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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 76

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 76: Nation’s Husband 10

“Ding, won the first prize in the National High School’s Math League Test. Reward: 50 freely assignable points.”

After Xiao Changming informed Jiang Liu that he had been selected as a part of the team to take part in the National High School’s Math League Test, the system once again, released a new task with generous rewards.

It is essential to know that the rewards for daily tasks are basically 1 or 2 attribute points. This attribute points that rely on active learning to increase student’s motivation will soon dwindle out in the later stage. Doing small tasks on average days can no longer meet Jiang Liu’s need. This time, if he can get the first prize in the National High School’s Math League Test, he will directly get 50 freely assignable attribute points. It will also let Jiang Liu moves closer to his small goal.

For this small goal, Jiang Liu had to spend more time on mathematics.

This key affiliate’s high school has students with excellent grades, but there are also many key affiliates’ junior high schools alongside this affiliated high school. This time there are 20 places provided for the school in the capital to participate in the National High School’s Math League Test. Four out of ten students selected by the affiliated high school had successfully passed the city’s preliminary and semi-finals. With a total of 20 players who will represent the Capital, the affiliated high school had managed to snatch one-fifth of the quota which could be considered as a good result.

Now the four of them not only represent the school but also represent the Capital to compete in the game.

Except for Gao Ruru, Jiang Liu had only heard of Dong Chengfeng. His mathematics score was only slightly inferior to Gao Ruru, but now Jiang Liu had sprung out of nowhere. Dong Chengfeng, who had always been placed second in ten thousand years, faintly felt that he could no longer defend his position.

Especially in the previous mid-term exam. The head of the maths department suddenly came up with an additional question. The only two people who got it correct were Gao Ruru and Jiang Liu. Although the additional questions were not included in the total score, Dong Chengfeng still felt the pressure coming from behind him.

In other words, he already felt that he might be surpassed in no time at all.

In addition to these three, the remaining one was also a girl. The other party was a first-year who managed to surpass her other seniors, which was enough to prove her strength.

“Take the test; don’t be careless.”

The test centre for the National High School’s Math League Test was in the capital. Although it was close to home, this time, the 20 candidates who represent the capital were still required to stay in a hotel near the test centre for unified management.

The Capital Mathematics Association’s officer led the team. He distributed the admission ticket to each contestant while giving them a final reminder.

Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru were not placed in the same examination room, but Dong Chengfeng did enter the same hall as Jiang Liu.

“Fighting! Generally speaking, the test questions for this competition are relatively simple. I look forward to becoming the last teammate with you.”

Gao Ruru pushed her big, black glasses on the bridge of her nose as she patted Jiang Liu’s shoulder and said it sincerely.

Gao Ruru’s schoolmates at the side could not help but felt their eyes twitched a lot. For someone to be able to claim that the National High School’s Math League Test as simple, it was estimated only this little sister dared to do so.

But for the people in the same team, who doesn’t know Gao Ruru? After all, she has the abilities to back up such a claim.

“Well, I will continue to cheer on.”

Jiang Liu was very calm. Now his mathematics’ value is (158/200). According to his understanding, this should already be considered as a top-level for this competition level. When his attribute value increases to 200, he should be invincible even among the college students. As for being any higher, Jiang Liu guesses that there may be a professional level or even an excellent god level. In his pursuit of learning mathematics, there is still a long way to go. However, his current level should be enough for him to play in this high school level competition.

If he can get the first place this time and add 50 points of the freely assignable points, he will even compete for the CMO Gold Award.

[CMO: I guess this is China Mathematics Olympiad. As opposed to IMO- International Mathematics Olympiad]

National High School’s Math League Test was divided into first test and second tests. The test time for the first test is 80 minutes. The test starts at 8:00 and ends at 9:20. The test questions are divided into two parts: fill in the blanks and problem-solving question with a full score of 120 points.

The additional test is the second test. Compared to the first test, this test was longer with a total of 150 minutes. There are a total of four problem-solving questions in the second test. The first two questions are each 40 points, and the last two items are each 50 points, with a full score of 180 points.

The total score of these two tests are 300,

At 7:45, all the candidates entered the examination room. After checking the admission information, the test paper will be distributed at 7:55, and the test will start on time at 8:00.

After the paper was issued, Jiang Liu read the paper once and resisted the urge to cry.

This impulse was not because the test paper was too difficult, but because he couldn’t believe it that just a few months ago, he will look at the math question with a sullen face. Yet today, he actually felt that the league test paper was so simple. This is really a miracle created by the Xueba system.

After he calmed down, Jiang Liu picked up his pen and began to answer the question.

Sixty minutes after the commencement of the test, Jiang Liu had finished all the questions and carefully checked it twice.

According to his patience in the past, he will sit in his seat honestly and wait for the exam time to finish before handing in his papers. However, perhaps because he was disturbed by the emotions left by the original’s, Jiang Liu especially wanted to show off and put on a little air.

Thinking of this, Jiang Liu directly raised his hand. Under the shocked gaze of the examinee in the same room, he handed in his paper ahead of time.

After leaving the examination room, Jiang Liu felt that the sky was blue, and the water was clear. Even the grey air of the capital became much sweeter.

“The final big question is quite simple; I think I can get a perfect score this time.”

“It’s okay. I hope that the second test can also produce some in-depth math problems so that we can widen the gap between us and others.”

Jiang Liu thought that he was unique. After all, the leading role in the movie had always been very arrogant. However, before he could figure out how to show off, at this time, there were already a lot of candidates who had handed in their paper early waiting outside the examination room. All of them were conversing with each other with ease. They did not even feel proud of handing in their paper first.

“I have waited for you for 13 minutes and 47 seconds.”

Gao Ruru stood under a tree not far away, looked at her mobile phone and said.

Jiang Liu handed in the paper twenty minutes ahead of schedule. According to Gao Ruru, she was more than half an hour ahead of the time. “There is still a little time left before the next round. We can discuss the question about function iteration that you asked me earlier.”

His balloon was punctured before it could even be inflated. Jiang Liu could not help but felt sorry for himself.

Sure enough, there is no shortage of genius in this world. The way he is now, it is still far for him to dominate others.

Jiang Liu didn’t dare to pretend to put on air in front of these geniuses who submitted their paper earlier than him. He walked honestly to Gao Ruru and began to discuss some small questions about mathematics.

When 9:20 arrives, the rest of the candidates also came out from the examination room. Dong Chengfeng’s test was not too smooth this time because one of the major questions happened to be his weakness, algebra. Furthermore, when he was still struggling with that question, Jiang Liu had handed in his paper early and left the room, which further made it difficult for him to concentrate on the problem.

Did he finish it all?

Or simply didn’t do it?

These two ideas reappeared in Dong Chengfeng’s mind until the exam rang, and he didn’t manage to finish the major question.

In this stage of the competition, every point is important. In the previous year, Dong Chengfeng had successfully selected for the winter camp. Unfortunately, he still missed the opportunity for the CMO competition this year. This year he is in the third year of high school. This is his last chance to participate in the CMO league. But such a mistake made Dong Chengfeng feel that he was getting further and further away from his goal.

Seeing Gao Ruru and Jiang Liu, who were seriously discussing under the tree, Dong Chengfeng clenched his fists.

When he looked at Jiang Liu’s relax attitude, he realized that the other party must have done an excellent job in his test. His guess that Jiang Liu handed the paper early just because he could not do it was only bullshit.

Suppose his desk mate is also Gao Ruru, if he can have such Xueba by his side to learn together and progress together. Perhaps his performance now will be better than that of Jiang Liu.

Obviously, a few months ago, Jiang Liu was just scum of mathematics. Dong Chengfeng could not help but feel a little bit uneasy.


It was 12:10 after the end of the second round. The officer of the Capital Mathematics Association who had accompanied Jiang Liu and the candidates in the morning came and took them back to the hotel. At this time, the hotel had already prepared their lunch. After they finished their lunch, they could take a short break before going back to their home.

As for the test results, they will be announced in a few working days.

On the third day of returning home, Jiang Liu heard the system beep in his sleep.

“Ding, the task of obtaining the first prize in the National High School Mathematics League Test is successful, and the reward is 50 freely assignable points.

Jiang Liu’s first reaction was that the teacher who was checking the paper had been working so hard. To think that they were still correcting the paper at the Junior High of the night.

The second reaction. Fuck! He won the first prize!

The author has something to say: Modified the rules of the competition. Please don’t pay attention to these details. In a parallel world, everything is possible.

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