May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The scumbag villain 5


When Xia Beibei came back from her stroll outside, Su Mingxin was already asleep inside the room. As expected, she was the female lead. She could even sleep so deeply in this kind of apocalyptic environment.

Well, in fact, Xia Beibei was also very sleepy. She really wants to sleep so badly.

She hesitated for a moment before pushing Su Mingxin to the inside of the bed. She then lay down and fell asleep peacefully…

When Su Mingxin opened her eyes early the next morning, she saw Ji Liujing’s sleeping face close to her face. She had to admit that Young Master Ji really has a bewitching handsome face, especially right now, when he was sleeping so peacefully. Su Mingxin felt very relieved.

She involuntarily raised her hand as her slender fingers traced Ji Liujing’s face.

Feeling the touch of someone on her face, Xia Beibei immediately opened her eyes. Seeing Su Mingxin’s awkward face, Xia Beibei quickly became stiff. She instantly sat up and said: “Mingxin, are you awake?”


Su Mingxin turned around in embarrassment as she quickly stood up: “I, let me see what else is there to eat.”

“No, tell everyone, we are going to get out of here first!”

Xia Beibei sorted out the torn clothes on her body. She couldn’t help but felt restless from the beginning. This place is no longer safe!

“Not good.”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s solemn face, Su Mingxin nodded gravely. When she was rushing to open the door, she saw Su Muyu who rushed in: “ Jiejie, run!”

Su Muyu’s face was pale at this time, and her expression was very alarmed.

When she woke up this morning, she subconsciously used her powers to check the future, but the scene she saw made her hands and feet cold. Her expression becomes intense…

At this time, there were still more than twenty people on the entire team. In the last days, there were not many people who can really sleep soundly while struggling to survive these days. Therefore, when there was an intense movement in the corridor that morning, everyone woke up one after another.

Since there was only Xia Beibei who had the power in this team, everyone was obedient to her instruction. Following Xia Beibei’s order, everyone packed their weapons and the remaining rations and supplies as they hurriedly evacuated the old building.

The dilapidated Laocheng old city was already very close to the suburbs. The people in the team moved forward in an orderly manner. After leaving the city and entering a forest, Xia Beibei suddenly stood still, and everyone else in the group was also looked grave.

There is a smell of blood.

At this time, the whole woods were filled with the smell of blood. This smell was not only a reminder for the survivors but also an announcement for the zombies of the rare delicacy for them.

“Young Master Jing?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s solemn expression, everyone in the team panicked. They were originally a temporary team. Although they had encountered some zombies along the way, they were all low-level scattered zombie. Surprisingly, they had managed to come all the way here, but now…

If they really encounter a large group of zombies or high-level zombies, what should they do? Won’t they be enough to stuff the teeth between those zombies?

“Go east!”

At this time, Su Muyu, who had been silent, suddenly stood up and said firmly.

To the East…

Everyone looked at Su Muyu, but Xia Beibei hesitated.

According to the original plot, they should go all the way north. If they headed to east…no one knows what will happen.

But now, it was evident that the plot of this world has already shifted from the original trajectory.

What exactly does Su Muyu know?

Xia Beibei couldn’t help but calmly stared at Su Muyu: “Give me a reason for that!”

Being stared at by Xia Beibei coldly, Su Muyu gritted her teeth as her face became paler. She didn’t want anyone to know about her secret. However, to survive and to continue living with her sister, Su Muyu had to choose at this moment. .

“Ji Liujing, I want to talk to you alone.”

With that being said, Su Muyu left the team and walked under the big tree aside.

Xia Beibei squinted her eyes, and quickly followed up: “Tell me.”


Su Muyu squeezed her fist slightly: “I also had stimulated a power!”


Hearing Su Muyu’s confession, Xia Beibei was stunned. Her expression changed slightly. Su Muyu’s behaviour was so abnormal, and she also insisted on going towards East. Could it be that her power is legendary…


Su Muyu finally revealed her secret, but she immediately calmed down: “If we continue going northwards, we will only die. If we go all the way eastward, there is a very powerful team stationed there. They are our only hope for survival!”

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