July 22, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 2

Chapter 2: It’s not easy to become a villain


Elite villain 027: Welcome newcomer!

Junior villain 104: Finally, there is someone with a level lower than me. Newcomer, send photos!

The ultimate villain 005: Don’t bully the newcomer. Come, come. Newcomer, comes to big brother’s bowl. This brother will cover you.

As soon as Xia Bei Bei entered the villain’s group chat, she immediately received a large amount of conversation. At this time Xia Beibei noticed that there were only 109 people in this group, and her group nickname was that rookie villain 109!

Damn, suddenly I feel so upset.

Elite villain 035: Newcomer, please take a look at the mission guide. After you understand it, you can pick up the rookie’s mission from the club’s mission hall!

At this time, another message popped up in the group chat. Xia Bei Bei immediately thanked that person subconsciously. She then opened the group file and found a file called [Self-Cultivation of the Villain]. She opened the file to see the content, and after a long time, Xia Bei Bei finally understood what kind of existence the Interstellar Villains Club was.

As the name suggested, the people in this club are villains from all time and space.

They are a group of people with special abilities selected by heaven. They could travel through various time and space and play as many villains as they can.

Being a villain sounds exceptionally classy, but, with the influence of various factors such as crossing, rebirth, transmigrating into books, etc., the villain has become synonymous to cannon fodder. Therefore, for this kind arduous and thankless task, fewer and fewer people are willing to do it. Majority Villain who had collected enough lifetime span started to waste time. This has led to a shortage of villains in various novels.

Xia Bei Bei’s ancestor had initially been a big villain. However, he was tired of being a villain and decided to work as an ordinary person in the city. As a result, the life-span of Xia’s family became shorter and shorter.

God is a very fair existence. He gave these villains special abilities. However, He also shortened their life span.

Who said that disaster remained for a thousand years? Come here. You stand up for me; we both know what you have been doing.

After reading [The Self-Cultivation of the Villain], Xia Bei Bei’s eyes shined—

Sigh, ​​this is the villain, ah! This baby has always been a villain-controlled. Can I make chaos now?

[T/N: Xia Bei Bei always called herself Ben Baobao internally. As you know Baobao means baby; Ben is calling yourself as most significant like Ore-sama kind of expression]

En en! I, Xia Bei Bei will become the great villain from now on!

With such ambitions, Xia Bei Bei opened the club’s mission hall page with a gleaming look, and then she looked at—

Dear rookie villain 109, because your level is too low, I suggest that you get the basic trial task from the current page to practice your skill. I wish you a happy task!

After the sweet and warm prompt, a task interface popped up in front of Xia Bei Bei–

Mission world: Fictional novel world

Task Level: Beginner (suitable for rookie villains)

Mission Host: Tao Xiaohong

Task Content Overview: In place of Tao Xiao Hong, the original passer-by villain who had died unexpectedly, sent Jing Yan, the female lead, to Xiang Qing Tian, the male lead’s bed!

Mission Reward: 30 days of life will be rewarded upon completion! No penalty will be given for mission failure.

Warm reminder: All the story in the fictional novel is full of dog-blood drama. Remind the taskers to make a specific psychological preparation before entering! For your safety and the lives of others, please be familiar with all kind of dog-blood drama and adapt yourself to heaven’s lightning. Thank you for your cooperation.

Xia Bei Bei: …

What the hell with that last warm reminder?

Also, what about being a BOSS villain? What kind of ghost is villain passerby? Wouldn’t it be a character without any lines?

“Ding Dong!”

Xia Beibei was still feeling stifled inwardly, but the beautiful voice in the notebook came out once again–

“Because the rookie villain 109 had stayed on the task page for more than ten seconds without making any selection, the system will accept the task by default. The task time will take four hours in the real world. We are now connecting to the space channel! Ding! Start binding! Ding! Prepare to transmit …

Xia Beibei: Your mom! Aren’t you too, overbearing? This baby still hasn’t …


“Ding! Transmission succeeded!”

With the sound from the computer falling, Xia Bei Bei, who had been sitting on her bed, suddenly fell off and passed out.

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