June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Passerby Villain A (1)


Dingfeng Hotel. Fifth floor. Manager’s room.

“Hong-jie! Hong-jie!”

A young male voice exploded in Xia Bei Bei’s ear.


Xia Bei Bei opened her eyes and realized that she was currently resting on a couch.


After a few seconds of confusion, Xia Bei Bei suddenly stood up.

“Hong jie?”

The young waiter who was wearing a white shirt and a black vest looked at Xia Bei Bei with a discrepancy in his look: “Hong-jie, what’s wrong with you?”

“Uh, I’m might have been sleepwalking?”

Xia Bei Bei answered. At this time, she finally sure that she had entered another time and space and become another person.

Your mom! Damn computer, damn artificial intelligence.

Xia Bei Bei secretly cursed a few words inwardly. At this time the waiter on her side has spoken again: “Hong-jie, we have already caught Jing Dafu’s daughter. Didn’t you say that you wanted to send her to Lin Shao’s room a few days ago, ah? “

Jing Dafu’s daughter? Who is that?

Xia Bei Bei frowned. At this time, the main plot of this novel world began to flood into Xia Bei Bei’s mind.

She fell on the sofa again. Her whole outlook paled as she waved the waiter away: “You go out first! I have my arrangements for this!”


Seeing Xia Bei Bei’s face was not good; the waiter stepped back quickly.

When it was only her left in the room, Xia Bei Bei closed her eyes and slowly combed the plot and memories in her mind——

The Female Lead of this novel world was Jing Yan, the daughter of Jing Dafu. Her father was a gambling ghost who owed a lot of debt before he ran away. Therefore, the debt-chaser had to catch his daughter and took her to Tao Xiao Hong.

Tao Xiao Hong was known to be a hotel manager. However, she also has another identity which was a madam who responsible for helping those big customers of the hotel and makes money through pimping

According to the plot of this world, a man named Lin Liang had taken fancy for this sixteen-year-old sheep, Jing Yan. After Tao Xiao Hong caught Jing Yan, she decided to use this to threaten her. After reaching the agreement with Lin Liang, she brought Jing Yan to Lin Lang’s permanent room on the ninth floor. However, an unexpected event happened when Jing Yan met the male lead, Xiang Qingtian in the hallway on the ninth floor. The girl in front of the Male Lead’s eyes was the little girl who had saved his life eight years ago. So he immediately rescued Jing Yan who had been drugged and then took her back to his room to XXOO.

Your mom!

Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but want to vomit when he received the plot. Your setting is so wild and cool, ah, Master. You were 22 years old, eight years ago, and Jing Yan was only eight at that time. Isn’t that ultimately unscientific? An eight-year-old innocent little girl could actually rescue a wounded gang leader from the hands of a bunch of gang killers. Can she even carry you? What would those killers think if they knew the truth? Have you considered the dignity of those killers?

Er, well, it is said that the world of fiction should not be taken seriously.

Xia Bei Bei continued to receive the plot, but as a result, there was no more. Eh, already end?

Your mom, is it as simple as that? Really, a passerby in a passerby. She is actually a small transparent fighter, ah! Woi!

It turned out that the meaning of her existence was just as someone responsible to direct others to take Jing Yan back, feed her some drug, and then send her off to Lin Lang according to the agreed time and place.

Your sister, ah! This is really the act of disregarding the existence of villain ah!

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  1. uh, just because she saved you 8 years ago doesn’t mean she gave u the permission to do some ‘papapa’ with her. If it was me, I would just save her, give her money to clear off her debt and live a good life. This should count as repaying her.

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