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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 113

Chapter 113: The Demon Girl 22


Xia Beibei was taken aback when she heard Feng Jiutian’s words.

Will Hu Yandian be here?

She turned her head and stared at the house not far away. The candlelight reflected the figures of two people. Xia Beibei recognized Hu Yandian at a glance. As for the other…

“Maybe it is Feng Yangwang.”

Feng Jiutian also noticed the two figures sat by the window at this time. He lowered his eyes and looked at Xia Beibei beside him: “Are we still going in?”

When Xia Beibei heard Feng Jiutian’s words, she hesitated for a moment.

Since Hu Yandian and Feng Yanwang are together, she must be using the identity of A’ Man, not the identity of the Xueyi sect’s master.

If she appears in front of them, then Hu Yandian’s identity will be revealed.

If Feng Yanwang knew that Hu Yandian is A’ Man and A’ Man is Hu Yandian…

“Shall we go in?”

Xia Beibei’s eyes flickered for a few times. She really wanted Feng Yanwang to know the person that he has been searching for so long as well as A’ Man’s true identity.

After all, Feng Yanwang does not belong to the Central Plains Wulin circle, nor was he belong to the Wulin Alliance.

Xia Beibei felt that even if he knew A’ Man’s true identity, he would never turn his back against her.

“Have you thought about it?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian behind her suddenly asked very seriously: “Sometimes an inadvertent choice will change the fate of many people. Ye Lan, you must think twice before acting.”

Think twice before you act.

Feng Jiutian’s words seemed to have a meaning to it. When Xia Beibei was still hesitating, the candle in the room was suddenly extinguished. Then, the door of the house was suddenly pushed open, and Hu Yandian in white clothes appeared in front of the two people.

Standing at the door, Hu Yandian naturally saw Xia Beibei and Feng Jiutian outside the courtyard at a glance. She was taken aback for a moment. She then quickly walked out of the house and came to see the two of them.

“A’ Lan! Are you okay?”

Hu Yandian held Xia Beibei’s hand excitedly and nervously.

“I’m fine, Sect master, you…”

Xia Beibei opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but didn’t know how to say it.

“A’ Lan, I was feeling uneasy at the headquarters. I was afraid that something might happen to you, so I came out at night, and then… I met… Feng Yanwang.”

Hu Yandian did not conceal the existence of Feng Yanwang: “I just lit the incense in the room. He was asleep. I was planning to go out to find you. Therefore, I didn’t expect you to be here.”

As she spoke, Hu Yandian raised her face and looked at Feng Jiutian deeply. “Although I don’t know what misfortune had happened this time, however, Landlord Feng must have undertaken the risk to come and help. Many thanks to you!”

“You are welcome.”

Feng Jiutian cupped his hand in salutation to Hu Yandian. He then raised his head and glanced at the darkroom: “Sect Master Huyan, what do you plan to do with Feng Yanwang?”


Hearing Feng Jiutian’s words, Hu Yandian frowned slightly.

Xia Beibei, who was on the side, took the opportunity to whisper: “A’ Man, would you like to follow him to leave the Central Plains? Go far away to a place where others can’t find you, living incognito!”


Hearing Xia Beibei’s suggestion, Hu Yandian shook her head: “A’ Lan, I know your thoughts, but I am different from you. I am exhausted.”

In this life, from birth, she has carried too many things.

This thin shoulder has been bearing the unbearable weight of life.

Enough is enough.

She really had enough of all of this matter.

Where can she hide?

Countless times in her dream, Hu Yandian would dream of her young self, struggling and crying inside that snake cave.

For countless times in midnight, she saw her mother holding her hand and letting herself cut off the heads of those children and elderly, one by one, with a dagger.

From the beginning, her life was a wrong tragedy.

Until now, Hu Yandian has nothing to ask for.

“In my whole life, I have killed countless people. I’m tired, A’ Lan.”

Hu Yandian looked at Xia Beibei peacefully: “Tonight is the last night. Let me be wilful for once. Don’t tell him my identity, even if I die… don’t let him discover my identity. A’ Lan, you promised me!”

“A’ Man!”

Perhaps the time for the efficacy of the medicine has passed, Xia Beibei felt that her body was recovering a little bit, but…

At this moment, she felt extremely weak.

There is nothing more painful than watching a tragedy happen, and being powerless to avoid it.

“A’ Lan, promise me.”

Hu Yandian subconsciously squeezed Xia Beibei’s hand tightly.


Finally, Xia Beibei was forced to nod vigorously: “A’ Man, I promise you. A’Man, you…If you regret it, you still have a chance…”

“I will not regret it.”

Hu Yandian smiled brightly at Xia Beibei, and then she turned her eyes to look at Feng Jiutian: “So, tonight, and even in the future, I am asking Landlord Feng to take care of A’ Lan for me.”

After speaking, Hu Yandian released Xia Beibei’s hand as she turned and returned to that house once again. The gate of the courtyard was closed tightly as she left the two of them.

One door, separating their two worlds.

“This is her choice.”

Feng Jiutian’s voice was as low as ever: “Ye Lan, remember her choice and respect her choice. Everyone has the life they want and has the right to draw a perfect end to their life.”

Regardless if it was a tragedy or comedy.

Choice? She did not have any option since the beginning!”

Xia Beibei suddenly looked at Feng Jiutian as she suddenly got somewhat out of control: “Can she choose her birth? Can she choose her life? She just wants to be A’ Man, but master forced her to be Hu Yandian! This is Hu Yandian’s life, no A’ Man’s!”

“This is fate, whether you accept it or not.”

Looking at Xia Beibei, Feng Jiutian sighed quietly.


Xia Beibei suddenly thought of Feng Linmo, who had fallen from a tall building and died in front of her.

“Feng Jiutian, have you ever watched the death and departure of someone close to you with your own eyes?”

“Have you ever been abandoned by the whole world?”

“Have you tried…”

“I have.”

Feng Jiutian interrupted Xia Beibei’s words. In the dark night, his eyes were deep and distant.

“Not only did I watch my relatives leave with my own eyes, but I also… personally sent her on the road.”

Some of those past events were things that he had piled up at the bottom of his heart for far, far too long. If there is no Chu Ran. If there is no Xia Beibei…

Those past events may remain in his heart forever and never surfaced to see the sun.

“If you are not strong enough, you can’t do anything.”

Feng Jiutian still looked at Xia Beibei with a deep gaze: “When one day, you are powerful enough to reverse the fate of others, then you are qualified to choose life for others.”

In that case……

A’ Man will always be A’ Man and never Hu Yandian, nor the master of the Xueyi sect.

So, what kind of story will she have with Feng Yanwang?

Now, she is no longer A’ Man. She is Hu Yandian.

No one can change this fact.

Unless time goes back. Unless you reversed everything in this world.

To do all this, you need to be strong enough.

Xia Beibei, do you understand?

No matter how stubborn that chess piece is, it can only be a single chess piece. When one day you can become the one who controls the chess pieces, you will indeed have the qualifications to change everything.

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