June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Passerby Villain A (6)


Suburb, Hongyitangkou headquarters.

The black-clad Liu Yueying was leaning against the wooden chair, and the silver-coloured desert eagle swirled around her finger.

At the moment, her phone on the side of the wooden table was blinking.

There are new incoming calls, and the three large words “Xiang Qingtian” was particularly striking.

The phone rang for a long time, and it was persistent.

After several minutes, Liu Yueying finally put down her gun and pressed the answer button.


On the phone, there was a low, sad voice coming from the man.

To be betrayed by someone you trust the most is a painful thing.


Liu Yueying stares at Qingtian’s name on the phone screen. Her pair of beautiful apricot eyes became colder little by little–

Xiang Qingtian, you at least got the chance to ask why you have been betrayed.

But how about me?

In the past life, I was so dedicated to you that you ended up sinking me to the bottom of the sea! I can’t even ask you the reason for it!

In this life, I’ll live for myself, and I will never die for you.

You owe me, and I’ll get it back.

Heaven gave me the chance to be born again and get my revenge, isn’t it?

Xiang Qingtian, I, Liu Yueying is back, and I come from hell …

It turned out that Liu Yueying was born again.

Well, Xia Bei Bei did not know about it at this time that her first minor task on the road of becoming a villain had her encountered with the legendary rebirth. What she didn’t know is that the existence of this rebirth had seriously disrupted the world order that it also attracts another more powerful existence.

In this world, many phenomena cannot be explained by science, and abilities are real. Therefore, in the universe, in addition to the existence of the Interstellar Villain Club, there are many other special abilities.

Among them, those who feared the most by everyone are called law enforcement.

Space-time law enforcers can travel through any time and space and incarnate into anyone in that world. The purpose of their existence is to obliterate all those who disturb the order of time and space-

No matter if you traverse with a plug-in, rebirth with hatred, or having the golden finger known as a system.

As long as you obstruct the operation and order of the world, then you are the target that they obliterate …

The rebirth of Liu Yueying has attracted a tim eand space law enforcement officer, and Xia Bei Bei knew nothing about all this.

This is really a sad story.


The next day, Xia Bei Bei changed into her regular clothes and took off her heavy makeup. She took a taxi to the old city where Jing Yan lived according to Liu Yiyang’s address.

There were no soaring skyscrapers in the old town. There were only low and run-down bungalows that were crumbling and looked dangerous.

Alas, the Female Lead also has the Female Lead’s difficulties. Generally, to highlight the Female Lead being sweet, naïve young woman, she will also portray as someone with an unyielding spirit. Pei! Pei! Pei! It is a poor person who rather becomes poor.

Xia Beibei got out of the taxi and took out Jing Yan’s detailed address from her pocket.

En, Hongjing Alley is here. Then I have to go on until I reach …


Xia Bei Bei was looking at the address intently when suddenly several tall, burly men in black clothes rushing from behind her and all of a sudden knocking her against the corner of the wall.

Your sister, why don’t you hurry and reincarnate, ah!

Xia Bei Bei raised her eyes and wanted to stop the other person. Er, looking at the other person’s aggressive appearance, she subconsciously covered her mouth.

Your mom, this group of people are obviously not good people at first sight. Their appearance just engraved the four big words in other people minds–

“I am a villain.”

These menacing men are not the ones who come to trouble the Female Lead, right?

Xia Bei Bei was secretly thought about it. It didn’t take long to hear Jing Yan’s cry for help, and it came out from that alley: “Help! You let me go! What do you want to do … Oh…”

Uh, I really have a crow’s mouth, Pei! Pei! Pei! No, it is all because I have incredible foresight.

Xia Bei Bei leaned obediently at the end of Hutong alley, pretending that she was a small transparent background board. She watched the group of people in black knocked Jing Yan out and then dragged her out from the alley.

Uh, in this case, if I am the Female Lead, then I must be courting the disaster by following them up, and then being capture together, right?

Hum hum, hum.

Xia Bei Bei smugly pouts. As an intelligent villain, will this sister be so brain-dead? This sister witnessed a kidnapping. Of course, she must call the police first! Yes, call the police! Cooperation between the police and the people is a must!

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  1. I’m on the fence about the law enforcers of time and space. I mean, I know there’s those who felt like the king of the world after having golden fingers or being reborn. But for those who died unjustly and just wanted a different ending, having the law enforcers is like the world saying that this is your fate, and that is to be a miserable stepping stone.

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