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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 81

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 81: Nation’s Husband 15

“Have you heard, my buddy is the son of the richest man?”

“Have you heard, my buddy won the IMO Gold Award?”

“Have you heard…”

“Have you heard…”

During the period before Jiang Liu returned to China, Gao Jin was even more excited than Jiang Liu himself. He was tirelessly showing off his good brother Jiang Liu to the surrounding people. Even if he knew the news, other people in the school have also learned about it from the Internet.

“Have you heard…”

That day Gao Jin turned to his deskmate to vent his excitement, but his deskmate was already impatient with his chattering.

“I know. Your buddy Jiang Liu is the son of the richest man, Jiang Zhongmin. I also know that he won the IMO Gold Medal. It is not like you are the one who won the prize, nor was your father is the richest man. Why do you have to be so excited?”

The desk mate could not help but whine and complain as he put both of his hand over his ears. It is not he had any opinion on Jiang Liu or something like that. It just that he had heard Gao Jin’s chattering about it so much that callous had begun to form in his ear.

“So, you know all of this? There is one thing you definitely don’t know.”

Gao Jin pulled away the two hands covering his desk mate’s ears and then mysteriously leaned and whispered: “My good buddy, Jiang Liu, once praised my talent for learning. I think that I might also be a hidden genius. Perhaps as long as I study hard, I will be the next gold winner of IMO.”

Gao Jin smiled, imagining his happy life after winning the prize.

Who gave him this illusion?

Gao Jin’s deskmate opened his mouth wide, looking at the man who was immersed in his own world as he continued to do the math’s exercises. He wanted to tell him that he is already in his third year of high school this year and is about to usher the college entrance examination. Even if he can participate in IMO, his age has already passed the qualifications to participate in the IMO.

What’s more, what gives him the self-confidence to make him feel that he can participate in IMO just by studying hard?! Does he think that Jiang Liu’s awesome life can be copied casually?

However, seeing Gao Jin’s seriousness in studying, Gao Jin’s deskmate decided to shut up. After all, he didn’t want to say anything that will dampen Gao Jin’s passion.

Since Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru had given Gao Jin preferential treatment from time to time, Gao Jin’s academic performance has also improved a lot. He used to be a learning scum who wandered in the bottom ten all the year-round. Now although he was still far from being among the top student, at least, he has already left the ranks of the drop-off cars. As long as he persists until the final period of the college entrance examination, it may not be a problem for him to enter the undergraduate side.

Furthermore, because his good friend Jiang Liu is going to stay in China for undergraduate studies, Gao Jin also intends to remain in China. He will go abroad for his postgraduate. He will definitely not be able to enter the same school as Jiang Liu, but he at least, he should be able to stay in the same city as Jiang Liu.

Initially, Gao Jin’s parents may not have agreed with his decision, but now seeing his hard-working son, their idea has begun to waver.

This change was even prominent after knowing that the good friend of their son is the son of the richest man. The most crucial thing in this society is, of course, networking. Ultimately, not everyone can befriend the richest man in the future.

Adults’ ideas are a bit more pragmatic. Yet, Gao Jin’s parents decided not to tell their sons about their ideas. They hoped that their son would still be stupid and able to use his sincerity to get along with Jiang Liu like usual. In the long run, this kind of friendship is much stronger than being like-minded business partners.


Jiang Liu didn’t know that his good buddy had been working so hard to help him pull all the hatred from his classmates. Now he is facing a major problem. He has to decide whether he is going to study at Tsinghua University or Yanjing University.

This is probably a problem that many people worry about when they are young. However, the reality is often far from dreams. Many people end up either going to Xin Dongfang to learn how to cook or Lanxiang to learn about excavators.

At this time, the opportunity that most of the students dream of is in front of him. He only needs to make his choice.

As the gold medal winner of IMO, Jiang Liu has long been included in the special admissions list by the Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University and Yanjing University. These two schools had a long dispute over admissions. To keep the talent from the hand of the other, both sides have made attractive offers to keep the students on their side.

“We can waive classmate Jiang Liu’s tuition for the first year.”

This is the condition set by Tsinghua University.

Jiang Liu blinked, and the teacher from the Tsinghua Admissions Office suddenly thought whose son this person in front of him was. Will this person care about having the fee waived for them?

“Our mathematics department is number one in the country!”

Yanjing University was proud of its achievement. Not to mention other majors, just for their math departments, it’s tough for the whole country to come up with a school that could rival them.

“Hehe, I remember that the Department of Mathematics at Furi University does not seem to be worse off than the Department of Mathematics at Yanjing.”

The teacher from the Tsinghua Admissions Office poured cold water before he continued: “It’s famously known that the quality of food in the cafeteria of Tsinghua University is the best in the country!”

The two schools fought openly and secretly, not giving way to each other.

“I seem to arrive late.”

This is an important day for his son. Jiang Zhongmin had been doing everything he could to make a gap in his busy schedule, just to help his son find a school for him.

According to Jiang Zhongmin’s view, his son can go abroad to further his study. Even though people might have a little suspicion of him blind worshipping the foreign goods and ideas, but in fact, if they were simply discussing mathematics department, even the best domestic Yanjing University, is not the best in the world.

Jiang Zhongmin’s connection was enough to help his son get a few beautiful recommendation letters. What’s more, with his son IMO Gold Award resume, it was sufficient to help him knock on a few doors of several leading mathematics schools.

It’s just that Jiang Liu seems to want to stay and finish his undergraduate studies in the country. Jiang Zhongmin has never cared about his son too much before. Now he is motivated, Jiang Zhongmin will not force his son to do things that he doesn’t want to do.

He also knew that his son choice over Yanjing and Tsinghua was already a foregone conclusion, yet he still couldn’t help but come back and immersed in the joy of having his son being robbed by a prestigious school.

The couple had a clear heart, and not long after Jiang Zhongmin came back, Ning Lan also returned in a hurry.

Such a major event is naturally indispensable to her as a mother.

One of these two people is a person who often sits in the top three positions of the richest man in China, and the other is a woman who often sits in the top three positions of the richest women in China. Before, they could only see their photos in reports and interviews. Having coming face to face with the real people made these teachers from the two prestigious schools have some short-term shocks and awkwardness.

If the wealth of these two people combined, they were afraid that it could be piled up into a mountain of money and smash them to death?

As soon as Jiang Zhongmin and Ning Lan appeared, the initiative was immediately in their hands. Although the enrollment discount offered by the school was not necessarily rare, Jiang Zhongmin and Ning Lan still helped their son fight for the greatest benefit because of their instinct as a businessman.

In the end, Jiang Liu chose Yanjing University because it was the school that Gao Ruru decided to go to. Jiang Liu felt it was comfortable and harmonious to study with the other party. Since he chose to stay in China for undergraduate studies, he should naturally follow the pace of the Elementary School God.

“Our Tianyi Group has always been concerned about domestic education issues. I am willing to sponsor a teaching building for Yanjing University privately.”

Jiang Zhongmin felt that today was a good day. He never expected that he, who had always listened to the housekeeper talking about the teacher’s complaints on Jiang Liu when holding the parent meetings, would one day feel the joy of his son being contested by the prestigious school.

“I don’t know if Yanjing University will accept social sponsorship. I would like to sponsor all the facilities in that teaching building.”

Ning Lan smiled slightly, showing the frank and straightforward manner of a wealthy female boss.

Yanjing University has countless outstanding alumni. These alumni are also pleased to give back to their alma mater and have set up various scholarships in their name. Even so, for them to directly sponsor a teaching building, the number did not exceed their two hands.

The teacher from the admissions office of Yanjing University was so excited. He stared at Jiang Liu with extremely attentive eyes.

This is not only a Xueba, ah; he is also a god of wealth’s baby braving the golden halo, ah.


Three years later

Moming Lake is the largest artificial lake on the campus of Yanjing University and one of the most famous scenic spots in Yanjing University. The Flower Temple next to Moming Lake is a renowned worship area for the exam candidates. You can often see young boys and girls made their prayer there. Because of this, the wall space of the Flower Temple was left with prayers from the tourists and students. Therefore, to preserve the reputation of the Flower Temple, this uncivilized behaviour has been repeatedly banned.

On this day, a pair of young men and women stood beside the Flower Temple.

The boy was tall and thin, looking very refreshing and clean. The girl is wearing a knee-length dress. Her skin was fair and dazzling to the eyes. It seems that she is not used to taking off her black-rimmed glasses and wearing contact lenses. Subconsciously, she always used her hand to push the glasses that should stay on the bridge of her nose.

“There is a mathematical formula that I don’t understand.”

Jiang Liu held a piece of paper in his hand. The paper was pink and looked especially old-fashioned.

Gao Ruru didn’t think too much and took the note. She saw the formula r=a(1-sinθ) written on the note.

Students of other majors may not know what this formula is about. However, as a mathematics student, especially the current Jiang Liu, it is impossible not to understand this formula.

Behind this r=a(1-sinθ), or also known as the famous heart-shaped curve, is a forlorn love story.

The mathematician Descartes was hired by the King to become Princess Christine’s mathematics teacher. During the teaching process, they fell in love, but the King opposed this love that goes beyond age and status. The King then exiled Descartes. During his exile, Descartes wrote thirteen letters to the Princess, but they were all intercepted by the King.

After writing the thirteenth letter, Descartes died of a serious illness. Since the King could not understand the formula in the letter, he only thought it was an ordinary math problem. After seeing the Princess being sad, he took the thirteenth letter and delivered it to the princess.

The wise Christine drew this equation, which happened to be in the shape of a heart.

After Christine ascended the throne, she sent people around Europe to look for Descartes’ whereabouts, but at that time Descartes had already died, leaving Christine alone…

In the world of mathematics, this formula is called the love formula. Now Jiang Liu sends this formula to Gao Ruru’s hands. His intention is as apparent as anyone can see.

In that instant, blush occupied Gao Ruru’s cheeks, and the tips of her ears are red as if it were dripping blood.

She was so flustered that she felt that she needed to do some math problems to calm down.

T/N: There are another two chapters for this arc. I’ll try to do it ASAP. It just that one chapter was full of math explanation and another chapter is 7K of Chinese characters. I’m not sure which one is worse… Sorry, this translator only excels in math but totally suck in additional math. She also nearly pukes when forced to choose a method to analyze data using SPSS as well as while trying to understand the output OTL…..

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