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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 79

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 79: Nation’s Husband 13

Host: Jiang Liu

Language: 93/100

Mathematics: 200/500

English: 89/100

Chemistry: 41/100

Physics: 35/100

Biology: 45/100

History: 63/100

Geography: 34/100

Politics: 46/100

Music: 73/100

Arts: 58/100

Sports: 65/100

Freely assignable points: 17

Evaluation: Ordinary genius who went overboard with mathematics

This is the current attribute value of Jiang Liu. Except for mathematics finally breaking through to the next stage, other individual attributes increase extremely slow. This is because Jiang Liu has added all the freely assignable points to mathematics. The attribute values ​​of other subjects have risen purely because of his daily study.

The reason Jiang Liu reserved 17 points of freely assignable points ​​was that he realized that only studying mathematics alone was no longer sufficient for his current level of mathematics.

No subject can exist independently, especially when you learn more later on. The more Jiang Liu learns, the more he feels the ties between various disciplines. For example, in learning mathematics, you also need to rely on language to understand the topics. You also need English to read the journal paper. What’s more, mathematics itself in the later stages intersect with other sciences subjects like physics and chemistry.

Jiang Liu looked at his poor chemistry and physics attributes on his attribute table and felt deeply that he had fallen into the system’s pit

But this is also his own pit, and he still needs to fill the pit while crying out by himself.

Jiang Liu sighed and added those 17 points to the physics attributes. At this time, the physics attribute value finally changed to (52/100). Starting from today, he will take one more subject in addition to mathematics. Physics.

He did not evenly distribute the attribute values ​​in various subjects. In Jiang Liu’s view, geniuses of a partial subject are also geniuses. He was afraid that he has to wait until he managed to improve his physics to a certain level. When the time arrived that improving physics alone no longer help with his mathematics then will he improve other subjects like chemistry and etc.

Even though he has a learning space which could be considered as a cheating tool, Jiang Liu’s own energy is still limited. As for how far he can go in this world, it is probably something he has no idea.


“Are you okay?”

Jiang Liu looked at the pale-looking God of Elementary School and asked with concern. The test was about to begin yet Gao Ruru’s condition was obviously not very good.

“I’m okay.”

Gao Ruru shook her head. Her voice was a little weak.

Because she is a skipper, Gao Ruru is only 15 years old this year. She is a girl who developed relatively late. She had never had a period before, so she doesn’t know how a girl feels when she the period arrived.

Unfortunately, when the team leader took them to Russia, the host country of IMO, her period suddenly came. After the early days of rushing, she didn’t know whether it was due to her poor physical fitness or because she was not used to Russia. In this kind of weather, Gao Ruru found that there was an intense discomfort accompanying the arrival of her period.

By then, she had already taken the painkillers. Even though the swelling of her abdomen had slightly relieved, it was still excruciating.

Not only Jiang Liu noticed her discomfort, but also Leader Ye.

This time, Gao Ruru was the biggest trump card of the Chinese National Team for this IMO league. She has participated in the game twice and won the gold medal on both occasions. One time she won the championship with a perfect score. The Mathematical Society has a great expectation of her. They hope she can maintain such a good state in this competition and get another full score. Even though she will not be able to match the three consecutive full score created by Romanian player, Ciprian Manolescu. But at least she tied a two full score records created by the talented players from Eastern European countries such as Russia and Hungary.

This is not only important for China, but also for Gao Ruru himself. Perhaps it is because of such pressure that her menstrual pain becomes even stronger.

At the beginning of the competition, Jiang Liu was worried about Gao Ruru and did not settle down to answer the questions until ten minutes after the commencement of the test.

After the test, Jiang Liu found Gao Ruru, who was walking at a very slow speed among the crowd. She clutched her abdomen with a pale and ghastly-looking face.

Without even thinking about it, Jiang Liu directly picked her and held her in a princess hug and rushed out from the crowd. He greeted the leader before he took her back to the hotel room.

“The most important thing for you now is to drink a pot of hot water and then sleep.”

Jiang Liu felt like he was a father, and Gao Ruru is his disobedient daughter, who was always making him worry all the times.

Gao Ruru wanted to say that she didn’t want to sleep, but seeing Jiang Liu’s concerned eyes, she silently held back these words.

She drank a glass of boiling water that Jiang Liu had heated for her, and then went to bed and lay down obediently under Jiang Liu’s command. Jiang Liu did not leave her and instead brought a few books and his own notebook from his room next door.

Gao Ruru listened to the rustle of the book in her ears, and the slight rubbing of the pen tip on the paper. Accompanied by the gentle and rhythmic breathing of Jiang Liu, she gradually became sleepy.

In this warm and safe environment, she sleeps very sweetly.

After this evening, Gao Ruru felt that Jiang Liu was different. If he was a person who had the same hobbies as her before and was gradually recognized by her as a rival who was equal to her, she now saw Jiang Liu with a gleaming halo in her eyes. He was as fascinating as mathematics which gave her the curiosity to explore him more.


For international competitions at the level of IMO, the country has always been very concerned about it. Furthermore, since there is a new topic figure like Jiang Liu among the contestants, the competition was not only followed by the gossip and entertainment media but also the financial press.

When the IMO announced the award, the results were carried simultaneously at home.

China had always been the old strong team of IMO competition. Since the commencement of IMO, it has won 19 team gold medals. This year is no exception. Six players from China defeated the same strong mathematical team from Russia by a slight advantage.

In addition to the gratifying group results, the individual results are also quite outstanding.

Jiang Liu, who had participated in the IMO league for the first time, had played outstandingly. He won the gold medal together with the Russian players with a full score.

Gao Ruru had played abnormally due to her physical reasons, but she still won the silver medal. In addition to Gao Ruru, the other two members of the six-man team also won the silver medal.

The remaining two players also won bronze medals. It can be said to be a bumper game.

This time, the news report was not as trivial as the previous reports in the domestic competition. Many media outlets published this news on the front pages of the newspapers and webpages.

Jiang Zhongmin’s secretary has been following this news, and finally couldn’t sit still when he saw Jiang Liu’s birth date and other information dug up by the media from Jiang Liu’s classmates.

“Chairman Jiang, the news report really seems to be about the young master.”

He passed over the news reports he collected.

The photo looked alike, perhaps by coincidence.

Even the name is the same, it was a coincidence among coincidences.

But now even the birthday, birthplace, and school are the same, and it was entirely impossible to explain it by coincidence.

Jiang Zhongmin looked at the information and remained silent for a long time. He then asked the secretary to leave the information on his table and leave the room, not forgetting to close the door.

He walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the night view of the city. He then started to smoke one after another.

He didn’t look at the previous news at all, just glanced at the photo, and subconsciously felt that it was not his son.

Without him as an example, if you have a friend who is 500 kilograms’ fat, and she appears slim in front of you the next day, you would not believe that this is your fat friend. After all, even liposuction need to have some recovery process. It was impossible to recover overnight. It’s tough for people to accept such a significant change.

Jiang Zhongmin has been accustomed to his scumbag son for more than ten years. Suddenly you tell him that his son is not a scumbag, but a Xueba and even a top-notch one, how could he suddenly accept it?

But the current situation makes it impossible for Jiang Zhongmin not to believe it.


“Chairman Jiang, have you followed the latest news reports? Is Jiang Liu who won the IMO league not long ago really your son?”

In a press conference of Tianyi Group, during the reporter’s questioning session, Jiang Zhongmin was suddenly asked about something unrelated to today’s press conference.

The media at this time were extremely excited. Whether Jiang Zhongmin admits it or denies it, it will be big news.

If Jiang Zhongmin admitted that Jiang Liu is his son with both talents and wealth, it would become a hot spot in the media later. If Jiang Zhongmin denies it, it will cause a scandal that is not big or small. You must know that Jiang Liu has never denied it. Well, this can also be used to prove that this Xueba also has a vanity side.


There is nothing to deny about his son. His son will soon become an adult. He will take over the entire Tianyi Group in the future, and it is meaningless to hide it.

As Jiang Zhongmin’s affirmative voice fell, the flashlights in the audience became more violent. Many people in the media have thought about how to write today’s manuscript.

“Does President Jiang have any indication of his son’s outstanding results?”

Another reporter asked.

“There is nothing to say, I am not a competent father, and he can achieve such results relying on his own efforts.”

This is the truth, but everyone is treated as if Jiang Zhongmin is humble on his part.

At the end of the press conference, when he was about to get on the car, Jiang Zhongmin suddenly said to his secretary on the side: ” This month, all the employees of the group will have their wages raised by 5%. Their bonus will be taken from my private account.”

Counting the subsidiaries of Tianyi Group, there are at least tens of thousands of employees. Even if it is only a 5% rise in the monthly salary of each employee, it will equate to nearly 10 million or more.

The secretary immediately guessed that the chairman wanted to share the joy of his son winning the gold medal with the entire group of employees.

Before, when he saw that Chairman Jiang didn’t seem to have a special reaction to this incident, he thought that he didn’t take this matter to his heart. So it seemed that their Chairman is the kind that was outwardly cold yet deep and passionate inside?


On the same day, the news spread throughout the Tianyi Group. All the employees who knew the reason for the salary increase that month spread the joyous event to the Internet.

The salary of Tianyi Group’s employees is not low. Ordinary employees have a salary between 7,000 to 8,000, while some Junior High-level and high-level leaders are paid around 40,000 to 50,000, and higher-level wages may even be hundreds of thousands. Bonuses ranging from three to four hundred to tens of thousands are a windfall for every employee of Tianyi. No matter how many, it makes people very happy.

Netizen started to calculate how much money his richest father had spent to celebrate Jiang Liu’s winning the gold medal.

When someone calculated the approximate number of more than 10 million, the entire network filled with sensation, how many middle-income class people worth this kind of money yet the richest man just gave it out to celebrate his son’s good results? In addition to their envy of those employees, they also envy Jiang Liu, the son of the richest man.

This is really a life of lying and winning. The old man is so generous to his employees, so his rewards to the winner should be more generous, right?

If Jiang Liu had opened his Weibo, I’m afraid that a bunch of netizens would have to leave a message under his Weibo, rushing to call him their husband.

And because of the richness of the richest man dad, Jiang Liu, who had not yet returned to China, was also being watched by the domestic media. They tried their best to find the team return flight and blocked him at the airport.

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  1. Finally, an author that acknowledged the connection of different subjects. But still, MC’s physics and chem should have passively raise without having to spend points on it due to his high math points. As an engineering student, when my classmates and I can’t understand the subject of physics, we relied on remembering the equation, finding the givens, and try to turn it into a math problem. In that way, we could somehow stumble our way and pass. Of course the disadvantage is that we could only see numbers but not understand how that works irl. (Like we could calculate the speed but since we didn’t really understand the subject we don’t know what that speed meant, the reaction it produced, the effect around it, etc. Heck at one point I can calculate distances but can’t explain to you how far is that supposed to be as I can’t comprehend how to visualize the number into actual road comparisons)

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