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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Demon Girl 21


T/N: We are at the end of this arc~ A sad arc where MC still had no choice…

The mountain wind was biting cold. Under the moonlight, Feng Yanwang deliberately looked at the direction where Hu Yandian was currently hiding.

In the darkness, Hu Yandian’s body froze in place.

Obviously, she could turn around and leave immediately, fleeing from Feng Yanwang’s line of sight. However, for some reason, at this moment, her legs seemed to be filled with lead. She was unable to make any move at all.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll go over to you.”

When Feng Yanwang saw that the other party was not moving, he couldn’t help but speak again.

Although he didn’t know whether it was an enemy or a friend, however, he could not detect the slightest malice coming from the opponent’s body. Therefore, at this moment, Feng Yanwang did not pull out his weapon but was waiting for the opponent to take the initiative to show up.

“It’s me.”

A low female voice rang out. There was a slight tremor in that deep and soft sound: “Feng dage, do you still…recognize me?”

While the night wind was blowing, a slender figure slowly appeared in front of Feng Yanwang.

She was dressed in a thin white dress. Her black hair was dancing in the wind, and her slightly pale face was filled with excitement.

This is……

Feng Yanwang was stunned as he stared at the delicate girl in front of his eyes. Seeing her crystal clear eyes, Feng Yanwang couldn’t help widening his eyes: “A… A’ Man, is that you? A’ Man!”

A’ Man…

Hu Yandian’s hands hidden in her sleeves tightened slightly. She then smiled at Feng Yanwang, as bright as the sun.

“It’s me. I’m A’ Man.”

A’ Man…

In this life, she finally became herself again.

Even if it is only once, even if it is only for this one night.

“Feng dage, long time no see.”

Hu Yandian slowly walked towards Feng Yanwang, step by step. Seeing her clear eyes and bright smile, Feng Yanwang felt warm in his heart.

It was A’ Man. He would never forget A’ Man’s smile that was like the sun in winter, bright and warm, charming and fragrant.

“A’ Man, why did you… come here?”

Feng Yanwang, who was initially excited, started to frown, his tone became solemn.

Hearing his question, Hu Yandian became stiff. She couldn’t make up any excuses.

“It’s dangerous here.”

Feng Yanwang looked down at Hu Yandian’s thin clothes. He immediately took off his outer robe and put it on her body: “You can follow me all the way here, proves that your light footwork is also good. However, now Wulin Alliance and the Xueyi sect are at war. It would be dangerous if they discovered you.

“I, actually I…”

Hu Yandian opened her mouth and wanted to tell him her identity, but halfway through, she no longer had the courage.

She didn’t want anyone to know her identity, especially… Feng Yanwang.

“A’ Man, let me take you home. You won’t refuse me this time, right?”

Feng Yanwang looked at Hu Yandian’s distracted and bewildered expression and couldn’t help but ask.

“I have no home.”

Hu Yandian gently shook her head.

Xueyi sect was her home, but it was never the home that she wants.

Moreover, she is afraid that this home will soon be destroyed once the sun is up…

The world is so big, yet there is no place for her.

Hearing Hu Yandian’s words, Feng Yanwang’s eyes became narrowed. He looked at her in distress: “A’ Man, don’t be sad. After I save Yue girl, I will take you away from the Central Plains, alright?”

Yue girl?

Hu Yandian suddenly became still. She raised her head and stared at Feng Yanwang in a daze, “Lady Yue? Who is that?”

Is it… Yue Zhengxi?

“She is also my saviour and a good girl. But her home and her family have been ruined by the Xueyi sect.”

Having said this, Feng Yanwang also sighed: “A’ Man, is your home also destroyed by the Xueyi sect’s people?”

Hu Yandian did not answer but still looked at Feng Yanwang in a daze: “Feng dage, do you… like this Lady Yue?”

Hu Yandian had seen Yue Zhengxi once in the iron prison of the Xueyi sect. She was a lovely and kind girl. Such a girl not only chivalrous but also gentle and kind. She also came from a martial arts family and presumably had become the object of many people’s admiration.

In fact, Hu Yandian never cared about these before.

In her world, there were only training and killing, and the existence of the Xueyi sect.

Her life is so monotonous that it only filled with cold blood.

Feng Yanwang was perhaps the only unexpected accident in her life.

The person that she was unable to forget and reluctant to abandon.

“Feng dage, do you… like that lady Yue?”

Hu Yandian’s question still resounded in Feng Yanwang’s ears. Feng Yanwang smiled and patted Hu Yandian on the shoulder: “Yue girl is a very kind person. Feng dage likes her very much. She and A’ Man are the same. Both of you are very important people to me.”

“Is it?”

When Hu Yandian heard Feng Yanwang’s words, she couldn’t help but look at him seriously: “Then…If Lady Yue had an accident in the Xueyi sect, would you avenge her, Feng dage? They are all strong, especially…their sect master. He was said to be the number one master in the Wulin. It would be very dangerous for you to save people alone.”

The master of the Xueyi sect?

“You mean Hu Yandian?”

Feng Yanwang couldn’t help but nod: “He is really very strong. He is basically a martial arts genius. Yet, this man’s mind is not right and brought danger to the Wulin circle. Since ancient times, those evil people unable to stand straight. A’ Man you rest assured, Feng dage is now very strong. Even if we met Hu Yandian, I could definitely defeat him!”

“En, those evil people are unequal to the righteous. Feng dage, you will win.”

When Hu Yandian heard Feng Yanwang’s declaration, she couldn’t help but raised her face and smiled at him: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to where I live.”


The night is deep and dangerous.

A slender figure shuttled through the dark valley.

After a while, that figure stopped under a cliff: “Ye Lan, are you okay?”

Hearing Feng Jiutian’s voice, Xia Beibei nodded faintly: “Still tolerable. Damn it! What kind of medicine did those bastards give me? Why am I getting weaker?”

“Don’t worry. I think the effect of the medicine will be over soon. Now I can’t stop it and give you some inner force. The passage back to the Xueyi sect will definitely be ambushed by those people from the Wulin Alliance soon. Ye Lan, you are familiar with this place. Do you know any good hiding places around here?”

A place to hide?

Xia Beibei was stunned, and suddenly there is a flash of light in her mind: “Go northwest! There is a hidden valley over there, and there is also a house that A’ Man and I used as a secret base when we were young!”


After hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian nodded and immediately led her to the northwest.

After a while, Feng Jiutian finally arrived at the valley with Xia Beibei. With Xia Beibei’s guide. Feng Jiutian jumped over a big bend before he found the house hidden deep in the valley.

Well, this is really a good hiding place. It was even more challenging to find than a maze.

It just that……

At this time, the lights were on in the house!

Feng Jiutian couldn’t help but glance at Xia Beibei– there are people!

“Apart from you and Aman, does anyone else know this place?”

Feng Jiutian couldn’t help but lowered his eyes and asked lowly.

Xia Beibei shook his head: “Only two of us know about this place.”

Xia Beibei was very sure about this. In the original plot, such a small thing was not mentioned. Xia Beibei only knew this matter due to Ye Lan’s memories in her head.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Feng Jiutian also nodded: “Perhaps, she is here?”

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