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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Nation’s Husband 14

Because he didn’t want his own matter to affect the normal order of the airport, Jiang Liu could only hold a small question and answer meeting on the spot. The leading teacher, as well as his five other teammates, were waiting for him nearby.

One reporter asked: “How do you feel about your achievements this time?”

Jiang Liu thought for a while before replying: “I am delighted. To be honest, I was just a math’s scum a few months ago. I cannot have achieved this result without the encouragement from the teachers and the help of my classmates.

He did not hide his past because the Internet was so developed nowadays. Therefore, the original’s previous result was not something that can be concealed at all. Instead of letting the netizens come out with various conspiracy theories, he should give a clear explanation in this interview.

Those reporters didn’t believe Jiang Liu’s answer. They only felt that Jiang Liu was humble.

Jiang Liu saw the reporter’s suspicion.

“I’m not humble. Last semester, my final math test score was 54 points. At that time, I didn’t even plan on focusing much on my schooling. All I have been thinking about is how to spend the pocket money given by my parents. I felt that my parents could help me get all the things that I want. As their children, I just need to be a salted fish.”

He spread his hands out as he shrugged. This was indeed the thought of the original’s body.

The reporter felt that there should be some inside story there, so he hurriedly asked: “What made you change your mind?”

When the reporter asked this question, he was full of envy, jealousy, and hatred. As expected, the best is what you can’t get. If it were him, he is willing to live the life of a salted fish who lie down and win.

“I fell in love with a girl and confessed to her, but in the end, that girl rejected me. At that time, I realized that I didn’t have any advantages other than having a little more money than others.”

Not far away, Gao Ruru’s heart missed a few beats. She knew that the girl Jiang Liu was talking about was her.

Puppy love? The richest man son’s road of grieving?

The media were even more excited.

“Perhaps at that time, I felt that I had to do something. Life is so long. It would be too boring just to spend money and do nothing. So I started to study hard, and that is how you see me now.”

Jiang Liu smiled slightly. The reporters in the audience, including his team members and teachers, were hit continuously by his words.

First of all, how can a life where one can spend money endlessly could be considered boring? This is a fascinating thing. Sure enough, only the son of the richest man can have the confidence to say this sentence.

Second, can an IMO gold medal be obtained just by studying hard? According to Jiang Liu, he started studying hard from last semester. Before that, he was a math scum who only scored 54 points in his final math test. So does he want to show off that he was a genius? That makes it unbearable for those who have worked hard for more than a decade yet still couldn’t even win the qualifications to participate in IMO.

As if feeling that all those present were scolding him, Jiang Liu quickly said: “I am not a genius. I agree that there must be geniuses in this world, but I believe that hard work is more important. It is more than half a year since I decided to change. After I made my decision to change, I started studying mathematics syllabus for junior high school. I only have four to five hours of sleep a day. I also asked for private tutoring and did a lot of mathematics questions. My bookshelf was full of books that I have reviewed. I also have a whole carton full of notes that I made along the way.”

Jiang Liu raised his hand: “Previously, I didn’t know what cocoon was.”

At this moment, there were several conspicuous cocoons on his right hand that was used to hold the pen. They knew that this cocoon was left from holding the pen for a long time.

“I firmly believe that if you pay, there is something to be gained. The only difference in the size of the harvest.”

His attitude was heartfelt. He explained his own efforts in the past six months and made everyone feel much better.

“So Jiang tyrant had made such a big change for the girl he likes?”

The reporters were curious about this fierce girl who had rejected the son of the richest man. Before she rejected Jiang Liu, did the other party know that he was the son of the richest man?

“It’s not just about this.”

Jiang Liu paused, then looked at the camera: “Because one day, I suddenly realized a problem. If I always choose such a mediocre life, maybe one day when I appear in front of the media, everyone will only call me Jiang Zhongmin’s son. But I want to have my own name. I hope that when everyone mentions me one day, they will say, look, that is Jiang Liu. And whenever they mention my dad, they will say, look, that is Jiang Liu’s father.”

This ambition is big enough. Who is Jiang Zhongmin? He is the richest man in China. He is a prominent figure that everyone knows, and Jiang Liu still has a long, long way to go if he wants to surpass him.

But the young man’s eyes were too pure, making it impossible for people to question his words. There was only one thought in their heart. Maybe he could really do it.

It took a long time for the media reporters to come back to their senses. Because of the limited time, they asked the last question, which was relatively easy.

“Now everyone knows about your family background, and many netizens on the Internet call you the national husband. Do you have anything to say about this title?”

This question is relatively easy, and Jiang Liu’s answer is also very witty.

“I’m not an adult. I’m still a few years away from the legal marriage age. It is illegal to treat me as a husband.”

Jiang Liu didn’t take the netizens’ claims seriously. He didn’t think these people really see him as a husband. They just wanted to participate and made things livelier: “Furthermore, I have a girl that I like, and only one person can call me husband!”

Jiang Liu winked. This young and clean boy was infused with the halo of gold and scholarly, looked so dazzling that it intimidated others.

The female reporters were very envious of the girl mentioned by Jiang Liu. The relationship of the youngster was pure without any interest. Even if this feeling was without beginning and end that just stay as a memory in a long life, this is still good enough.


The interview that day was quickly published in the newspapers and simultaneously broadcasted in various websites.

Jiang Zhongmin took time out of his busy schedule and watched the entire interview video. When he watched his slightly blushing son overcautiously and confidently talk about his intention to raise his father later and let the people said [Look, that’s Jiang Liu’s father], he could not help laughing.

“Boy, I’ll wait to see if you have this ability.”

Jiang Zhongmin was not afraid that the waves behind the Yangtze River would push the waves forward. He is just too happy if his son will be able to surpass him someday.

However, he was curious about the girl who caused his son to change. Although he still didn’t know how the girl looked like and what kind of temperament she has, but because she had caused the change in his son, Jiang Zhongmin naturally had a good opinion on her.

As a father, Jiang Zhongmin’s focus on this interview is more on Jiang Liu itself. However, the netizens have more diverse views in regards to it.

[As a mother, I can’t accept my child’s puppy love. However, I don’t seem to be able to oppose Jiang Liu’s “puppy love”. It is too young and too beautiful. Beautiful love should make both parties better and better. I suddenly hope that the girl who once rejected Jiang Liu noticed his hard work and sincerity and promised him]

[I really want to be that girl, but husband Jiang is only 17 years old, and I am already an old aunt]

[Oh, what kind of life is it like to spend money endlessly? I really want to experience it]

[Why should I read this report. This jealousy had blinded my eyes and made me ugly]

[Heaven, ah. What kind of fairy life is this, ah? I also want to experience the boring life of spending money too much]

Most netizens’ intuitive feeling about this report is the arrogance of the richest man. When they think of the life of spending money and buying whatever they want, everyone is envious of it.

It even made these people even more jealous when Jiang Liu regards such fairy life as dull and meaningless.

Yet, Jiang Liu’s sentence that he hopes to have his own name known to the world and expect that when everyone mentions him one day, they will say [ Look, that is Jiang Liu] and when other mentioned his dad, people will say [ Look, that’s Jiang Liu’s father], still attracted a lot of approval.

Regardless of his life background, anyone who is optimistic and progressive in life should be supported and admired.

Looking at Jiang Liu’s changes, there are still many things that everyone can learn from. For example, his formidable execution ability. After the deliberate planned to change, he immediately executes the step towards his goal.

Not everyone can implement the goal after setting it up. Many people in this world promised to start changing the next day, only to do nothing and continue to procrastinate. In the end, tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

He is the son of the richest man and possesses wealth that he can’t spend his entire life. Yet, he still has dreams and struggles for it. This makes many people whose family conditions are not as good as him, but who are already living like a salted fish, begin to introspect themselves. Is it really okay to live like this? Can they also learn like Jiang Liu and added a different colour to their life?


“Ahhhhh, host is amazing! The progress of our second task has reached 37% and is still rising slowly.”

001 was very happy. Initially, it wanted to remind its’ host not to forget about his own mission. Sure enough, host is host after all. The way he used to complete the task is always unpredictable.

“My host is indeed an excellent host.”

This phrase was learned by 001 after surfing the Internet for a long time. Humans seem to like to listen to these kinds of praises.

Jiang Liu, who was studying at that time, heard 001’s word. Only then did he remember that he still had a task to accomplish in this world.

But what is his task? It seems that he had forgotten about it. [T/N: uhhh…Me too BTW] It’s just that on the surface, Jiang Liu didn’t change his expression as he accepted 001’s compliment happily. After all, he is the most outstanding man according to the system’s mouth, ah.

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