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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Villainous Bestie (31)


Rehabilitation Center in the City.

The pristine white beds, the pure white curtains, and everything in the room, including the lilies by the bedside, were immaculately white.

Xia Beibei was wearing a white hospital gown, staring blankly out the window.

“Autumn is coming.”

She suddenly whispered.

“Wu Yan, you finally spoke?”

An Yichen, who was by her bedside, stood up excitedly at Xia Beibei’s words.

But Xia Beibei on the hospital bed continued to stare at the tree outside the window, where the leaves were turning yellow.

Summer fades into autumn, and what is gone will never return.

Even if there will be a summer next year, it will never be this particular one.

Three months have passed since the incident. The school had its summer vacation and reopened, and they were supposed to enter the third year of high school, but Xia Beibei took a leave, and An Yichen naturally took one with her.

Although professionals had examined Xia Beibei’s injuries at the police station that day, they could not charge Xie Jinchen in the end.

In truth, An Yichen understood that at the level of Xie Jinchen’s status, unless you beat him to death, the authorities would not dare to move against him easily.

Reality is just so helpless and cruel. Since that day, he has placed Xia Beibei in the rehabilitation center. While her physical injuries were not severe, the emotional trauma was incredibly severe.

It had been three months, and this was the first time she had spoken on her own.

In the past three months, Xia Beibei ignored everyone. Whenever someone spoke to her, she remained indifferent. She would go wild if a stranger approached her. Special caregivers brought her meals daily, and An Yichen also noticed that her appetite had increased significantly in these months. The psychiatrist said it was a symptom of post-traumatic stress.

Xia Beibei: …

Damn it, it was not easy to put on this act!

Do you think it’s easy for a fool to remain silent all day?

She couldn’t speak, yet her expression was bitter as if the whole world owed her millions. The only thing Xia Beibei could do was to turn her boredom into an appetite. Only by eating continuously could she feel at ease.

So, in these three months, Xia Beibei felt that she was suffering more than anyone else.

She remembered being brought to the police station for the second time three months ago.

Well, why was it the second time?

Xia Beibei rarely reminisced about her first mission, her first time in the police station. Of course, this time was different. This time, she was the miserable victim.

A policewoman took Xia Beibei to examine her injuries. Still, it only took time for Xia Beibei to drink a glass of juice before she was handed a large stack of medical reports.

Drinking the juice squeezed by Boss Yan in silence said it all.

Xia Beibei had experienced personally for the first time the formidable power of the Xie family.

That incident eventually alarmed the Xie family’s patriarch and An Yichen’s father. The two old geezers, no, the two elders, had a very intense and severe discussion for half a day before going out for a friendly drink. It was ridiculous.

Later, Xia Beibei came to this rehabilitation center, living a life of silence, eating and sleeping, and leading a blissful and content life like a pig.

Of course, in the eyes of others, things were not as they seemed.

In the eyes of An Yichen, Bai Tingting, and others, Wu Yan seemed to have lost her soul, and no one dared to look directly into her eyes. Those eyes were hollow and numb, making it hard for people to breathe.

It is worth mentioning that when Xia Beibei was admitted to the hospital, both Huo Yuxu and Chu Ran had come to see her.

After Huo Yuxu arrived, he had a good fight with An Yichen.

In his view, An Yichen did not fulfill his duty as a boyfriend. If he couldn’t even protect his girlfriend, could he even call himself a man?

The two teenagers fought fiercely, with Bai Tingting trying her best to persuade them.

And Xia Beibei…

Well, she is just a passerby watching from the front row, really.

Finally, after Xia Beibei watched around, she concluded——

Huo Yuxu is indeed better than An Yichen!

Classmate Huo is awesome, Wu Yan, you are blind.

As for Chu Ran.

That guy obviously didn’t have any good intentions. As soon as he entered, he lunged at Xia Beibei. Xia Beibei knew he wanted to force her to reveal a flaw, so she decided to act crazy and play dumb. She excitedly punched and kicked at Chu Ran. Finally, with the help of several nurses, our Young Master Xuan could leave safely. Of course, he left with some bruises, hehe…


“Wu Yan.”

In the ward, An Yichen saw Xia Beibei saying something and then being in a daze. He couldn’t help but sit beside the hospital bed: “Wu Yan, look at me, I am Yichen.”

“Yi, Chen?”

Three months is enough.

Xia Beibei knew it was time to take the next step.

She turned to look blankly at An Yichen beside the bed, and then suddenly shrank to the side, shouting: “Yichen, let me go! Let me go! Don’t come over! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!”

As he spoke, Xia Beibei suddenly lifted the quilt, jumped out of the bed, and rushed directly to the ward’s window.

“Wu Yan!”

Seeing that her legs were already on the windowsill, An Yichen immediately panicked and hugged Xia Beibei’s body tightly: “Wu Yan! Wu Yan, come down! Don’t get excited! Don’t be like this. What should I do if something happens to you?”

“Yichen, leave me alone, let me die!”

Xia Beibei turned his head, tears of reluctance flashed in his empty eyes: “I, I am no longer worthy of you, I… just let me die!”

“I don’t want to!”

An Yichen’s hands tightened tighter and tighter: “If you want to jump, I will accompany you! Wu Yan, I said I will marry you. As long as you are willing, we can get engaged immediately!”

Get engaged……

Hearing An Yichen’s words, Xia Beibei smiled miserably: “Your family has a good reputation, your parents will not agree. There are many good girls in the world, An Yichen, you will find a better one!”

“Wu Yan, I just want you. Come down, I beg you, I beg you, okay?”

Since childhood, An Yichen has never tried to beg someone in such a humble way.

This is his first humble prayer for his love.

Seeing that the timing was about right, Xia Beibei didn’t want to continue to perform this kind of painful drama. She immediately lowered her eyes and looked at An Yichen with shining eyes: “Yichen, everything you said is true? Didn’t you lie to me? You, are you really willing to marry me? Are you not pitying me?”

“Wu Yan, I love you, not because I pity you.”

An Yichen heard Xia Beibei’s words and immediately answered without hesitation.


Her body finally softened, and An Yichen immediately took the opportunity to lift Xia Beibei off the window sill.

“Wu Yan…”

“Yichen, I believe in you.”

“Yichen, I trust you.” Xia Beibei looked steadily at the young man in front of her. “I’ve always believed in you, and you won’t deceive me this time, right?”

“No, I won’t deceive you,” An Yichen answered firmly.

Since the incident happened three months ago, he has told himself that he will take care of this girl for the rest of his life.

Never make a mistake again.

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