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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Nation’s Husband 11

The official awards came out two days later. When the results of the National High School Math’s League came out, the entire affiliated high school was shocked.

It was not surprising that Gao Ruru won the first prize in the test. Everyone is used to it.

It was also not a surprise that Jiang Liu has changed his mind and started to work hard to learn. After all, there are a lot of students like him who want to start working hard in conjunction with the upcoming major examination.

It was also not surprising that Jiang Liu had scored full marks in mathematics in the past monthly test and even in the mid-term examination. It is just an ordinary exam. His deskmate is still Gao Ruru. Therefore, it is not surprising that his learning progress had sped up to catch up with everyone else.

But now it’s different. This is not an ordinary exam. This is the National High School Mathematics League Test, ah. All the mathematics elites from all over the country gathered to participate in this test. And yet, Jiang Liu had won the first prize along with Gao Ruru. Even their score is the same. Won’t this prove that he is as strong as Gao Ruru?

Not only did the students look at Jiang Liu with different eyes, but even Xiao Changming, who had thought that he had dug out a dusty mathematics jewel with his hand, looked at Jiang Liu with gentle eyes nowadays. It even appeared as if you could even squeeze out some water from it.

This time, the National High School Mathematics League awarded a total of ten first prizes, ten second prizes and ten third prizes. Candidates who have won the first prize, second prize and some of the winner of the third prize can participate in the upcoming winter camp. There, they will be competing for the six places to join the CMO’s team.

Dong Chengfeng won the second prize and was naturally able to participate in the winter camp, but he was not very happy. Compared to Gao Ruru, who has always been better than him, Jiang Liu, who achieved better results than him, made him feel really upset.


As one of the most authoritative competitions in high school, the award ceremony of the National High School Mathematics League was naturally not ordinary. There are also many reporters present at the venue as they prepare to interview these award-winning students.

Lin Jin was a reporter who switched from financial column to humanities column. When she saw the first prize winners who were being awarded at this time, she couldn’t help but froze.

She always felt that this tall and thin boy on the stage was very familiar to her as if she had seen him somewhere.

It is unreasonable that a high school student should be the kind of talent that she should know or be familiar with, right?

Lin Jin is a serious person. After returning from the interview, she turned on her computer and perused the information that she had saved in her network disk. When she quickly browsed the saved photos, she suddenly stopped her hands. A face appeared on the screen happened to match the teenager who made her feel familiar at the award ceremony today.

Looking at the time when these photos were taken, Lin Jin recalled that this photo was taken when she was still working with the Finance column.

At that time, it was the summer vacation for the students. A big crocodile in Hong Kong had held a private dinner. It was rumoured that many wealthy people from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan would attend this party.

As a reporter of the Financial Channel, she naturally rushed over after hearing the news. Unfortunately, this time, the dinner was not open to the public. She only managed took a few photos outside the hotel.

This teenager was also photographed outside the dinner party, and she also saw the other party entering the dinner party room.

It was not easy for someone to be able to attend a dinner on this level, even if you are a big crocodile or the family member of a big crocodile. Because of this, Lin Jin couldn’t help but become a little bit excited. If he could publish an article combining the rich 2nd generation and being a Xueba, she felt that the sales of the newspaper and the clicks on the Internet would explode greatly.

It’s just that she still didn’t know whose son this teenager was. Therefore, she could only constantly search on the Internet and in her networking circles.

Although the exposure rate of the original body is not high under the control of his rich father, but it is difficult to keep a secret in this Internet age. After working hard for a few days, Lin Jin finally found Jiang Liu’s true identity.

Jiang Zhongmin was now the second richest man in the wealth rankings even though he was still in the first place not too long ago. However, knowing him, it might not be too long before he is able to climb up again.

The other party was also a legendary figure. He was the 2nd generation of an officials’ family in a small county. His father is the county magistrate. When he was a teenager, he started buying and selling and had almost lost his dad in an accident.

After saving his first fund, he started his business and bought a few mines before the coal prices began to soar. By the time the boom started, the net worth of his mines had risen to more than one billion yuan. However, by the time, the transportation was gradually improved, and the prospect of his coal mines started to dwindle.

Later, Jiang Zhongmin felt that investing in a real estate will be useful, so he sold his mines and went all-out into real estate. It happened that the mining industry went downhill by that time, and the housing market started to soar.

Now Jiang Zhongmin’s Tianyi Group is beginning to test the waters in the Internet and Entertainment industry. Everyone is speculating whether this is a signal that the real estate industry is about to start a downturn.

Jiang Zhongmin’s wife, Ning Lan, was born well-off. In the beginning, he and Jiang Zhongmin were college’s classmates. Then, she took a fancy of Jiang Zhongmin’s potential. Jiang Zhongmin’s Tianyi Group can achieve today’s results was not without the help of his wife’s family.

It’s just that Ning Lan was also a woman with big ambitions. She didn’t like to mix with her husband’s business. Ning Lan had created several clothing and jewellery brands and acquired several foreign luxury goods companies just the year before. Apart from that, she also owns three diamond mines in Africa. Even though she is not as good as her husband, but she is also one of the top female entrepreneurs in China Fortune List.

It was rumoured that Jiang Zhongmin and his wife, Ning Lan, only has one son. However, because the couple did not like to put their son under the spotlight of the media, there is not much information about Jiang Zhongmin’s son circulating on the Internet. Lin Jin also found evidence by accident.

Jiang Liu, Jiang Zhongmin. Now, even their last name matches. Lin Jin has already figured out what she should write in her article.


#Son of the richest man delighted to win the first prize of the National High School Math League#

#Some people are richer than you, and yet he works harder than you#

After a day of fermentation, the news that Jiang Liu, the son of the richest man, Jiang Zhongmin, won the first prize in the National High School Math League spread all over the Internet. Everyone’s first reaction was not to believe it.

But countless pieces of evidence are in front of you, and it seemed that everyone couldn’t help but believe it.

The first is a blurry photo. Jiang Zhongmin walking in front has a clear face, but the boy not far away was a bit blurry. Yet, when the blurry photo was placed together with the high-definition picture of Jiang Liu, everyone is clear. They were able to recognize that this is the same person.

The second is the photo of Jiang Liu attending a dinner hosted by a Hong Kong wealthy businessmen. According to Hong Kong’s news reports, Jiang Zhongmin, the richest man in China, had sent a representative to attend that day. Jiang Liu is his son. It seems that it is not a problem to called him as a representative.

In addition, the original appearance is a combination of Jiang Zhongmin and Ning Lan. When the three photos were placed together., there will be no one who will doubt their father-son/mother-child identity. Putting all kinds of evidence together, Jiang Liu’s identity was basically true.

[I thought that the second generation of the rich would only spend money to eat while waiting to die, but I didn’t expect people who are richer than me even work harder than me]

[Ahhhhh, rich and smart, isn’t this my husband?]

[The woman upstairs really worships money. Isn’t it just that there is some stinky money at home? Do you need to kneel and lick it? No one knows who you are, yet you still call him your husband? I’m different. I don’t like money. I like boys who are good at math. Husband, husband, my husband]

[Hahaha, upstairs and upstairs, don’t you feel embarrassed calling a seventeen-year-old boy as your husband? How can you be sure that the younger brother likes girls? He is a male, of course, he will like a male. Little husband, I’ll wait for you]

All the netizens are watching the fun. For them, these rumours are not necessarily true, but they just find it interesting and decided to follow them.

It’s just that if the news on the Internet is true, that boy was really born well. He is not only from an extremely wealthy family, but he is also smart and wise. Even though his appearance was not as good as Wu Yan Zu, but he is still someone with a delicate feature. It is hard not to like a boy like this, ah.

Of course, the voice of opposition is indispensable regardless of the topic.

For example, some of them questioning Jiang Liu’s achievements, while others were questioning his identity. This kind of opposition also has many supporters.


Tianyi Group has a public relations department that focuses on Internet trends. The hot topics on the Internet involved their chairman, and naturally, they passed this matter to Jiang Zhongmin’s secretary as soon as they get it.

“Hehe, it’s impossible.

When Jiang Zhongmin heard the news, he smiled and shook his head.

Does he still not know his son? He was terrible at math. He was so awful that Jiang Zhongmin even embarrassed to admit that he’s Jiang Zhongmin’s son.

Media reporters nowadays are really no longer ethical. They like to report all kinds of fake news, and they don’t even want to leave their own dignity just for the sake of a little click.

“Chairman Jiang. I look at the photo, and it really seems to be the young master.”

Jiang Zhongmin’s secretary had naturally seen Jiang Liu. He looked at the photos of the awards ceremony, and the people on the stage were indeed similar to Jiang Liu.


Jiang Zhongmin looked at the photograph and remained firm in his position.

He thought the boy in the picture was just very similar to his son.

Perhaps because it was too similar, Jiang Zhongmin couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

How could other people’s cubs be so prosperous? If his children can be half as good as the others, he would be willing to live ten years less.

The author has something to say:

Jiang Liu: Live ten years less?

Jiang Zhongmin after learning the truth: I am not; I didn’t say that!

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