June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Intermission 5: Set off


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What would you do if, one day, someone you thought you could never have anything to do with suddenly confessed to you with sincere words and a serious attitude?

Xia Beibei:…

This baby feels like she was being hit by a big thunder, okay?

Boss Yan, he… He must have been possessed by something weird, right?

“Yan, Boss Yan. Calm down. I understand what you are trying to say. I know you love me, this… Please give me some time to think about it.”

Xia Beibei broke away from Yan Yicheng’s side without a trace.

Seeing the frightened expression on her face, Yan Yicheng was a little bit dumbfounded.

In fact, he could have admitted his identity to her at this time. By then, maybe she would not be so resistant and surprised by his confession.

However, Yan Yicheng did not want to do it. He is probably looking forward to the day when Xia Beibei discovered his identity.

Or…Maybe Yan Yicheng also has other intentions. For example, he might wish to hear Xia Beibei’s answer to his confession in another capacity. Hence, understanding her true feelings towards himself…

“Okay, let’s go back to the company first.”

In a blink of an eye, Yan Yicheng returned to his usual facial paralyzed mode.

Xia Beibei:…

Sure enough, Boss Yan looks a little pleasing to the eye like this, ahem, of course! Boss Yan, who will confess to her affectionately, is also great.

When the two returned to the company, the lunch break was long past, but no one in the planning department approached Xia Beibei. When Xia Beibei returned to her desk, she saw her ID card, flight tickets, and the freshly issued EPP pass on her table.

Xia Beibei opened her EPP curiously and took a look. Seeing the photo in it, she was speechless in an instant.

That photo was the one that she posted on her resume when she first joined Yicheng Media!

Sister Ma Li, is it okay for you to use something like this for that?

Xia Beibei has always known the power of money, but she did not expect it to be this easy. She has been planning to apply for this pass, so she had paid attention to the procedures for applying for this kind of certificate before. However, due to the complicated process and documents needing approval, Xia Beibei never found the time to go through it. Who knows that it only took a few hours and was all done with just one ID card.


She put down her credentials and looked at the plane ticket. Sister Ma Li had booked a five o ‘clock flight today, first class.

First Class!

Xia Beibei could not help but clicked her tongue. She has never taken the first class before. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that the flight from City A to Hong Kong usually takes more than 3 hours. Therefore, Xia Beibei Bei’s dinner will be eaten on this plane.

All of a sudden, Xia Beibei was looking forward to the first-class flight food.


Little sister, can you please be a little ambitious, ah? What about your action of squandering money in the mall before, eh?


It took an hour to drive from Yicheng Media to the airport, so Yan Yicheng took Xia Beibei and left the company in advance.

“Boss Yan, can I? Can I go home to pick up something?”

Xia Beibei was still sitting in the co-pilot this time, but she seemed to be fidgeting a bit this time around.

“What do you want to fetch?”

Yan Yicheng turned his head and glanced at Xia Beibei, then asked indifferently.

“Just some… clothes.”

Xia Beibei replied weakly.

“Didn’t you buy the clothes? I have asked Ma Li to pack them all up in a suitcase in the trunk.”

Yan Yicheng replied as he drove: “Also, I have an apartment at the Hong Kong side. There are general daily necessities in it. You don’t need to prepare it specially.”

Xia Beibei: Boss Yan, you really are a local tyrant! You also have real estates in Hong Kong, which usually cost a lot of money!

How can an average renter like us endure it?

“Cough, cough”

Xia Beibei sighed from the bottom of her heart. She coughed slightly before embarrassedly stated her reason in a low voice: “Actually, we are going to stay there for a few days, right? If it takes too long, I…I want to go home and get some underwear change.”


Yan Yicheng suddenly hit the brake. Xia Beibei was caught off guard and almost hit her head on the windshield.

“Are you alright?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s discomfiture, Yan Yicheng immediately raised his hand nervously to rub her forehead.

“It is okay, no problem!”

Xia Beibei shook her head and awkwardly avoided Yan Yicheng’s hand.

Yan Yicheng really did not consider the matter of underwear.

“Then… go to your house and get… your clothes. Regarding that kind of clothes, I really don’t have them in my house.”

While speaking, Yan Yicheng had already begun to turn the car around.

Both of them fell into silence again. The atmosphere in the car got a little weirder.

Since it was still early when the two of them went out of the office, Yan Yicheng was not forced to drive the car too fast.

When they reached Xia Beibei’s house, Yan Yicheng parked his car on the side of the road as he silently watched Xia Beibei getting of the car and rushing upstairs…

Back home, Xia Beibei rushed directly to the bedroom and began to search for clothes. She found two sets of clean underwear, as well as a nightdress.

A very cute Doraemon was printed on the light blue nightdress.


Xia Beibei looked at the nightdress and was stunned for a moment. Such clothes, if Boss Yan saw them, would he make fun of her for being too naïve?

Wait a minute! Xia Beibei, what are you thinking about? Boss Yan aside, why should he see you in your nightdress? No, how could he even appear in your room?

What H thing are you thinking about?

Xia Beibei:…

Well, in fact, she did not think about anything. She just wanted to know if Boss Yan’s pyjamas were black, like his shirt and trench coat.


When she came downstairs, Xia Beibei also brought along a small fabric backpack: “Alright, Boss Yan, let’s go to the airport!”


Yan Yicheng started the car while staring at Xia Beibei: “Beibei, do you want to go to the drugstore?”

“Ah! What!”

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei immediately leaned against the seat with a huge reaction and raised the small cloth bag in her arms to cover her chest.

Yan Yicheng:……

“I see that your face is a little red. Have you caught a cold?”

Yan Yicheng was extremely worried about Xia Beibei’s condition because her complexion did not look good this morning. After all, she was only an intermediate villain at the moment, so her body was not strengthened to the point that she was immune to all diseases.

It turns out that Boss Yan is worried that she has a cold and wants to send her to the pharmacy to buy medicine?

Xia Beibei’s face turned redder after hearing Yan Yicheng’s concern–

Boss Yan, I am not worthy of your concern!

I should not have thought about your pyjamas!

I should not have fantasized whether you have a six-pack or not…

I should not even doubt your intentions…

Anyway, this baby is ashamed of herself, ah ~

“I’m fine, I’m fine!

Under Yan Yicheng’s apprehensive gaze, Xia Beibei raised her hand and slapped her face vigorously: “I am running downstairs too quickly, so I am a bit breathless. Do not worry. I will be fine soon! Boss Yan, you can continue to drive with ease! Go!”

“Um.” Seeing Xia Beibei spirited appearance, Yan Yicheng turned his gaze back at ease and drove the car intently.

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