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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Passerby Villain A (5)


Tao Xiao Hong’s residence was a room on the fifth floor of Dingfeng Hotel. When she returned to her room, Xia Bei Bei immediately discarded Hao Shaoyan’s coat in the trash can at the door. The clothes that were said to be a counter quality product that the original had bought from Taobao was also thrown away together with the coat.

Your mom, this baby is exhausted. Being a passerby villain is really not that good.

While wearing only her underwear inside the bathroom, Xia Bei Bei quickly fill the tub with hot water before she turned to look at herself in the mirror only to see a grim face.

To think that she went all the way from the hotel to the police station in this ghostly face and birds nest’s hair, and then returned the same way.

Tchh, Xia Bei Bei really wanted to cry in shame.

She immediately bent down and opened the faucet to wash her face with warm water. After washing for a long time, she finally wipes the make-up away.

After washing her face, Xia Beibei took off all her underwear, and then soaked her whole body inside the bathtub.

Nice, ah!

She closed her eyes slowly, but still thought about the Male and Female Lead in this world-

Why didn’t Xiang Qingtian save his little girl according to the arrangement of the plot?

Is there something wrong with the Male Lead-daren?

Xia Bei Bei who unconsciously thought about it could not help but connect to the internet once again. Anyway, she is idle now; why not read the plot of this novel world while taking a bath?

At this point, in Xia Bei Bei’s mind, the screen automatically appeared and the screen continually showing the story of this world-

Oh, it turned out to be a sweet pet story. Well, this is this baby type of dish.

Xia Bei Bei watched the plot. According to the original plot, after Jiang Yan was eaten clean inside out by Xiang Qingtian, he will help Jing Dafu to repay the debt, and then transferred Jing Yan to a noble school to continue her high school education. During the day both of them will go to school and work respectively, and when night came, both of them will work hard to roll on the sheet.

En, the development was pretty good as it is.

While Xia Bei Bei was thinking about it, suddenly a bad-hearted female match finally appeared.

Liu Yueying.

She was Xiang Qingtian ’s righteous sister. She grew up with him since she was a child. She has always been secretly admiring Xiang Qingtian. She saw that Xiang Qingtian was being fascinated by Jing Yan and ended putting himself at risk several times for Jing Yan.

Liu Yueying thought that Jing Yan was Xiang Qingtian’s weakness, and as a weakness, she is very dangerous.

So Liu Yueying began to contact the other veterans in the gang secretly and planned to join hands to remove Jing Yan this time bomb.

However, under the aura of the protagonist’s halo, Jing Yan finally escaped, but the person behind the scenes, Liu Yueying, end up being dealt with by Qingtian’s family.

Well, all the female match who fight with the Female Lead will usually not end well.

Stay away from the Female Lead and cherish your life! Don’t you understand that, ah?

Xia Beibei continued to watch the plot. After the glorious death of the cannon fodder Liu Yueying, the men’s match in this book finally arrived late.

Hao Shaoqing, the young master from the famous Hao family, was the tyrant in that noble school.

Hao Shaoqing and Jing Yan was initially a happy enemy at school. Still, later he was gradually attracted by Jing Yan’s simplicity and kindness, so he became the brave male match.

Alas, the Female Lead must be happy that there were so many people chasing after her.

Xia Bei Bei, who had never been chased by anyone, did not know what it is like to be chased by others. So much that she could not help but become envious.

Forget it, better to continue to watch this.

Making that kind of public display of affection is oppressive towards all single dog.

Xia Bei Bei sank her whole body into the hot water. She was still thinking about her task–

The mission clearly stated that she was required to send Jing Yan to Xiang Qingtian’s bed. What if she did not do it?

Alas, she seemed to remember that there is no penalty for failing this mission, ah!

Then she can be rest assured, as if!

As an aspirant villain who wanted to go down the infamy road, how could she abandon her first task?

How can a villain who are unable to become a villain passerby able to be qualified to become a villain BOSS?

Isn’t that just sending the Female Lead to the Male Lead’s bed?

Numerous CEO novels tell us that the difficulty factor for this matter is 0.5, and any person with average IQ can definitely do it!

“Splash!” Xia Bei Bei got up from the bathtub, and in front of the misty mirror, she made a confident gesture: “Xia BOSS, you can do it! Oh Yay!”

Xia Bei Bei habitually raised her leg. Your mom, I twisted my waist.


The next day.

“How is Jing Yan?”

Early that morning, Xia Bei Bei rushed into Liu Yiyang’s office energetically and started to rain him with questions.

“Jing Yan? Jing Dafu’s daughter?”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s question, Liu Yiyang hesitated a bit: “She seems to have been released home. Now Jing Dafu had run away, so that child will not be able to have a good life in the next few days. Let us not worry about it. There is another debt collector company that would continue to ask her for the debt. The girl did look beautiful, but sometimes it was a sin to be too beautiful.”

Crap, Female Lead-daren is in such high demand. What should I do if other people grab her first?

“Hurry, hurry, hurry and tell me.”

After listening to Liu Yiyang, Xia Bei Bei hurriedly grabbed his sleeve: “Give me the address of Jing Yan’s home, I’m going to save that little sheep.”


Liu Yiyang looked sceptically at Xia Bei Bei: “Hong ah, did you accidentally bump into something evil…”

“Your sister is the one who bumps into something evil, ah!”

Xia Beibei glared at Liu Yiyang: “Hurry up and give Jing Yan’s address to this old lady. Wait for this old lady to send Jing Yan to Boss Xiang’s bed successfully. Your benefits are indispensable.”

To Boss Xiang?

“You’re not talking about Brother Tian, right?”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Liu Yiyang’s complexion immediately became serious: “There seems to be something going on with Xiangjia recently. Liu Yueying led a group of people to defect from Xiang’s family. At this time, I guess Xiang Tianqing was not in a mood to talk about love. “

“You, who did you say? Liu Yueying?”

The female match actually betrayed the Male Lead and stood on her own!

Your mom, where’s the plot king? Plot King, have you gone to Java, ma?

While Xia Bei Bei was in a state of confusion, in the middle of the city, the Hao’s house.

Inside the gym at Hao family villa, Hao Shaoyan was wearing a black tank top that revealed his sturdy and robust figure. He was holding a dart in his palm, and there was a target on the wall not far away from him. There was a picture on the target and below it was marked with three big characters written in bold cursive calligraphy-

Liu Yueying.


The dart flashed and accurately stuck on Liu Yueying’s eyebrow. Everything that shouldn’t exist must be wiped out.

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