few pheasant awards. As for those award like the Nobel or the Fields Awards, it was no longer something that could be achieved by throwing money.

Those conspiracy theories were rare, yet they have been circulating on the Internet.

To this day, Jiang Liu finally made a big move and made mathematics researchers and enthusiasts all over the world put their focus on him.

He had published a paper related to his field of interest. Because of this, the Sixth University of Paris had set up a special workshop for him and gave him a stage to report his finding to the mathematicians around the world.

And this paper solves the Riemann conjecture that has plagued the mathematics community for more than a century.


On that day, the vast majority of the world’s mathematics authorities were concentrated at the Sixth University of Paris. Their arrival was to witness the solution of the conjecture that has troubled them for more than 100 years.

Before they arrived, they had seen the papers published by Jiang Liu, but many doubts were not solved in the documents.

No one suspected that Jiang Liu lied for the sake of a gimmick. After all, even if he dared to make fun of his reputation, the Sixth University of Paris for sure would not play around with their status.  Since the Sixth University of Paris dares to hold this particular stage for Jiang Liu, it means that the mathematics researchers inside the Sixth University of Paris have recognised Jiang Liu’s proof.

After all, quite a few math professors in this university were those who had been awarded as the Fields Prize’s winners.

At the moment, Jiang Liu was waiting at the backstage. While standing at the special position, and he can see the people sitting in the lecture hall.

Whether it was familiar or unfamiliar people, most of these people came to witness the problems of the century being solved.

There was still a tiny part who came purely for Jiang Liu.

For example, his busy parents. And even his friend Gao Jin, who doesn’t understand such a deep math problem.

And Gou Ruru, not only for Riemann’s conjecture but also for Jiang Liu.

After seven years, Jiang Liu’s attribute values had dramatically changed from the original one.

Languages: 167/200

Math: 507/1000

English: 154/200

Chemistry: 243/500

Physical: 432/500

Biology: 137/200

History: 98/100

Geography: 145/200

Politics: 87/100

Music: 73/100

Art: 56/100

Sports: 112/200

Free Assignable Point: 0

Evaluation: The ultimate genius of the ordinary world

From the moment his mathematics’ attribute broke through 500 points, Jiang Liu was already invincible in the present world. He could solve any difficult problem that was beyond other people’s understanding just by spending enough time pondering over it.

However, he could only start proving the Riemann’s conjecture after his physics’ attribute broke through 400 points values.

As previously mentioned, after a certain level, the matter of subject research was no longer depended on one particular field. This was also the case of Riemann’s conjecture. Since the 20th century, many scientists have noticed that there was a specific relationship that coexists between the prime number and quantum physics in Riemann’s conjecture.

And that happened to be the case of this particular conjecture.

At this time, it was finally the moment for him to deliver the speech. Jiang Liu took a deep breath and walked onto the stage. Behind him was a projection screen and a huge blackboard.

Omitting any nonsense, Jiang Liu who step on the podium, gave a bow before the audience, then picked up the chalk and started to write a dense formula on the blackboard.

The process lasted for more than an hour. At the same time, the mathematics researchers underneath were also holding their pens and notebooks as they were always checking, without letting out any voice.

But every time a certification process was completed, you can see those mathematical giants who sat in the front row showing an enlightened expression.

After Jiang Liu finished with the last stroke, the audience was quiet for nearly five minutes.

This sense of quietness was because many people are yet to digest the surprise and panic that come from the fact that the Riemann’s conjecture has finally been proven.

They were surprised that the problem that has plagued the world for more than a century had finally been solved. Yet at the same time, they also feared the terrible result that will occur once that this Riemann’s conjecture was proven.

In 1859, Riemann posed this puzzle which has bedevilled the mathematical community for a long time. Nowadays, asymmetric encryption and RSA key encryption were constructed based on the decomposition of the prime numbers. Yet, once this puzzle of prime numbers was solved, the entire Internet encryption method will no longer be secured, and top hackers can even break the bank’s security code based on this principle.

None of the ways to keep those secret passwords was made on the premise that Riemann’s conjecture might be proven someday. That is to say that, once the Riemann’s theory was confirmed, that is when the network security system and the bank security system are cracked. By then, there will be probably countless of hackers ready to make their move.

“Based on the proven Riemann conjecture, after doing enough research on quantum physics, I have managed to develop an extended version of this conjecture which will create a new conjecture for prime numbers. I call it – Jiang Liu’s conjecture.”

If it was only to prove Riemann’s conjecture, Jiang Liu could already solve it since last year. However, due to a series of possible problems that might occur once this conjecture was proven, Jiang Liu has been pressing the announcement until today.

It was only after he was confident that he could create new secure cryptography that he finally revealed the solution to the century difficult problem to the world.

With this new conjecture, it is natural for the giants behind the bank and internet system to develop new schemes before the hackers could break into today’s security systems.

The answer to whether a top hacker will be able to crack the new security code made through this new conjecture was naturally negative.

After all, Jiang Liu himself was the absolute king among those hackers.

At this time, the people in the audience could only look up at the man who stood on the stage and watch him write down the complicated formula theory. With a slight pride in his outlook, Jiang Liu said.

“This is my conjecture.”

When Jiang finished writing his final piece, the whole scene was silent again.

Until the mathematicians in the middle of the first row stood up and applauded.


 The applause started to grow louder, causing a sensation in the audience.

Gao Jin clapped so hard that he almost smashed his hand. He wished to tell the world that the man on stage is his best buddy. The author has something to say: Most of the mathematics’ content in this chapter is the author’s nonsense. The author is a mathematics scum. Don’t take it too seriously. Today, can only shamefully release one chapter. Tomorrow, I’ll send put the owed chapters and make up for today. We will end this arc in the next chapter. Tomorrow, I’ll honestly seal myself, my dog and my cat in my room.

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