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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Stress-Reducing Mission


“This mission evaluation is complete! Congratulations to Intermediate Villain 109 for successfully completing the open plotline task! Completion level: S! Reward: 3 additional years of life!”

“Congratulations to Intermediate Villain 109 for completing an S-level mission! You have earned 50 S-level points! These points can be used to purchase mission-related items in the Interstellar Villains Club’s interstellar shop!”

“Congratulations to Intermediate Villain 109 for earning 50 Evil Deeds points in this mission! These points can be exchanged at par with S-level points!”

A series of notifications echoed in Xia Beibei’s mind.

Earning Evil Deeds points in this mission didn’t surprise Xia Beibei, as in the original storyline, Lady An didn’t die. However, Xia Beibei sent her to the afterlife without hesitation this time.

Does she feel guilty?


Perhaps this is the heart of a villian, indifferent to the life and death of others.

Xia Beibei got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

She quietly looked at herself in the mirror—

In the mission, it was her.

Now standing here, it’s her again.

One day, when it’s either someone else’s life or your own life, there’s no need to struggle with the choice.

Survival or death is no longer a question to ponder.

Of course, she would choose her own life; she’s not an idiot.


After washing her face and coming out, Xia Beibei heard the voice of 110 in her mind: “Intermediate Villain 109, you can now choose to take the promotion exam. If you pass the assessment, you will be directly promoted to Senior Villain!”

The promotion exam?

Xia Beibei remembered that a few days ago, Xiao Yao had mentioned the exam to her: “Xiao Yao, is this exam difficult? What happens if I fail the promotion?”

“The Ultimate Vilain randomly arranges each promotion exam in the club. If newcomers fail the assessment, half of your current life span will be deducted, and you will get a chance for a makeup exam. If the makeup exam is failed again, your life span will be reset!”

Xia Beibei: …

Oh my god!

This is like taking an exam with your life on the line!

“Can I not take the exam?”

Xia Beibei felt anxious; she already had 11 years of life now. If she didn’t upgrade and kept being an intermediate Villain, she could slowly accumulate enough life span for a lifetime.

I won’t be greedy; a long life is enough, cough cough.

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, 110 fell silent momentarily and continued to answer, “You can also choose not to upgrade. But according to the rules of the Interstellar Villain Club, if newcomers choose to give up the upgrade, all their future mission rewards will be halved, and mission penalties will be doubled!”

Xia Beibei: …

Oh my god, this is an overbearing clause!

As expected, anything with the term “club” isn’t something good, uh.

Seemingly sensing Xia Beibei’s hesitation, 110’s voice gradually became serious—

“Intermediate Villain 109, do you want to give up the upgrade? Don’t you want to be promoted to Elite Villain? Are you willing to be an Intermediate Villain for the rest of your life and slowly accumulate a life span? Perhaps one day, one mistake will reset your life span! After upgrading to Senior Villain, even if your mission fails due to an accident, only a small life span will be deducted. In short, there are many benefits after the upgrade, and countless risks if you don’t upgrade!”

Xia Beibei: …

You’re not a newbie guide but a professional brainwasher, right?

“Fine, fine!”

Xia Beibei sighed, “Let me think about it. From now on, I can only choose to participate in the promotion assessment or give up, right? Can’t your club give people some buffer time?”

“It’s our club.” 110 pointed out Xia Beibei’s slip of the tongue.

“Intermediate Villain 109, I can help you apply for a decompression task if you feel pressured. The decompression task plane is only open before the assessment. You can choose any decompression task plane and torture the original protagonist. The task world will not have any time limits or any mainline tasks. You just need to enjoy a relaxing vacation inside, and when you feel completely relaxed, you can choose to exit at any time! Of course, this task will not have any rewards or punishments.”

Xia Beibei: …

So there’s a task world like this? It might be good to take a look.


“Xiao Yao, let me think about it. I’ll reply tomorrow! By the way, can I see the follow-up plot of the previous plane?”

When she left that world, Xia Beibei could roughly imagine the final plot, but she still wanted to know what happened in that world after her departure.

Soon, 110 sent the follow-up plot of the previous plane to Xia Beibei.

With her eyes closed, Xia Beibei read every word in her mind. Many scenes flashed through her mind—those familiar people, the ones who were with her in the last moment but now had become strangers.

Xia Beibei closed her eyes and reviewed everything in her mind, one word at a time. Many images flashed through her mind, familiar faces, people who had been with her until the last moment, and now… all of them had become strangers.

After Wu Yan’s death, the matter involving Madam An faded. However, the enmity between the An and Xie families had not been resolved. The An family had been trying to find evidence to bring Xie Jincheng to justice, but as fate would have it, Xie Jincheng was killed in a crossfire during an arms deal a few months later.

With his death, the hatred naturally dissipated.

An Yichen sent Bai Tingting abroad for plastic surgery, and when she returned, she had become incredibly beautiful.

Many years later, Bai Tingting and An Yichen had both moved past the shadows of their past, and they were happily married.

After Bai Tingting and An Yichen got married, Bai Tingting still visited Wu Yan’s grave on Qingming Festival:

In the drizzling rain of the Qingming season, pedestrians on the road are heartbroken. Under the drizzling spring rain, Bai Tingting saw the familiar lilies at Wu Yan’s grave and the figure that stood there, tall and unyielding, even in the rain.

It was Huo Yuxu.

After Wu Yan’s death, Wu Meili also returned here, but all she received was her daughter’s ashes.

At that moment, Wu Meili deeply regretted teaching Wu Yan to be greedy and ambitious from a young age.

Unfortunately, everything could not be undone…

Wu Meili, who fainted in the cemetery, was taken away by Huo Yuxu. During these years, Huo Yuxu had been helping Wu Yan care for Wu Meili, treating her like his mother.

Huo Yuxu…

After receiving the follow-up plot, Xia Beibei sighed and shut down the system.

The whole world became quiet in an instant.

110 was right. She couldn’t be intimidated by the current difficulties. Should she give up the chance to upgrade just for temporary self-preservation?

No, she must not give up.


The Interstellar Villain Club.

This club is becoming more and more unpredictable. Xia Beibei remembered what Yan Yicheng had said to her in the task world—

Only the strongest can control their own destiny.

Did he imply something at that time?

The cursed heir of the Villain’s club.

The task system that can extend life…

Is everything a coincidence or inevitable?


Xia Beibei tapped her head.

It’s so complicated! Thinking about such complex matters is not her strong suit, ah!

Well, she decided not to waste any brain cells. It’s time to go to sleep.

Thinking about seeing her beloved Boss Yan tomorrow also puts her in a great mood.

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