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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 78

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 78: Nation’s Husband 12

[That’s enough, I don’t know how long someone’s Navy will be playing these hype, ah. I could only hehe. Are your dad so shameful that you have to recognize other people father’s as yours?]

While discussing the son of the richest man with both wealth and talent on the Internet, some netizens started to express their views on this matter.

[I have a friend who works in Tianyi Group. Jiang Zhongmin has no intention of recognizing this son, and I don’t know where this wild duck come from and planning to stir up this incident. I’m afraid that the next step for this high school student is to enter the entertainment circle.]

This netizen has some conspiracy theories, but they have to admit that there were indeed a group of network pushers on the Internet now. There are people who willing to use all kinds of methods to promote their popularity on the Internet, and some even seized the opportunity to enter the entertainment circle and become a little known red star.

It was not surprising that netizens who had experienced too many similar incidents have become vigilant.

[Yes, ah. There is no movement from the Tianyi Group at all. This is all the work of the netizens. Even if he is the son of the richest man, I am afraid that they have lived abroad since childhood. What with this nonsense about this shitty affiliated high school? Will the richest man son even go there to study?]

[Speaking what I want to say, one by one called this high school student as their husbands. Don’t you feel sick?]

Previously, there seems to be a lot of netizens who praised Jiang Liu. However, soon these people took up the most prominent position in the commentary, outnumbering each other by ten.

[I don’t want to focus on your other opinions. I just focus on the so-called shit affiliated high school in your mouth. This shitty high school in your mouth is one of the best five key high schools in the capital. Last year’s undergraduate rate was 98.5%, 23 went to Yanjing University, 17 went to Tsinghua University, and many other excellent students had gone to prestigious schools such as Huanxiang and Shanghai University. Those who can enter this school are the elites of the junior high school or extremely outstanding students. Do you know how much those people with good family conditions had to spend to send their children to this school? How much sponsorship is needed? The ignorant is fearless. Before expressing your opinions on things you don’t know, I suggest you read more.]

[As a former student of the Affiliated High, when I heard someone describing my alma mater as a shitty, my mood is very complicated. The person who spoke may be less than a dog shit]

[Who stipulates that the children of the wealthy people must go abroad to study since childhood? Do you look down on the basic education provided by your own country? I’m afraid all these people are from your party??]

Those remarks had not yet attracted Jiang Liu’s own counterattack, but first angered a wave of students and alumni of this Affiliated High School.

Most of the students who had graduated from this Affiliated High School are proud of their alma mater. How can they sit still when they see someone slander their alma mater like this?

[And I want to say something. From the beginning to the end, Jiang Liu had never said that the richest man Jiang is his father. Even if he is not the son of the richest man Jiang Zhongmin, he has already achieved an excellent result by himself. In a few months, he may participate in IMO league on behalf of China. I hope that similar comments without brains will not affect Jiang Liu’s performance]

[It’s nice to have money. We are not even sure if that kid is the richest man’s sons for sure, but those bunch of so-called elite students are nothing but a group who are even willing to kneel and hug other people thigh, that’s all.]

[Isn’t everyone just making a reasonable guess? I don’t understand about this Affiliated School. If I say something wrong, is it necessary to criticize others like this? Sure enough, some people just love to show off, for fear that others don’t know that he graduated from a prestigious school.]

The curse on the Internet has nothing to do with Jiang Liu for the time being. Forgive him for just being a child who is addicted to learning and unable to free himself from it.


“You are excellent!”

When Jiang Liu went to school the next day, he was stopped by Dong Chengfeng.

He stared Jiang Liu with a complicated gaze and said.

Jiang Liu was stunned. He could feel Dong Chengfeng’s hostility towards him during the league’s award ceremony. Many students congratulated him warmly, including Dong Chengfeng, who seemed insincere compared to others.

But now Jiang Liu could see that the other party’s praise was genuine.

After saying that, Dong Chengfeng then walked to his classroom with his schoolbag.

Dong Chengfeng had to admit that he did not like Jiang Liu very much before, and he was even unhappy that Jiang Liu managed to get a better result than him.

But since reading the news yesterday and knowing Jiang Liu’s family background, Dong Chengfeng has not thought so much anymore.

He was different from Gao Ruru who liked mathematics from the bottom of her heart. Dong Chengfeng liked mathematics due to its usefulness. He hoped to get extra points for the college entrance examination through the ranking of the competition and get admitted to his favourite university, then securing a good job after graduation, thus improving his living conditions.

But Jiang Liu was different. In Dong Chengfeng’s view, being the son of the richest man had already put him at the end of his life goal. He can enjoy the best without doing anything.

Just like the original body before, he just needs to study casually and enjoy his life to his heart content.

But now he has changed. He had seen Jiang Liu’s dedication and effort in his study. Dong Chengfeng felt that Jiang Liu was studying for the sake of his interest in studying itself.

A person who is richer than you and more serious than you, Dong Chengfeng felt that he doesn’t have to be jealous of such a person.

What he can do now is to become more serious and work harder to narrow the gap between them.


All-day today, Jiang Liu felt that his classmates were looking at him weirdly. Fortunately, his deskmate Ruru still kept her old habits. In addition to mathematics’ exercises, it was another mathematics’ questions.

Fortunately, that evening, a video chat with the richest man father answered Jiang Liu’s doubts.

“I saw you on the news today!”

Jiang Zhongmin had a regular phone call with his son once every two or three days, sometimes by voice and sometimes by video.

Perhaps because of the news he saw during the day, Jiang Zhongmin sent a video invitation to his son again after making a phone call the day before.

When Jiang Liu was wondering why his father, the richest man, had seen him on the news, Jiang Zhongmin spoke again.

“In fact, it shouldn’t be you. It should be someone else’s child who was mistakenly identified as you by the unscrupulous media. Last semester, you only scored a bit more than 50 points in the math test. Yet, people reported that you were the champion of the math competition. With your kind of math score, which teacher would dare to let you participate in a math competition?”

Jiang Zhongmin looked at his son, who was four to five points similar to him on the other end of the video, and he felt a little uncomfortable.

When this son was first born, it was the busiest time for his career, and the Tianyi Group at that time was far from its current scale. For the sake of his career, he gave up a lot of time with his son.

Perhaps it was the first time for him to be a father. Jiang Zhongmin only wanted to give his son a little more material compensation and give him the best material enjoyment. Instead, he neglected the child’s education. When he realized it later on and wanted to be cruel and disciplined him, it was already too late.

Furthermore, Jiang Zhongmin really can’t be a strict father. He himself was raised by his dad to become a respectful person. He could only comfort himself that in a few years, everything will be well. Maybe next year, his son will be mature up. Especially this son, who has been raised by him completely, was unable to bear any bitterness at all. Even if he wanted to use a ruthless hand, Jiang Zhongmin had no intention to do so.

Later, Jiang Zhongmin himself gave up. He thought that he was in good health. He decided to pass his son and instead taught his grandchildren. He had the experience of raising his son. When raising his grandson, he would definitely learn from this lesson. He will grab him from the time it was still an embryo.

Jiang Zhongmin, in his previous life, also thought the same. Yet, the plan could not keep up with the changes. A few years later, Jiang Zhongmin suffered a serious illness, which made him suspect that he could not wait for his son to marry and have children, or for his grandson to grow up. To save Tianyi Group, he decisively went abroad with his wife to find a legal surrogate mother and re-trained his youngest son.

But even so, Jiang Zhongmin did not treat his eldest son any worse. The shareholding rights are related to the management which was given to his youngest son. The eldest son only occupies a small part of it. As compensation, Jiang Zhongmin left the real estate and some investment shares to his eldest son. He took all preventive measures for him so that he could retain his own nature and live a life of wandering and happiness.

The original body does not blame his father for giving him a brother who robbed him of the family property when he was in his twenties. On the contrary, he felt that his father had done the right thing and helped him shed a big burden.

Even if Jiang Liu came to the body of the original, he still hadn’t thought of performing well and fighting for the right to inherit the group.

The relationship between the original body and his younger brother in the previous life was very good. He was not married and had no children. He raised his younger brother more than 20 years old as his son and his younger brother’s son as his grandson. Apart from his regrets of love, his whole life was amazing. He enjoyed everything that should be enjoyed.

“Dad, the person reported in the news seemed to be me.”

Jiang Liu figured out the ins and outs from his father’s mouth. It seemed someone reported the news to his father. Yet, his father did not believe it. Thinking that the fake news was something that was fabricated by the media, so his rich father decided to contact him.

Is it better to call him a failure as a son, or to praise him for his hard work?

Looking at his son at the other end of the video, Jiang Zhongmin was silent for a moment.

“How did I taught you before? It’s not shameful that you don’t learn well. It’s at best that your head is stupid, but lying is a matter of character.”

Jiang Zhongmin sighed, “Are you short of money to spend? Didn’t I give you a secondary card? Dad is not a fool, so there is no need to deceive me with such inconsistency. Forget it. I will ask your mother to give you more pocket money. Eat well, wear well, and play whatever you want.”

Jiang Zhongmin was forced to hang up the video call when his assistant notified him of an emergency video conference.


Hanging up the phone, Jiang Zhongmin couldn’t help but smile, “This brat almost deceived me.”

But how could his son become the champion of the math competition?

If it were his son, he could happily eat a few more bowls of rice. Because of his happiness, he would live an extra ten years, which would exactly offset the ten years he had lost previously.


For a long time after that, Jiang Zhongmin and his wife, Ning Lan, flew all over the world. Because of the Huami’s trade war, it had brought a big impact on their business. During this period, the couple only briefly visited the capital twice and hurriedly ate a meal with their son. Even during the Spring Festival, when the Chinese family are reunited with each other, the couple still rushed to different business dinners all days.

At this time, the winter camp had ended, and Jiang Liu had successfully entered the six-man battleship of China’s team.

People who have been following Jiang Liu on the Internet also noticed this news.

Although Jiang Zhongmin has never publicly acknowledged or denied the authenticity of the previous news, a large number of netizens on the Internet still believe that Jiang Liu is Jiang Zhongmin’s son. They have been arguing with a group of netizens who deny this matter on the Internet as they tried to convince each other with their own opinions.

When news came out that Jiang Liu had chosen as a part of the China team for the league, the netizens who are on Jiang Liu’s side had temporarily won.

Because, leaving aside the doubt as to whether he is the son of the richest man or not, his excellence is beyond doubt.

This six-member team. These six children are the one with the best mathematics abilities among high school students in China. No matter whether they can achieve excellent results in the league or not, they are already far ahead from their peers.

A netizen couldn’t help but sigh:

[People who are richer than you work harder than you. What right do you have to waste your time? Yes, it’s nine o’clock in the evening when you see this message. Have you finished today’s homework? Has the knowledge learned yesterday being reviewed today? Has the lesson for tomorrow been previewed today? 】

[I think the answer should be no]

[Because you can read my message, it means that you are still holding your mobile phone]

[What to see, do you still have time to play?]

[You still watching this, you scumbag]

Because of this news, Jiang Liu, who rarely reads Weibo, saw this paragraph. He silently turned off his mobile phone and entered the learning space.

The author has something to say: Author: Yeah, that’s what I’m looking at right now. Have you done your review for today?! Of course, if you look at the main characters like Jiang Liu, it’s also possible to be positive and make progress along the way.

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