June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Passerby Villain A (4)


Coming out of the police station, Xia Beibei took a deep breath of fresh night air.


At this time, a familiar call came from a car not far away. When Xia Bei Bei looked up, she saw her colleague, Liu Yiyang, who is also the manager of Dingfeng Hotel.

In Xia Bei Bei’s mind, Tao Xiao Hong’s personal memory was unusually small. In short, you will not understand the sorrow of the passerby villain.

Fortunately, Liu Yiyang was mentioned in the novel. He was a very smooth man and was said to be Tao Xiaohong’s friend for many years.

“Yiyang is still the kindest!”

Xia Beibei tightened the jacket around her and walked quickly to Liu Yiyang’s car: “Quickly, take me back to the hotel. I need to take a good bath to watch away this bad luck.”


Liu Yiyang smiled and raised his eyes to see Xia Bei Bei’s coat. His eyes suddenly bulged out: “Hong-jie, your coat …”

“Uh, uh, I’ll throw it in the trash can when I go back.”

Thinking of that someone’s face in the interrogation room, Xia Bei Bei couldn’t help but make her lips’ twitched. That smelly policeman, do you want to see this old lady drag and fling you off?

“Cough, cough.”

Hearing Xia Bei Bei’s words, Liu Yiyang could not help but coughed a few times. He wanted to say something, but from looking at it, he didn’t know where to start.

My great aunt, ah! This is an expensive coat hand-stitched by the Italian number one famous master ah! One piece of this clothing will cost several years of our salary, and you actually wanted to throw it into the trash can?  No wonder you only suitable to shop at Taobao.

[T/N: Taobao: online shopping platform]


At this point, in another interrogation room at the police station.

“Swoosh,” a large bucket of cold water was poured on Lin Dashao’s body.

“Lin Liang, have you sobered up?”

The cold voice suddenly sounded above Lin Liang’s head.

“I X your grandma!”

Lin Liang stood up sharply on the ground, stark naked as he rushed forward. When he saw the person in front of him, the expression on his face immediately became colourful: “Hao, Hao Shaoyan! Why are you here?”

Standing in front of Lin Liang’s eyes was Captain Hao who had been questioning Xia Bei Bei just now.

Hao Shaoyan was his name, and his other identity was the first heir of the famous Hao family.

At this moment, Hao Shaoyan still looked solemn and indifferent: “As you can see, I am working here now.”

Lin Liang: …

Are you kidding me?

The heirs of the Hao family, even if they want to enter the career, he did not have to start from such basic work, right? Is this a special hobby of young master Hao?

“Hao Shao, no, Officer Hao, you see that I did not make any mistakes? I just drank a few glasses of wine to play with that little girl! Right! Then that woman rushed in and kicked me. She almost ruined my life. I want to sue her! I must sue her for intentionally hurting me!”

Upon hearing Lin Liang’s allegations, Hao Shaoyan frowned: “That woman has been released by me.”

“Shit, she’s lucky this time! Sooner or later, Laozi will find someone to kill her.”

Lin Liang cursed lowly, and looked at his naked body with a black face: “That, Officer Hao, can I put on a piece of clothing?”

Hao Shaoyan raised his eyes and glanced at Lin Liang: “I will ask someone to give it to you in a while, and you will stay away from Jing Yan in the future, otherwise … don’t blame me for not being polite to you!”

Jing Yan?

Oh, isn’t that the little sheep?

Your mom, it turns out it was someone that Hao Shao fancied! Hearing what Hao Shaoyan had said, Lin Liang couldn’t help but give him a deceitful laugh: “Understand! Got it! Police Officer Hao, rest assured, I am a good citizen. Let us cooperate with the police to build a better tomorrow!”

After hearing what Lin Liang had said, Hao Shaoyan was still expressionless. Knowing that this young master Hao was born with facial paralysis, Lin Liang simply closed his mouth and stood beside him quietly like a beautiful naked man.

Not long after, Lin Liang was picked up by the Lin family.

“Officer Hao.”

After seeing the Lin gamily off, He Feng who had been dispatched along with Hao Shaoyan to the crime scene looked hesitated before he moved to his side: “Officer Hao, Tao Xiao Hong and Lin Liang were all released on bail. What about Jing Yan. The little girl was overwhelmed with the drug and currently lying on the bed crying. Would you like to go and see her?”

He Feng didn’t know the relationship between Hao Shaoyan and Jing Yan. But in this operation, it was clear that Hao Shaoyan went there for Jing Yan specifically. When he first came back, he also immediately arranged for a doctor to see Jing Yan’s condition before he starts to interrogate Tao Xiao Hong.

He Feng knew Hao Shaoyan’s background. So anything that happened to Jing Yan, he decided to inform Hao Shaoyan as soon as possible.

If you can be aware of what your boss thinks, and what your boss needs, it will make you a qualified younger brother. No, a subordinate.

This sharp approach is nothing, right?

After hearing what He Feng had said, Hao Shaoyan raised his eyelids gently: “Since she’s okay, let her go back.”

He Feng: …

Big young master, this is not the right way, ah!

Shouldn’t you go and pamper her to express your feelings, ah? Can you be so indifferent and let her go back on her own, ah?

Rich people’s thought is tough to fathom, ah …

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