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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 115

Chapter 115: The Demon Girl 24 END


“Yue Zhengxi?”

When Hu Yandian saw Yue Zhengxi, she subconsciously stunned for a moment, and then couldn’t help but smile.

If Feng dage saw his saviour being tortured like this by the Xueyi sect people, he will definitely go crazy, right?

“A’ Lan, don’t, don’t let her die.”

Hu Yandian had nothing to do with Yue Zhengxi, but when she thought of the words Feng Yanwang had said to her last night, Hu Yandian spoke subconsciously.

She is Feng dage’s saviour as well as the person that Feng dage likes.

Hu Yandian didn’t want Feng Yanwang to feel sad.

“Sect master!”

Hearing Hu Yandian’s words, Xia Beibei bit her lip. In fact, the female lead Daren life is so stubborn. How could she die so quickly!

It’s you, A’ Man, that…

Obviously, you have the cleanest heart in the world, but destiny is about to stain your life with cruel and despair colours…

“Sect master, don’t worry, there is a Hero Feng. Yue girl will be fine.”

Before Xia Beibei’s words end, Feng Yanwang’s voice suddenly sounded at the entrance of the hall——

“Yue girl!”

Speak of the devil, and he doth appear.

Feng Yanwang’s figure suddenly appeared above the main hall, and his first glance was naturally at the dying Yue Zhengxi that was thrown on the ground by Feng Jiutian.

Seeing Yue Zhengxi, who was covered in scars, Feng Yanwang’s face changed drastically.

“Hero Feng! You came just right in time, let’s go together! We can definitely defeat Hu Yandian!”

Seeing Feng Yanwang’s figure, those who had been beaten by Hu Yandian once again acting behind the powerful connections to intimidate other people.


At this moment, Hu Yandian smiled coldly.

Her gaze fixed on Feng Yanwang’s face as she coldly laughs. The tone of indifference and arrogance that she had never used before rang out: “This Lord’s life is here. Feng Yanwang, do you have the ability to take it?”


Feng Yanwang picked up the sword, as he rushed up and the two people soon clashed with each other.

The others took advantage of this opportunity to surround Xia Beibei and Feng Jiutian.

“A group of people with no guts is indeed noisy.”

Xia Beibei looked at the crowd on the side. She couldn’t help but turned her head to look at Feng Jiutian next to her: “Do you mind slapping all these flies to death for me?”

Feng Jiutian raised his eyebrows. Although he didn’t answer Xia Beibei’s words, he had already pulled out his sword silently.

The final outcome does not require too many testimonies of these insignificant people.

After a while, the hall finally recovered its silence.

The blood dyed the bluestone red, making the world pale.

Yue Zhengxi was still in a coma.

Xia Beibei and Feng Jiutian stood together as they watched Feng Yanwang and Hu Yandian not far away. The two had fought for hundreds of rounds, and Hu Yandian had gradually begun to feel somewhat powerless.

Even, on several occasions, she deliberately has shown her flaws, but for some reason, Feng Yanwang did not seize those opportunities.

Two people, one wanted to die, the other was suspicious.

Those eyes…

He didn’t know why every time he gazed into Hu Yandian’s eyes, there is always a familiar illusion.

This had caused him repeated distractions.

Finally, when Hu Yandian revealed his flaws again, Feng Yanxuan did not hesitate and pierced the vital part.

Blood spread on his sword.

Hu Yandian looked at the man close at hand and smiled involuntarily——

This is where I belong.

A’ Man felt very happy to die under Feng dage’s sword.

In a daze, Hu Yandian thought of the pouch she had made overnight under candlelight and the face on the bed that fell asleep peacefully…

Feng dage, A’ Man, doesn’t understand about feeling or love.

But A’ Man really likes you.

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, A’ Man hopes to live in your heart forever…

The smile on the corners of the lips gradually rippled, and Hu Yandian’s beautiful eyes were slowly losing their colour. She seemed to see the swallowtail butterflies flying all over the sky. She saw her young self, A’ Lan, her mother and also, daddy…

A’ Man is so tired.

A’ Man misses you all so much.

A’ Man, I really want to have a home.

“A’ Man?”

At this time, Feng Yanwang on the side suddenly yelled. The smile he saw just now shocked his mind——

No, it can’t be.

He trembled and threw down the long sword in his hand, trying to bend down to uncover the mask on that man’s face.

“A’ Man?”

At this time, Xia Beibei’s indifferent voice suddenly sounded behind Feng Yanwang: “The A’ Man that Hero Feng just called, is the girl named A’ Man who originally lived under the mountain? It’s a pity that I saw her this morning as she tried to take her revenge on the Xueyi sect!”

“What did you say?”

When Feng Yanwang heard Xia Beibei’s words, he hesitated for a moment–

Yes, how could A’ Man be Hu Yandian?

It was impossible.

At that moment, the illusion must be because he was too worried about A’ Man.

“What did you do to A’ Man?”

Feng Yanwang turned around and lifted the sword again, staring at Xia Beibei coldly.

“How? She couldn’t beat me, so she fell off the cliff. She may have been broken to pieces? Maybe the corpse was eaten by a wild dog!”

Xia Beibei smiled provocatively at Feng Yanwang.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Yanwang’s eyes immediately reddened: “Courting death!”

He rushed forward with a stride, and the sword’s edge pointed straight at Xia Beibei’s heart.

Good job!

Xia Beibei didn’t want to escape. Hu Yandian already dead, and the Xueyi sect had already been destroyed. Feng Yanwang and Yue Zhengxi are both here, and Xia Beibei’s mission this time can be considered successfully completed.

At the moment when the long sword pierced her body, Xia Beibei’s eyes were in a daze, as she saw the flames burned the hall and soared into the sky.

Feng Jiutian, you did a beautiful job!

This was discussed long ago by Xia Beibei and Feng Jiutian.

She was responsible for attracting Feng Yanwang’s attention, and Feng Jiutian took the opportunity to set fire——

Whether it was Xueyi sect or Hu Yandian, or Ye Lan, and Feng Jiutian…

Everything will become the history of this Wulin circle.

Only Feng Yanwang and Yue Zhengxi can walk out of this sea of ​​fire.

Henceforth, in the Jianghu there will be a story about Feng Jiutian and Ye Lan who did not abandon each other in their life and death.

From now on, no one will know the secret of Hu Yandian’s identity…

A’ Man, you have chosen this ending, I will definitely follow the agreement and keep your secret for you.

That secret will be buried in flames with you, and will never be known by Feng Yanwang.


From pain to loss of consciousness, Xia Beibei was slowly waking up.

There was still a trace of tears in the corner of Xia Beibei’s eyes.

“Welcome back, the task is being reviewed and calculated.”

The voice of 110 sounded in Xia Beibei’s mind. Xia Beibei hesitated and sat up: “Xiao Yao, what happened to that world?”

“You want to know the follow-up to the plot? I’ll check it.”

110 fell silent for a moment, and then her voice sounded again: “Based on my finding after the Xueyi sect was destroyed, people in the Jianghu have always believed in the rumours that the peerless secrets were in Feng Yanwang and Yue Zhengxi’s hand. The two were hunted down all the way. But they also became stronger and tougher over time. In the end, Feng Yanwang became the veritable number one in the Wulin circle. No one dared to hunt them down, but Feng Yanwang and Yue Zhengxi spent their lives travelling around the world. They finally retired to a valley under the jurisdiction of the Xueyi Sect that year, but the two of them were never got married. Until his death, Feng Yanwang had always been looking for the whereabouts of A’ Man…”…”

Feng Yanwang, what kind of feelings do you have for A’ Man?

Is her sacrifice worth it?

All this, she afraid that she has to wait until later and let her ask you in person.

Xia Beibei’s gaze was shining like a star in the dark night——

A’ Man, one day, I will have the ability to reverse your life.

Just wait for me.

Your destiny…I will rewrite it for you myself…

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