April 25, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Passerby Villain A (2)


After sitting in Tao Xiao Hong’s office for a long time, Xia Bei Bei who felt hungry for almost half-day finally stumbled out of her room in a daze. When she walked to the door, she finally saw the reflection of her face on the mirror on the wall. She had been dressed to the nines and wearing makeup. However, her forehead appeared to be bruised. Xia Bei Bei could not help but become distracted as she looked at it.

Your mom ah, this baby had a policy of no make-up and dressed sweetly! What’s the point of having such thick smoky eye-makeup? And that wound on her head was still wrapped in gauze. To act like a mama-san, Tao Xiao Hong, you’re also making an effort on this, eh.

Xia Beibei thought of it as she looked at the mirror involuntarily. She raised her hand and touched the wound on her forehead.

By the way, she remembered that before she entered the mission, she saw the mission overview on the computer. It seemed to say that the original owner, Tao Xiao Hong, had died unexpectedly. Therefore, she needed to come here to make a guest appearance as the villain passerby to promote the relationship between the Male Lead and the Female Lead.

Your mom, to think that she is now attached to a corpse for almost half a day. She could feel a layer of goosebumps all over her body!

Alas, no! This baby is going to go downstairs and eat some meat buns to recover!

Although there were not many memories of Tao Xiao Hong in her mind, Xia Bei Bei is also a woman who is destined to make a career of being the BOSS villain (What she sincerely believes in). She went all the way down the stairs to the third floor of the hotel and ordered a table of good food and four big meat buns. Seeing her wolfed down the food, none of the hotel staff dares to come close to her.

Colleague A: Have you heard? Hong-jie had an accident last night!

Colleague B: I know. I know. I hear her car was wrecked, but she just hurt her forehead. You tell me if there is any evil practice or not!

Colleague C: Wasn’t Hong-jie hate meat bun the most before? Heck, she even took such a big bite, you told me, she wouldn’t be a ghost right … (Girl, you have the potential to be a detective)

Onlookers: Pei! Pei! Pei! Speak honestly!

At this point, the crowd had already dispersed. Without having any sense that she was currently being criticized by others for eating those meat buns, Xia Bei Bei leaned comfortably on the chair of the restaurant and closed her eyes after her last bite of the meat buns.

Well, now that the Female Lead is in her hand, on what day should she hand it over to that Lin beast?

Xia Bei Bei’s mind was churning when a computer page suddenly flashed in her mind. The constant refresh was the main plot in this world.

Your mom, it turned out that she could even be connected to the Internet here. What’s more, she could also brush the plot of the story!

Xia Bei Bei immediately took a look at the plot of the novel. As a passerby villain, Tao Xiao Hong only appeared in the first two chapters. There was not much drama, and in the third chapter, her life ended.

Ai, so sorrowful, ah!

Xia Bei Bei memorised the plots of the first two chapters in her own mind. Then she found out that she didn’t need to do anything for now. She can spend her time eating and drinking. Two days later, she will send off the female lead. Then, she can sit and wait for her body to die!

Speaking of which, the third chapter of the novel only mentioned Tao Xiao Hong’s death in the passing. It was unknown if she was deliberately hit or killed. So much that even the master behind the scenes was unknown.

Alas, so sorrowful, ah!

When Xia Bei Bei thought that she was on her very first mission, and for the first task as a villain, she is to receive such end, Xia Bei Bei felt that her glass heart was broken into pieces so much that no amount of meat buns would make up for the trauma of this baby’s soul!

After two days–

“Hong-jie, we have brought Jing Yan here!”

The hotel’s security guard and the thugs aggressively pushed the little sheep Jing Yan in front of Xia Bei Bei.

Aiya, female lead-daren, nice to meet you!

Xia Beibei stared at the beautiful and lovely girl in front of her eyes. She couldn’t help but be filled with emotion–

Sigh, ​​what a lovely girl, ah!

After today she will become Uncle Xiang’s small little girl ah!

To think that when this elder sister was at that age …

Cough, Cough. Don’t say it or else she might tear up.

Feeling Xia Bei Bei’s gaze, Jing Yan raised her eyes in a panic and looked at her pitifully: “This sister, please let me go. I can work and pay the debts. I won’t run away; I can do a lot of work.”


Xia Bei Bei heard Jing Yan’s words and smiled. She then raised her chin with her fingers: “Such a sweet little girl. It would be wasteful to let you do rough work! Little sweetheart, you can rest assured that Lin Shao will definitely be kind to you. What about being with a woman? Sooner or later, you will still sleep with somebody. Sleep in the morning or sleep in the night is just a matter of sleeping. Just turn off the lights. It’s not much different with whomever you sleep with. So just go and enjoy it! Yes, A-tian, don’t forget to give her the drug. We don’t want to let our little sweetheart be terrified, so take the pills. Make her high to your best ability! “

“Yes, Hong-jie!”

A-Tian, ​​listening to Xia Bei Bei’s words, immediately took Jing Yan and turned away.

Get the job done!

Xia Bei Bei returned to her chair and opened the monitoring of the hotel corridor. She deliberately enlarged the supervision on the ninth floor’s hallway to full screen. Seeing that A-Tian and A-Wu had already helped Jing Yan who had been fed by the drug, walked out from the elevator, Xia Bei Bei started to feel nervous.

Come out soon!

Five, four, three, two, one!

Xia Bei Bei’s eyes stared at the surveillance video without blinking. However, until A-Tian and A-Wu threw Jing Yan into Room 909, Xiang Qingtian had yet to appear in the corridor!

Damn it! The Male Lead dared to stand up the Female Lead!

Wait, something’s wrong.

Xia Beibei couldn’t help squinting his eyes-this Female Lead is a little sheep with no resistance. If there is no Male Lead to save the beauty, wouldn’t she be destroyed and killed by that Lin beast?

Your mom, this is life! How expensive is the Female Lead’s life, don’t you know?

Xia Beibei watched as the corridor on the ninth floor continued to be void of any existence. She clenched her silver teeth and quickly rushed out of her room.

Female Lead-daren, you have to be slightly firm and upright, ah!

With my honour as a villain, this baby must send you to the Male Lead-daren’s bed. As for the other cannon fodder or Man match B, this old lady did not care even if they drop dead!

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