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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Villainous Bestie (23)


“Club No. 7.”

Looking at the splendid club in front of them, Chu Ran squinted and smiled as he got out of the sports car.

This is the plot’s turning point, the turning point of everyone’s destiny.


With Chu Ran came two local wealthy businessmen’s sons, one named Liu Feng, and the other named Zhang Ming. The Liu and Zhang families had close business ties with the Xuan family. So after Xuan Jingran returned to the country, they often hung out.

“Jingran, I didn’t expect you to like to come here.”

Zhang Ming glanced at the entrance of Club No. 7 and smiled mysteriously, “I heard Xie Jincheng often has fun here, and the people here are all top-notch!”

“Is that so?”

Hearing Zhang Ming’s words, Chu Ran raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Then let’s take a look!”

Not long after they entered, Xia Beibei and Bai Tingting’s figures appeared at the entrance of Club No. 7.

The magnificent clubhouse gives people a very strange feeling.

Perhaps it’s her own emotions playing tricks on her. Xia Beibei knew that tonight would definitely not be peaceful. She couldn’t help but glance at Bai Tingting and said, “Tingting, let’s go! Song Li and Xiaoxi are probably getting impatient!”

Xia Beibei had intentionally arrived late. She grabbed Bai Tingting and quickly entered the club. Upon entering the hall and seeing the luxurious decor and the flow of guests, Bai Tingting immediately felt like she had entered a completely different world.

Here was the world of the rich.

Xia Beibei and Bai Tingting followed the club’s guide to the third floor, where Bai Xiaoxi had reserved a private room. Just as they turned to the third floor, Bai Tingting suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Xia Beibei asked in surprise.

Bai Tingting hesitated momentarily and then shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

Perhaps she had seen wrong?

As she turned the corner just now, it seemed like she saw a figure flash by at the other end of the corridor, and that person’s figure was very similar to the man who had been with Wu Yan that day.

It must have been a trick of the eye, right?

Bai Tingting self-deprecatingly smiled and followed Xia Beibei.

When the two entered the private room, they found that Song Li and Bai Xiaoxi had arrived. There was a beautifully decorated birthday cake on the table.

“Sorry! Sorry, we’re late!”

As soon as Xia Beibei entered, she quickly apologized and then took a beautiful gift box from her bag. “Xiaoxi, happy birthday!”

She opened her arms and hugged Bai Xiaoxi, and Bai Xiaoxi smiled at Xia Beibei. “Thank you, Wu Yan.”

“We’re all sisters, why be so polite?”

Xia Beibei smiled and said. At that moment, Bai Tingting also took out the carefully selected gift.

“Thank you, Tingting.”

Bai Xiaoxi accepted the gift and nodded to Bai Tingting, and Bai Tingting immediately smiled gently.

In the class, except for Wu Yan, Bai Xiaoxi was the only one who didn’t look at her with strange eyes. In Bai Tingting’s eyes, Bai Xiaoxi was a very pure and innocent girl.

“Alright, everyone is here!”

At this point, Song Li shouted excitedly, “Let’s sing a birthday song for Xiaoxi together!”

A few sisters gathered together, lit the candles, and sang the birthday song for Bai Xiaoxi.

Today, Bai Xiaoxi was the center of attention here.

She closed her eyes, made a heartfelt wish, and then opened her eyes to blow out all the candles on the cake…

For the first time, she was the focus of everyone’s attention, the center of everyone’s eyes.

This feeling is really wonderful.

Bai Xiaoxi’s lips curled slightly, and then she turned to take an expensive red wine from the nearby table. “This is something I stole from my dad’s wine cabinet. Come on, let’s finish it tonight!”

“All right! Let’s finish it!”

At the age of seventeen or eighteen, in the prime of youth, it was the perfect time for recklessness and wildness. Even Bai Tingting wanted to get drunk and enjoy herself in such an environment and on such a night.

The fruit pastries in the clubhouse were delicious, and there was also karaoke in the private room. Xia Beibei had a couple of drinks and then started shifting her focus to the delicious food. After a while, Bai Xiaoxi suddenly raised her wine glass and came to her side.

“Wu Yan, I’m really happy to know you. Here, I toast to you!”


Xia Beibei swallowed the pastry in her mouth, then took the wine glass Bai Xiaoxi had given her. “Xiaoxi, why be so polite, we’re all good friends, ha-ha!”

Saying that Xia Beibei didn’t hesitate to drink the glass of wine that Bai Xiaoxi had given her.

Seeing Xia Beibei finish the wine, Bai Xiaoxi’s eyes sparkled. “Wu Yan, you have a great alcohol tolerance!”

“Oh? Really? I suddenly feel like going out for some fresh air. The room is getting stuffy.”

Xia Beibei, feeling a bit unsteady, glanced at Bai Xiaoxi and then got up to go to the door.

“Wu Yan!”

Bai Xiaoxi squinted her eyes and immediately followed. “I’ll go with you!”

As they spoke, Bai Xiaoxi caught up with Xia Beibei and even grabbed her arm.

“Wu Yan, you seem a bit tipsy. Let me support you.”

“Oh, okay.”

Xia Beibei nodded drowsily, and the two of them left the room. The air in the corridor did feel a bit fresher.


Her head was spinning.

Xia Beibei didn’t know what Bai Xiaoxi had added to the drinks, but she was definitely feeling a bit dizzy now.

“My head is spinning.”

Xia Beibei held her forehead. “Xiaoxi, how about we go back?”

“Don’t, I know there’s a fountain over there. Let’s go sit there; the air is better.”

As they spoke, Bai Xiaoxi helped Xia Beibei walk towards the west. On the third floor’s westernmost side was Xie Jincheng’s private room. Bai Xiaoxi had long been aware of this, but just as they took a few steps, the door of the adjacent private room suddenly swung open.

“Wu Yan?”

A somewhat familiar voice suddenly sounded in the ears of both of them.

This is…

Bai Xiaoxi stared in astonishment at the sudden appearance of Xuan Jingran.

How could he be here?


Hearing someone call her name, Xia Beibei immediately raised her head, still in a daze, and naturally saw Chu Ran.

Indeed, Yan Yicheng’s concerns were not unfounded.

This plot disrupter chose the timing perfectly!


Xia Beibei rolled her eyes and grinned at Chu Ran, “Xuan, Xuan Jingran, it’s you, you bastard! You have the nerve to show up here?”

Saying that Xia Beibei immediately looked at Bai Xiaoxi beside her, “Xiaoxi, let’s go, don’t pay any attention to this jerk, let’s go quickly!”

“Huh? Oh, okay!”

Bai Xiaoxi was momentarily stunned, but then immediately reacted. She tried to leave with Xia Beibei, but Chu Ran wouldn’t let them go so easily.

He stepped forward, directly blocking their way. “Wu Yan, I know you’re still angry with Dad, but you’re my sister! How could I ignore you?”

Xia Beibei: …

Damn it!

Buddy, you’re not playing by the rules!

“Sister, sister?”

This time, Bai Xiaoxi was truly dumbfounded—

Wu Yan, she was Chu Jingran’s sister? In other words… she was the young lady of the Chu family?

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