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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Intermission 6:  Trip to Hong Kong 1


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Ma Li has booked the 5 o’clock flight, and Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng arrived at the airport just in time for boarding. First-class tickets have priority boarding so, Xia Beibei carried her bag as she followed Yan Yicheng as they were guided by a beautiful flight attendant directly into the luxurious first-class cabin.

At this time, the passengers in the cabin were almost full. Xia Beibei even saw a very famous superstar in the Hong Kong film industry sitting diagonally behind her at a glance.

Tsk, tsk. This is the first time she has gone out and met a celebrity.

“Do you want to get an autograph?”

Yan Yicheng sat down in his seat. He opened the file bag he was carrying, raised his eyes to look at Xia Beibei, and asked her.

“No, no, no.”

Xia Beibei immediately sat next to Yan Yicheng in a proper manner: “Boss Yan, I don’t chase stars.”

Yan Yicheng could not help but chuckled, “If there is a celebrity you like, you can tell me. I also know many people in Hong Kong who can introduce them to you.”


Hearing that our Boss Yan was again quietly exuding his domineering aura, Xia Beibei could not help but glanced at Yan Yicheng secretly, then turned her face quickly.

“What are you looking at?”

Yan Yicheng felt Xia Beibei’s gaze at that moment and could not help asking.

“No, I didn’t look at anything!”

Xia Beibei opened her bag and wanted to pretend to do something, but unfortunately,… she suddenly realized that there was nothing worthwhile in her bag!

Uh, she could not possibly take out a pack of tissues to play, right?


Seeing Xia Beibei at a loss, Yan Yicheng smiled and shook his head. Then he looked down at the papers on his desk with an expression of intense concentration as if he were the only one left in the world at that moment.

Sure enough, Boss Yan is the most handsome when he works hard.

Xia Beibei could not help but stare at Yan Yicheng in a trance.

Before, she always felt that he was so far away from her. So far away that she never dared to imagine that she could sit so close to him.

Now, out of nowhere, this man who stood tall like a god suddenly descended from the sky to her side and told her that he loved her and wanted to be with her forever.

This sort of thing…

Just thinking about it, Xia Beibei felt it was so ridiculous, like an impossible dream.

Boss Yan, he…

Is he joking with her?

What is it about her that he finds so attractive?

Did he like that love letter with utterly confused speech? (In fact, it was sent wrongly)

Or did he liked that soy milk that she accidentally poured on him? (She did not mean it to happen)

Or… did he liked her for having a huge appetite like a pig? (How weird is Boss Yan’s taste?)

Xia Beibei thought for a long time. She did not believe that she lacked advantages compared to others…Cough, cough. No, how could she have no advantages at all? This is too unscientific!

“Hello, miss! Do you need a pre-dinner drink?”

At this time, a beautiful flight attendant in a blue uniform walked to Xia Beibei with a smile, as she asked in a sweet voice.

“Well, I need it.”

Xia Beibei immediately recovered and responded.

“Our pre-dinner drinks include coffee, tea, milk and juice. Which one do you want, miss?”


Before Xia Beibei could think of it, Yan Yicheng’s low voice sounded: “Bring her a glass of milk, thank you.”

“Yes, please wait a moment!”

After a while, the flight attendant gave Xia Beibei a glass of milk and then looked at Yan Yicheng with bright eyes: “Sir, do you need anything else?”

“No need.”

Yan Yicheng lowered his head again and continued to read the documents. His whole body exuded the aura that warned strangers not to come near. The flight attendant on the side immediately lowered her eyes, looking slightly disappointed, as she left reluctantly.

She has worked here for two years, and she has seen all kinds of guests. She can tell immediately by just a glance which kind of client is a real tyrant and which type of client is a pretentious one. In her eyes, this calm and handsome man in front of her is definitely the real rich and handsome man, ah!


The rich and handsome man seems to be very cold, and there is already someone around him, even though that person was only looking like that.

Xia Beibei:…

What do you mean by only looking like that? This baby is the Female Lead of this world wearing the invincible Mary Su halo, okay?

Author: Beibei, calm down. Do not get too excited. Else the halo might fall off~.


Yan Yicheng was accustomed to reading documents throughout the flight duration. At an altitude of tens of thousands of feet, in the elegant first-class cabin, no one will disturb him, and before the end of the whole trip, he can read all the documents on his hand.

Of course, this was before, and now–

“Boss Yan, this milk is not good.”

Xia Beibei’s voice rang in Yan Yicheng’s ears. Yan Yicheng raised his head and looked into Xia Beibei’s pitiful eyes.


Xia Beibei weakly continued: “I don’t like drinking milk. I want to drink juice!”


Yan Yicheng responded and then took the cup of milk that Xia Beibei had drunk only two sips. Without hesitation, he put it on his lips and drank it all without thinking.

Xia Beibei:…

Boss Yan, that is what I drink… before.

Okay. Forget it.

Xia Beibei enthusiastically ordered two more glasses of juice. After dinner, in the surprised eyes of the beautiful flight attendant, Xia Beibei calmly ate two portions of the meal.

Uh, I am not feeling full yet.

“This is for you.”

Yan Yicheng pushed his share directly in front of Xia Beibei.


Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng, blinked subconsciously, and jokingly said: “Boss Yan, do you think you have the qualities of being a super dad?”


Yan Yicheng heard the words and took a deep look at Xia Beibei: “Although I do not approve of premarital intercourse, but, if you want children, we can get married right away.”

Xia Beibei:…

In fact, I just want to sigh for your meticulous care. Don’t misinterpret my meaning, okay?


Xia Beibei buried her head in embarrassment and started to stuff herself with the meal…


It was already eight o’clock in the evening when the plane arrived in Hong Kong.

Yan Yicheng was dragging the suitcase while Xia Beibei, who used to be working in the world of tasks at this time of the day, followed him in a daze.

Now, she is in bustling Hong Kong.

Really, life is like a dream. The dream is like life!

“Young Master!”

When the two people left the arrival hall, a man in his forties greeted Yan Yicheng.

“This is Uncle Yu, the general manager of my property in Hong Kong.”

Yan Yicheng introduced that person to Xia Beibei, then he turned his head and looked at the person in front of him again: “Uncle Yu, this is Miss Xia.”

“Hello, Miss Xia!”

Uncle Yu listened to Yan Yicheng’s words and immediately bowed respectfully at Xia Beibei and nodded. Seeing his serious British butler’s persona, Xia Beibei always felt she had entered the wrong filming set. Boss Yan, are you planning to shoot a big family movie? I am — I am not ready yet for this!

Xia Beibei: If you realize that you have suddenly become the Female Lead of a wealthy president drama one day, what would you do? Waiting online, very anxious!

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