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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Demon Girl 23



 Xia Beibei took a deep breath and looked at Feng Jiutian in front of her with complicated eyes: “Did you really… killed your relatives by yourself?”


Feng Jiutian nodded.

“Do you regret it? Are you sad? Do you have no other choice?”

Xia Beibei looked at Feng Jiutian with some understanding and asked quietly. Killing people. Xia Beibei had killed people before, and now she doesn’t even remember how many people she had killed.

However, for a close’s relatives…

How much courage does one need to do it?

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Feng Jiutian glanced at her and whispered in a low voice: “I don’t regret it, I’m not sad, my only choice is to make myself stronger and stronger until…”

“Until what?”

Xia Beibei could feel that there was a big secret hidden in his heart.

And what would the secret be?

“You don’t need to know so much now.”

Feng Jiutian shook his head slightly. Sometimes, knowing too much is not a happy thing.

“It seems you are really mysterious.”

Xia Beibei saw that Feng Jiutian was reluctant to say more. Therefore, she shook her head and turned to look at the closed courtyard gate once again——

This is A’ Man’s choice.

It is also Hu Yandian’s choice.

A’ Man wanted to leave Feng Yanwang with one last memory.

And Hu Yandian wanted to accompany the Xueyi sect and fight to the end.

She understands.

This time, she really understands.


 “Feng Jiutian, no.”

Xia Beibei raised her eyes and stared at the man in front of her: “You are not Feng Jiutian, I know you are not. Are you…a tasker? From lost time and space? Or the main god space?”

There are many mysterious people and things in this world.

There are many other existences like the Star Villain Club. Of course, these things were naturally told by the 110 to Xia Beibei.

“You know a lot.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian just laughs lowly: “Just treat me as a tasker.”

“Are you really a tasker? So… are you Dongfang Qingcheng? Or… Su Mingxin?”

Su Mingxin…

When Xia Beibei mentioned these three words, the expression on Feng Jiutian’s face stiffened a little, and then quickly returned to normal.

“I do not know what you’re talking about.”

Feng Jiutian turned around and was about to leave.

Seeing him being perfunctorily once again, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but turn her gaze around: “Hey! You help me again and again; It shouldn’t be that you fall in love with me at first sight, right? I tell you, I already have a sweetheart. My prince charming is many times better than you.”

Feng Jiutian: …

Halfway through, Feng Jiutian stopped suddenly. Although he didn’t turn around, his voice slowly sounded in the darkness: “He is… really that good?”

“That’s a must, ah. My prince charming has a good face and a good figure, and he is an industry elite! He is simply a winner in life!”

When Xia Beibei mentioned her male god, she immediately felt as if she had been drinking chicken blood, and all the sorrows that she felt just now had flown to the sky.

“Then does he…like you?”

Upon hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian couldn’t help but ask again.


Xia Beibei, who was given a knowing smile by Feng Jiutian, immediately collapsed: “He, maybe…probably…cough, cough, anyway, who know maybe he will turn blind and take a fancy on me one day? “

Feng Jiutian: …

What the hell is this blindness?

“Ah, perhaps… he is really blind.”

Feng Jiutian muttered to himself, speeding up his pace involuntarily.

“Hey! Don’t think I can’t hear what you say! Wait for me! Wait for me, ah!”

Seeing Feng Jiutian go further and further away, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but keep pouting behind him. Stinking man, isn’t she just boasting her male god in front of him? Sure enough, what a narrow-minded person, dare to say that my male god is blind?

Cough, cough, if he is blind…

Xia Beibei, where is your moral integrity?


The whole night passed quickly.

When Feng Yanwang opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the bed in A’ Man’s house.

“A’ Man?”

He rubbed his groggy head and sat up.

I came back with A’ Man last night. After chatting for so long, he seemed to have lost his consciousness?

What is going on?

Feng Yanwang restrained his mind and looked up. The clean boudoir was empty at this time. On the table by the bed, there was a beautifully embroidered pouch and a letter.

Seeing that letter, Feng Yanwang’s sight became apprehensive. He immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to the table to open the envelope.

The handwriting inside was very delicate. Obviously, it was something that A’ Man had set aside for him——

[Brother Feng, don’t look for me again.

I have long been a homeless person.

I am very happy to meet you in this life.

I embroidered this pouch for you last night and gave it to you. I hope you can cherish it.

I hope……

You can always remember.

That in your life, there has been a person whose name is A’ Man!]


“A’ Man! A’ Man!”

Feng Yanwang picked up the letter, put away that pouch, and rushed out quickly. However, the world was vast. How could he look for that slender figure?


Just before dawn, as usual, the Wulin Alliance launched an attack on the Xueyi sect. Because there were traitors in the Xueyi sect, this time the people of the Wulin Alliance found a secret path and quickly broke into the headquarters of the Xueyi sect.

High above the cold throne, Hu Yandian in full-bodied red attire still wore a butterfly mask on her face. Her eyes were full of cold, bloodthirsty light——

“This Lord is here. Unexpectedly, all of you are no longer wish to live, bring it on!”

The hero’s home is the battlefield.

And Hu Yandian’s home is the Xueyi sect.

She was born as a person of the Xueyi sect. And after her death, she will still become the ghost of the Xueyi sect.

Who doesn’t know Hu Yandian’s prestigious name in the martial arts? Although everyone had already entered the headquarters hall, due to Hu Yandian’s aura was too strong, no one dared to step forward.

“Hu Yandian is all by himself. There are so many of us, why should we be afraid? Let’s go together!”

It was unknown who had yelled such declaration in that crowd. Everyone rushed up with their weapons. For a time, there was countless blood splashed in the whole hall, as the sword qi rushed to the sky.

When Xia Beibei returned to the headquarters of Xueyi sect, blood and dead bodies were all over the floor in the hall.

Hu Yandian was also injured at this time, but she still proudly supported her body with her sword and looked at the people around her with cold eyes.

“Sect master!”

Xia Beibei rushed to Hu Yandian’s side immediately. When she saw that Xia Beibei was back, Hu Yandian’s eyes changed: “A’ Lan! Why did you come back? You are really making trouble here!”

“I’m not fooling around. You have your choice, and I have mine.”

Xia Beibei smiled and drew out her sword. She raised her hand and made a sound with her finger, as a black figure volleyed into the sky.

This person is naturally Feng Jiutian. At this moment, there is still a person in his hand; it was the dying Yue Zhengxi who had been tortured in the iron jail!

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