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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 74

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 74: Nation’s Husband 8

“Jiang ge, you are really my dear brother.”

After being lectured, Gao Jin sat down, holding his math paper with the number 62 written on it. When he saw that old Xiao had turned his eyes towards other classmates, he could not resist poking his finger at Jiang Liu’s back.

If it were not for a bit of fraternity feeling left in his heart, he would have already used the fountain pen to stab Jiang Liu’s back instead of his finger.

“Don’t worry. Ge will always loves you.”

While the teacher was not paying attention, Jiang Liu turned his back and patted Gao Jin’s hand.

Gao Jin didn’t know why. Looking at Jiang Liu’s sincere smile suddenly gave him a shiver. He always felt that something terrible was going to happen.


After class, Jiang Liu was called to the office by old Xiao.

“That’s a good answer.”

Xiao Changming was not referring to the last sub-question of the last question that kept Jiang Liu stuck in a rut but instead towards the second-to-last question.

This time, the test paper was relatively simple. The only questions that can be considered as difficult were the last multiple-choice question and the last two question from the short-answer section.

This test was constructed personally by Xiao Changming who wished to test his students’ basic knowledge and whether they have a solid foundation of the subject. However, he did not expect that his little word game on the second to the last question in the short-answer section had led so many good students to feel overwhelmed by it.

There are more than 1,000 students in this year’s senior class. Apart from Gao Ruru and Dong Chengfeng from Class I, Jiang Liu was the only one who managed to answer the question correctly.

Xiao Changming certainly will not doubt that Jiang Liu was cheating on this exam. After all, the seating for the monthly test was based on the ranking of the last test. According to Jiang Liu’s final results, the students sitting next to him was as bad as Jiang Liu back then, and it was impossible for Jiang Liu to copy the answer from that student correctly. Furthermore, Gao Ruru and Dong Chengfeng sat in the first exam room, and it is ridiculous to think that Jiang Liu capable of peeking at their answer. Not to mention that these three people’s used different methods to answer the question.

Second, the paper was produced by Xiao Changming himself. There is no such question could be found online. Therefore, Jiang Liu will not be able to find a direct answer to it even if he wanted to cheat.

Jiang Liu seriousness was apparent in Xiao Changming’s eyes this day. He also knows that as a teacher, casual suspicion without evidence concerning student’s cheating is a low-standard and lack of teacher’s virtue, which likely to discourage students from learning. Especially to this kind of student like Jiang Liu, who is very difficult to follow a good example. Therefore, at this time, you have to continue to encourage and affirm him to let him keep his momentum.

“You’ve used the matrix theory taught for the college-level mathematics, so I give you a score. But, you have to remember that for the college entrance examination, using this kind of method which is ahead of your level will not give you any points.”

Xiao Changming’s tone was mild, even gentle.

“There was a question before that I didn’t know and Gao Ruru had used this method when she explained it to me. I was a little interested in it and decided to learn it.”

Jiang Liu also knew that using advanced theory will not give him any points in the school examination. However, at that time, he had no idea about other ways to solve the problem. So he decided to go with it.

“Well, Ruru is your desk mate. You should cherish the opportunity of having such a good little teacher to teach you.”

When he heard Jiang Liu would ask Gao Ruru for help, Xiao Changming becomes even more satisfied with Jiang Liu. He felt that Jiang Liu really wanted to learn math well.

“You can see from this paper that your foundation is solid. Currently, you just need to continue consolidating your foundation and move to something even deeper.”

Xiao Changming took out a paper with many titles written on it.

“If you are interested, you can go to the bookstore to buy these books. It is good for you.”

In just one month and a half, Jiang Liu was able to cover all the foundation that he had been neglected and arrived at this level. Xiao Changming felt that Jiang Liu is really gifted in mathematics. As he had said in class on his first day of this semester, Jiang Liu’s brain is excellent.

Now that the other side is interested in learning, why not take advantage of his great mind to learn mathematics to the fullest?

So Xiao Changming added a lot of books to Jiang Liu’s list, which actually went beyond the scope of high school’s mathematics. He even added some that belong to mathematics Olympiad books, hoping to raise his level of math skills.

“By the way, the National High School’s Math League Test will be held at the end of November. There are less than two months before the competition. Our school has been given ten seats to compete. In addition to the three previous candidates of IMO, the remaining seven places will be given to the top seven students in the next two months’ test. For people who are going to enter college, there are extra points which will be awarded to them if they were to enter this test. I don’t know if you’re going to take the college entrance exam or not. However, if you’re interested in this competition, hurry up and read these books on the list that I gave you just now.”

It was impressive that Jiang Liu can achieve such progress in this short time. Xiao Changming himself did not really believe that Jiang Liu will be able to raise his mathematics knowledge to the competition level by next month or so. Yet he still wishes to encourage him, hoping, that maybe Jiang Liu can give him a miracle.

“Thank you, Teacher Xiao.”

Jiang Liu naturally has an impression on the National High School’s Math League Test, which is called the door opener for the IMO competition. If he can get good results in the National High School’s Math League Test and enter the winter camp, and get the top six results in the multiple tests of the winter camp, he can join the team for the IMO Competition.

His deskmate is the champion of the IMO, isn’t she? It seems that she is going to win her third consecutive title.

Even though Jiang Liu has not yet felt that he is in a stable position as a top student, still, for old Xiao to give him such an incentive, if he chooses not to try it, Jiang Liu could not help but feel sorry for his Xueba system.

After Jiang Liu left, several teachers in the same office with Xiao Changming could not help talking to him.

“Jiang Liu in your class is really making great progress, ah?”

The one who was talking was a math teacher from Class I. When Old Xiao had something to do and can’t attend the lesson; this teacher had helped him took over the class at that time. He also knew that Jiang Liu is the kind of students who depended on the money in the family and didn’t like to study much.

To be honest, many teachers don’t like the students who come from wealthy families and attend the school based on their privilege. These students were very difficult to manage. With the status of their parents, would you dare to train these little ancestors?

However, as mentioned above, their parents are rich and powerful. As an ordinary teacher, even if he was not satisfied with the students, as long as they do not overdo things, he can’t drive them out.

“Well, didn’t I said it before? It’s not that these children can’t learn, or they won’t. As long as we find the right way, we can teach them.”

Xiao Changming took a sip of the strong tea and felt refreshed.

Previously in his class, Jiang Liu was the one that gave him the most headache. But since it has been resolved, he is now going to take good care of that kid Gao Jin.

In the past, this kid had often hung out with Jiang Liu and didn’t learn well. Now that Jiang Liu has changed, as a good friend, Gao Jin should follow him too.

“I don’t think this is right, old Xiao. Haven’t you listen to what students had been saying nowadays? About Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru?”

The mathematics teacher in Class I had his face tore down by Jiang Liu before, so he didn’t like prickly feeling in his heart. “I heard that Jiang Liu had been sending Gao Ruru a bottle of yoghurt milk every day. The children are still young. Don’t let them make a mistake.”

There are indeed a lot of rumours about Jiang Liu and Gao Ruru these days because Jiang Liu had been asking Gao Ruru to help him with the math questions after class. For these two who are still at such a tender age to get together often, it is hard not to make people overthink.

“Make a mistake? What mistake?”

Xiao Changming pretended to be stupid: “Isn’t it normal for the Jiang Liu to ask Ruru to help him with his problem and give her something in thanks? People nowadays really love making a molehill into a mountain. People with noses and eyes are the ones who never speak nonsense about Ruru and Jiang Liu. I understand this child, Ruru. Her heart had always been with mathematics. It’s impossible for her to fall I love so early.”

Xiao Changming waved his hand and took another sip of tea: “Furthermore, even if Jiang Liu really likes Ruru, and decided to learn mathematics well because of it, this is not a bad thing. You can see that teachers and parents nowadays are guarding their children so tightly. However, when we were young, didn’t we also had a crush on a pretty girl? To admire a pretty girl is human nature. As long as it doesn’t affect their grades, and they did not do anything that passes the line, the interference from the teachers and parents will only complicate such simple matter.”

Xiao Changming is not worried at all about Gao Ruru. As for Jiang Liu, if the rumours are true, he would like the kid to like Gao Ruru for a long time. When he likes Gao Ruru, he will consider studying as a routine. Even though the love might not be reciprocated, but at least what he has learned can become the fruit of his unrequited love.

“Up to you.”

If Xiao Changming, the teacher in charge of the class said so, what else can the teachers in other classes say?


As a key high school, it places the highest importance on learning. Other schools might hold a parent conference once in every semester. Yet for this affiliated high school, they held two or three parent conferences for every semester to contact the parents and restrict the students.

Gao Jin’s father is an entrepreneur, and his mother is a full-time housewife. Unlike the original parents who have their own careers, Gao Jin’s mother spends more attention on her son. This is the first teacher-parent meeting after the first monthly exam. Yes, the other party had come here in person.

Not surprisingly, Xiao Changming had praised Jiang Liu as a student model in this teacher-parent meeting.

This time Jiang Liu didn’t notify the old housekeeper to attend the meeting but came alone by himself. Because of his great progress in his studies, the teacher did not force him to invite his family.

“Jiang Liu, ah, how come your grades have improved so much?”

Gao Jin’s mother knew the virtues of the friends made by her son. Hearing that Old Xiao praised Jiang Liu so strongly, she couldn’t help but secretly ask.

Gao Jin winked Jiang Liu from the side and told him not to say things that shouldn’t be said.

Jiang Liu, who caught the sight of it: We are good brothers, ah.

If you have a song, why not sing it together?

Friends walked together for the rest of their lives. He had been struggling to move forward on this road of becoming a Xueba. Therefore, how could he leave his brothers behind, right?

Jiang Liu smiled and looked at Gao Jin’s mother: “Actually, I can’t help it. My dad stopped my bank card and said that when he was satisfied with my test results, then will he continue to give me my living expenses. Before, I was quite confused. Now, after being forced by my dad like this, it had forced my potential to burst out.”

After listening to Jiang Liu’s words, Gao Jin’s mother was thoughtful and looked at her son with hope.

Even if she saves enough money for her children, no mother doesn’t want her children to become outstanding and take their own responsibility for their lives.

At this glance, Gao Jin’s heart turned cold.

He glared at his former brother. Was he the devil?

Gao Jin decided to sever his brotherhood with Jiang Liu unilaterally.

The author has something to say: Everyone wants to have a Xueba system. I am different, let me be practical, just give me a fortune system.

It seems that since 2015, winning the National High School’s Math League Test will no longer give you bonus points for the college-entrance examination. As in the previous chapter, don’t care about these details. In a parallel world, everything is possible. Now is half-past ten, there’s still a little more to finish.

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