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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Nation’s Husband 9

Yet, even with the decisiveness of mind, Gao Jin, still could not escape from the devil’s clutch.

Unlike Jiang Liu’s “fake stop card”, Gao Jin’s card was stopped by his parents after the teacher-parents’ meeting.

In the past, he could receive 8,000 yuan of pocket money from his parents every month. This does not include the money that his mother gives him to buy clothes and shoes on a typical day. At the time when the living expenses for ordinary high school students are of a few hundred yuan a month, having pocket money of 8,000 yuan a month was almost equivalent to the salaries of most undergraduates after several years of working.

Now, his allowance went directly down to a drain, from the original 8,000 to 800, and his mother has decided that unless he got 50 in the next monthly examination, she would never increase his allowance.

For his pocket money to suddenly shrank to this level, Gao Jin’s mood had collapsed. For ordinary high school students, 800 yuan is enough to spend as their day-to-day pocket money. But to Gao Jin, it doesn’t even enough for him to buy a better model of accessories.

However, what can be done? Before the excellent result of Jiang Liu, Gao Mama was completely determined. No matter how much Gao Jin’s cried and plead at home, it was useless. He could only calmly accept this reality.

In the end, the bitter Gao Jin, Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru formed a three-person study group.

To be precise, Gao Ruru was studying on her own while Jiang Liu occasionally came to Gao Ruru for help. With the combination of Elementary God and a Xueba, this study group has now included the small side dish, Gao Jin.

Gao Jin bit the pen cap and was struggling to do the mathematics’ questions.

“You already know this question type? Your progress is very fast. Gao Jin, in fact, you are brilliant.”

Jiang Liu hurriedly took a leisurely look at the exercises that Gao Jin was currently doing. Not long ago, Gao Jin missed a similar question, but now he is doing it right.

“That’s, before, I rarely spend my time learning. If I get serious, let alone making it to 50, it will be easy for me even to score more than 50.”

Gao Jin is someone with a stubborn temper. He doesn’t like to hear the criticism from others. However, if you praise him, his tail could swing up to the sky.

Gao Jin was already getting fed up having to do mathematics exercises over and over again. Yet, after receiving the praise from his best friend, he was so moved that his interest in doing the exercises renewed. He felt that, as Jiang Liu said, he was really smart. He could already learn to do these math problems by doing them a few times.

Jiang Liu was able to grasp Gao Jin’s temperament and pulled him back from the abyss of learning aversion.

Gao Ruru cast a sidelong glance at the book in front of Gao Jin and wanted to say that she will not even do this type of question in her fourth grade in elementary school. Nonetheless, after thinking about the emotional intelligence that Jiang Liu had taught her before, she silently swallowed this sentence back.

“Pretty good.”

Gao Ruru learned that God could tolerate all people who wish to study mathematics attentively. Although Gao Jin had made her cry before, Gao Ruru was very forgiving.

“That’s it!”

Gao Jin was more confident. Even the God of Elementary had praised him. It seemed that he might indeed be a lost child of the great Xueba. The reason why he has been a learning scum for more than ten years is that he had delayed himself.

It is all because of his hand. It is all because of his action model.

Thinking about the living expenses of 800 yuan a month as well as the debts that he had yet to repay to Jiang Liu, Gao Jin, who had been feeling wronged before, bit his pen while holding back a tear of sadness as he began to do the questions like being injected with the chicken blood.


Different from Jiangliu’s Xueba system, Gao Jin’s progress is very slow. Nevertheless, for the current exam-oriented education, the results of continuous doing mathematics questions are also remarkable. Gao Jin smoothly scored 49 during the second test, just outside the passing line set by his mother.

However, this is also the blessing of his previous poor performance. He has made a bloody path from the tail of the car. It was a simple way to make so many progress from a simple question, but once you reach the mid-level or the upper-level question, it will not be easy to make such progress in the short time.

Old Xiao did a good job. On the day when the second monthly exam result was announced, Gao Jin enjoyed the treatment that Jiang Liu had experienced last month by praising him fiercely in front of the class.

He had never been a good student from childhood, and Gao Jin had never enjoyed this kind of treatment before.

The tall, thin young man who sat in the last row, listened to old Xiao’s unpaid praise of him. His face was all red.  The frustration that came from his failure to achieve his mother’s request to lift the ban on his money disappeared.

Isn’t it just 50? Now that he has been studying hard for a month with the two masters, plus the private teachers at home, he had finally scored 49. It will be a short walk to 50 now. As long as he works hard, he may be able to achieve his goal.

With this idea in mind, he picked up his with sullen mood, only one word in his head— learn.

As for Jiang Liu, let alone that every day, besides the time that he used to study at school, he had been learning by himself without eating or sleeping for six or seven hours. When he used the system, he could get nine to ten more benefit compared to the others. In addition to that, the daily task of doing mathematics’ question also give him additional free points. Therefore, it is inevitable that he managed to get a good score during the second mathematics’ test.

This time, because he wanted to select the students who are going to participate in National High School’s Math League Test, Xiao Changming’s questions were tough. The only students who scored full marks except for Gao Ruru were Jiang Liu

Jiang Liu progress could be explained by his excellent foundation. And now, Jiang Liu had completely attracted Xiao Changming’s attention.

For mathematics, the later you learn it, the harder it will be. Xiao Changming had confidence in his test paper, and the fact that Jiang Liu could get full marks showed that he was indeed gifted in mathematics.

Xiao Changming cherished his talents. From time to time, he will call Jiang Liu and give him some special treatment. The more he learned about Jiang Liu’s ability; the more Xiao Changming felt that Jiang Liu, who had not been studying math seriously before is ruining his own talent.

The test that will be used to select students for the National High School’s Math League Test was based on the mid-term examination. This test was not constructed by Xiao Changming, but by the head of the mathematics department. That person was currently handling the key class for the 2nd grade.

Perhaps because his math’s attribute was almost full, Jiang Liu no longer feels hindered while studying high school math.

His logic is clear, and his thinking is getting more and more meticulous. This is all due to the free assignable points provided by the Xueba’s system.

Jiang Liu couldn’t wait. He wanted to fill all his attribute points in this world and try living a life as a real Xueba.

“Ding — Get a full score in the mid-term test. Reward: two points freely assignable points.”

There is no such task from the previous test. However, after the mid-term exam, this task suddenly jumped out. Although the teacher has not yet published the results, Jiang Liu also knows that the task was already completed based on the system announcement, which means that he really managed to get a full score in the mid-term test.

This time, his seat to participate in National High School’s Math League Test is already stable.

Jiang Liu looked at the two freely assignable points and subconsciously added it to the mathematics attribute which had already reached 98. Now his mathematics’ attribute is already full.

Now the attribute values ​​on Jiang Liu’s personal panel are:

Languages: 89/100

Math: 100/100

English: 87/100

Chemistry: 35/100

Physic: 32/100

Biology: 42/100

History: 57/100

Geography: 27/100

Politics: 43/100

Music: 73/100

Art: 56/100

Sport: 63/100

Freely Assignable Point: 0

Evaluation: Ordinary people who went overboard with learning mathematics.

Jiang Liu had no time to be surprised when the values of the mathematics’ attribute changed in front of his eyes.

Math: 100/200.

That is the current state of the mathematics’ attribute values.

Jiang Liu was holding back the blood that was about to be spurt from his chest. He was so naïve to think that the attribute value could be brushed so quickly, and it will fill out in no time. It turned out the system was waiting to give some surprise here.

“Host needs to work harder. Now you are only a little genius in the math department.”

001 did not know about Jiang Liu’s feeling at that time. It even let out a cluster of fireworks to cheer on Jiang Liu.

“You are now a part-time Xueba’s system. Therefore, shouldn’t you be able to scan the attribute values ​​of other people? Tell me what is the mathematics’values ​​of the Elementary School God?”

The system operation made Jiang Liu feel a little bit unsure. He didn’t know to what extent did he have to do the math questions to reach the end.

“Forget it. Don’t tell me.”

Jiang Liu waved his hands in fear of being stimulated by the result.

Isn’t it just learning? He is a man who loves to show off, ah. His life in this world is still so long. Do you think that he will be afraid to brush up on this single attribute?

Jiang Liu, who had got his fighting spirit stirred up, had utterly forgotten that at first, he only aimed to have a perfect mathematics’ score.

With a deep breath, Jiang Liu once again entered the learning space.

Sure enough, being a rich 2nd generation who are bent on pleasure was not suitable for him. He is a man who wanted to conquer the stars and the sea!

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