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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Villainous Bestie (24)


“Jingran, is this… your sister?”

At this moment, Zhang Ming and Liu Feng, who were in the same private room with Churan, also came out. They had naturally overheard the conversation at the door. However, to their knowledge, the Xuan family only had Churan as a young master. So, was this young lady an illegitimate child?

When their gazes simultaneously fell on Xia Beibei, she smiled coldly, “Xuan Jingran, don’t make it sound so good. You are the high and mighty young master of the Xuan family, and what am I? Who am I? The Xuan family? I can’t possibly reach that level! Get out of the way, all of you, move!”

At this moment, Xia Beibei suddenly raised her hand, attempting to push Chu Ran aside, but Chu Ran squinted his eyes and firmly held Xia Beibei’s arm, not letting her move an inch.

“Let go! Release her!”

Just then, a cold and angry voice suddenly came from behind them, making Chu Ran completely stunned.

How could it be…


“Let go of Wu Yan!”

Huo Yuxu rushed up, and without a word, he punched Chu Ran’s face!

Chu Ran dodged Huo Yuxu’s attack and, while holding Xiabeibei’s hand, had no choice but to release her.

Seeing Chu Ran avoiding the attack and standing aside, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but provocatively raise the corner of her lips at him.

Huo Yuxu was someone she had called for help.

Of course, she had sent a message to Huo Yuxu when she finished her cake.

The content of the message was just two words—

“Save me!”

Xia Beibei didn’t know when Chu Ran would make his move, but it couldn’t hurt to have some backup, and that person could only be Huo Yuxu.

Because Huo Yuxu had long known about her connection with Xie Jincheng, if Chu Ran hadn’t appeared, Huo Yuxu would have seen her with Xie Jincheng. But he would never reveal it like others.

“Wu Yan, are you alright?”

Huo Yuxu looked at Xia Beibei, who was sitting in his arms, groggy, with concern, and then he stared at Chu Ran.

“What did you do to her?”


Chu Ran smirked coldly. “She’s my sister. What could I possibly do to her? I advised my sister, who had fled home, to return. Is that a crime?”

“It’s impossible!”

Huo Yuxu stared at Chu Ran with an unpleasant expression. He had thoroughly investigated Wu Yan’s background long ago and was even afraid that Wu Yan’s identity might become leverage for others to threaten her. He had ordered people to cover up the actual backgrounds of Wu Yan and Wu Meili and had spent a fortune to create entirely new background information for her.

Of course, Xia Beibei and Chu Ran were unaware of all this.

“Let’s go, I’m feeling very unwell.”

Xia Beibei clung tightly to Huo Yuxu’s shirt, and sweat was visible on her forehead.

“Alright, I’ll take you out.”

When Huo Yuxu lifted Xia Beibei and turned to leave, he couldn’t help but glare fiercely at Bai Xiaoxi standing nearby.

Bai Xiaoxi, at this moment, was completely dazed.

Ever since Xuan Jingran had mentioned Wu Yan’s identity, Bai Xiaoxi had been in a daze. When she saw the murderous look in Huo Yuxu’s eyes as he glanced at her, she couldn’t help but shudder.

She felt that she had made a terrible mistake of epic proportions.

“Jingran, he…”

Seeing Huo Yuxu carrying Xia Beibei away, the two people beside her hesitated and looked at Chu Ran.

“It’s fine.”

Chu Ran smiled, then turned and entered his own private room…


At this moment, Huo Yuxu was carrying Xia Beibei horizontally, and they had reached the staircase on the third floor of the clubhouse.

Xia Beibei had been taking deep breaths continuously, clutching Huo Yuxu’s collar tightly, and her knuckles were turning white.

“Wu Yan, Wu Yan, hang in there, I’ll take you to see a doctor.”

“I’m fine.”

Xia Beibei looked at Huo Yuxu with a complex expression and smiled. “Can you lend me your phone…”

Her phone was still in the private room, and at that moment, Xia Beibei didn’t want to go back.


“Who do you want to call? I’ll dial for you! Is it An Yichen?”

Although he didn’t want to mention that name, but…

Huo Yuxu had never taken advantage of someone’s vulnerability, nor was he such a narrow-minded man.

He knew that Wu Yan didn’t have feelings for him. He also… didn’t dare to have any improper thoughts anymore.

An Yichen?

No, not him!

At this moment, Xia Beibei saw a blurry face, and she knew that there had always been a vague figure in her heart—it was him, definitely him.

“Call… Xie, Xie Jincheng!”

Xie Jincheng?

When Huoyuxu heard Xiabeibei’s words, he was completely stunned. “Wu Yan, have you gone crazy?”

As he spoke, Huo Yuxu immediately dialed An Yichen’s number:

“I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is currently in use!”

An Yichen’s phone currently in an ongoing call?

At this moment, the elevator doors happened to open, and without overthinking, Huo Yuxu immediately carried Xia Beibei into the elevator.

As the elevator doors slowly closed, at that very moment, Bai Tingting suddenly used Xia Beibei’s phone to open the door and walked out of the private room. “I remember she went out with Xiaoxi! How come they both disappeared?”

At this moment, the person on the other end of the call with Bai Tingting was naturally An Yichen.

Initially, An Yichen just wanted to ask Xia Beibei if they needed him to drive over and pick them up in the evening, considering it wasn’t very safe for a group of girls to go home so late.

However, An Yichen didn’t expect that the person who answered the phone would be Bai Tingting.

Bai Tingting?

At this moment, Bai Tingting wandered down the hallway while holding the phone. She continued walking until she reached the westernmost part, where she noticed one of the private rooms wasn’t closed. From inside, she could faintly hear the sounds of a girl crying.

This is…

Bai Tingting hesitated momentarily, subconsciously wanting to approach and see what was happening. However, at that moment, someone forcefully pulled open the door to the private room.

“What are you looking at? Get lost! This is Young Master Xie’s place! Are you asking for trouble?”

Standing at the doorway was a menacing and fierce-looking man. When he saw Bai Tingting’s presence, he immediately started cursing angrily.


Bai Tingting shivered and took a step back. The instant the door closed, she caught another glimpse of that face—the pale and eerie face of the man.

It’s him!

“It’s him!”

Bai Tingting immediately moved to the side and whispered anxiously into the phone, “It’s that man, the one who was with Wu Yan that day. He looks really scary!”

“What are you saying?”

Hearing Bai Tingting’s words, An Yichen on the other end of the phone also became nervous. He had just heard the commotion on the phone, and it was clear that this was Mr. Xie’s place.

Young Master Xie. In this city, there was only one person who dared to call himself Young Master Xie.

“Bai Tingting, did you get a good look at him? Is that man very tall and thin with a pale complexion?”

“Yes, yes, that’s him! Could it be that he kidnapped Wu Yan?”

Bai Tingting was particularly frightened at this moment. “An Yichen, I… I think I heard someone crying just now. Should I call the police?”

“Don’t rush, wait outside, and don’t do anything impulsive! Don’t call the police! They won’t handle it! I’ll come over immediately!”

“Okay, okay.”

Upon hearing An Yichen’s words, Bai Tingting immediately nodded, hung up the phone, found a concealed spot, and hid herself…


In reality, Xia Beibei had already left Club No. 7 and was sitting in Huo Yuxu’s sports car. All along the way, he was driving recklessly.

They sped straight to the hospital, and Huo Yuxu rushed anxiously with Xia Beibei into the emergency room, shouting, “Doctor! Doctor! Help!”

In Huo Yuxu’s eyes, Xia Beibei must have been drugged, and the priority was to have her stomach pumped immediately.


“She’s perfectly fine, young man. Just drink less alcohol!”

The doctor’s conclusion left Huo Yuxu stunned in place.


Then why did she look so uncomfortable all the way here?

“Wu Yan!”

Huo Yuxu immediately drew back the curtain and walked to Xia Beibei’s bedside. Xia Beibei was sitting there with a pale face.

Damn it, that bottle of wine from Bai Xiaoxi was really strong!

She was genuinely drunk and disoriented.

As for the medicine Bai Xiaoxi put in her drink?

Well, it’s said that it was given to Bai Xiaoxi by Young Master Xie’s men. Did they have the audacity to harm Wu Yan?

It was just powdered vitamins.

Xia Beibei wanted to give herself a pat on the back for her acting skills.

However, Huo Yuxu’s reckless driving had taken a toll on Xia Beibei. Her current unflattering complexion was, in fact, all thanks to him.

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