May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 67

Chapter 67: The scumbag villain 17


She should meditate carefully and absorb the energy of the crystal nuclei.

Xia Beibei calmed down quickly, and according to the plot that she knew, she began to absorb the energy from the surrounding crystal nuclei slowly. The fiery red crystal nuclei were shining with a brilliant red light before it got dimmer as the time went by.

Absorb and absorb again.

The speed of absorbing energy seemed very fast, but in fact, it was a very long process.

At this time, even though Xia Beibei was meditating, she could still hear the sound coming from the outside of the building


The earth-shaking roar was already imminent.

At this time, Xia Beibei naturally couldn’t see Dongfang Qingcheng’s figure which had been submerged by thousands of zombies.

The tall Zombie King is approaching step by step!

It is a Zombie King with mental power!

That’s why it can sense the scent of the Power Seed so keenly?

While fighting, Dongfang Qingcheng used his mental abilities to interfere with the mental attacks and manipulation of the Zombie King.

As a law enforcement officer, Yan Yicheng now used the identity of Dongfang Qingcheng to stay in the mission world. Although he can maximize the original body’s abilities, but he cannot use any abilities that exceeded the laws of the current world.

But the Zombie King in front of him is powerful and offensive!

Another BUG?

Yan Yicheng couldn’t help but concentrate on the feeling that the strength of the other party had obviously exceeded the original setting of this world——

Whether it was the early appearance of the Power Seed, Su Muyu’s prophecy power, and the super terrifying Zombie King in front of him, none of them was supposed to appear in this world at this time.

Yes, these things that shouldn’t exist now exist.

Moreover, when he entered this world, he did not receive any news that this time-space overlaps or intersects with other time-spaces. Therefore, there is only one possibility left-


This is a powerful bug that rarely appears in the world of two-dimensional novels.

For example, there might be a novel that, due to the protagonist being so unlikable, many readers will prefer the supporting characters or villains to take over. Because of this, some readers will write fanfic with the supporting role as the protagonist. When this fanfic is widely recognized by others exceeding the original text, then there is a possibility of invasion in the novel world that corresponds to that novel.

That is to say, a certain novel with a similar setting will suddenly appear in the world of novels. For example, Su Muyu suddenly has a big prophecy may be resulting from the fact that someone wrote the same novel setting with her as the Female Lead, and the Female Lead’s golden finger is the power to predict the future!

Then everything can be explained.

In fact, when Yan Yicheng entered the mission world, he had already obliterated a bug, and that person was naturally the original Dongfang Qingcheng.

Thinking about it now, the sudden emergence of these chaotic plots and the Zombie King, it seemed the purpose is to push Dongfang Qingcheng’s team and Ji Liujing’s team together? Then the real intention is probably to…match Dongfang Qingcheng and Su Muyu?

So these two people should be the protagonists of the novel fanfic world!

After obliterating the two of them, the world should gradually return to normal.


The nearby voice interrupted Yan Yicheng’s contemplation, and then he felt a pain in his head and his face became pale.

Mental attack!

A very powerful mental attack!

The mental power of this Zombie King is already strong enough to guard against the sky. At the current level of the supernatural power in this world, encountering it is basically a dead end. No solution at sight!


Unless there is someone around him, like Su Muyu, who can predict the future and see its real weaknesses.

Well, this fellow fanfic author really did a good job in order to match the male and female protagonists.

Yan Yicheng’s eyes looked apprehensive. The next moment, his hands were covered with blue lightning nets.

A Zombie King with mental power?

The corner of Yan Yicheng’s lips flashed with a touch of coldness as the net of lightning in his palm instantly extended, covering the entire battlefield——

Everything that shouldn’t exist should be obliterated.

No one can be an exception.

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  1. Suddenly remembering all those naruto fanfics, douluo dalu fanfics, or other fanfics where the mc put green hats on the original characters…

  2. I feel like the leads in the sinister ex-gf played so wildly destroying plots that the author created something opposite. Ahahaha this ML is really dedicated to the plot ahahaha

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