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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 26


“This time, whether we died or alive all depend on your performance!”

Yan Yicheng was still stunned upon hearing her words. In the next second, he saw Xia Beibei rushing into his arms.

At the same time, she also raised her hand as she lifted the room’s restriction.

In this way, as long as someone used their spiritual sense to investigate the situation in this room, they would clearly see the situation inside this room.

Yan Yicheng’s body was still stiff from the sudden attack.

Even though he knew that the woman in his arms was Xia Beibei, he still felt a bit uncomfortable.

Perhaps, it was because of An Yutong’s body.

Yan Yicheng was the kind of traditional man to the point of being stoic in nature. Hence, he always maintained the strictest standards for his private life.

Except for his lover, he will not provoke or touch any woman.

Even when it comes to working contacts, handshakes and the like, he always maintains a gentleman’s style.

Sensing Yan’s uneasiness, Xia Beibei immediately leaned into his ear and whispered, “Hey! Li Fantian! Cooperate properly with me! Just try to think of me as that little clerk in your company!”

Yan Yicheng:……

If it had been changed to someone else, the boss would have kicked that person down a long time ago, you know?

“Actually, I am not used to it either.”

Xia Beibei’s expression was actually not natural. This kind of throwing herself into someone arm and actively hugging the opposite sex was really not her forte.

However, to ensure that the Male Lead will give up on An Yutong, Xia Beibei decided to perform An Yutong’s [fickle woman] attribute to the fullest!

That is right!

I have to imagine that the man in front of me is the person I like.


Who should I imagine?

Xia Beibei looked at the handsome face in front of her. Slowly this face changed a bit, and she gradually became familiar with it.

This is……

The immature face of Senior Gu?


Xia Beibei looked at the face in front of her. This was Gu Yan’s appearance during her school days. This was also the face she remembered most clearly in her deepest memory.

A handsome boy with a gentle and clear smile.

That gives her a special warmth.

It is a pity…

This man already has a master!

Xia Beibei lowered her eyes, and the face in front of her started to change again.

The eyebrows became thick and sharp, and the eyes became as deep as the sea…

This is…

Looking at the different man in front of her, Xia Beibei’s eyes widened involuntarily.

“Fu… ck!”

She was so shocked that she fell off Yan Yicheng’s body.


Yan Yicheng has been paying attention to Xia Beibei’s expressive face. Seeing that she was out of focus again, he immediately grabbed her with his hands and said: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Boss Yan.”

Xia Beibei answered subconsciously, and the result was—


Yan Yicheng suddenly let go of his hand!

“What did you… just call me?”

Aiyo, shoot!

Xia Beibei fell to the ground and held her slender waist in pain: “Li Fantian, what are you doing? Why did you let me fall?”

 “You just…”

Yan Yicheng’s eyes changed as he fixed his gaze on Xia Beibei’s face: “You just seemed to be calling me… Boss Yan?”

“No, impossible! You hearing voices!”

Xia Beibei heard Yan Yicheng’s words and immediately interrupted him in all seriousness: “I didn’t see Boss Yan, no, I definitely didn’t see it!”

Yan Yicheng:……

Xia Beibei classmate, can you explain what it means by giving excuses that reveal the things that you want to hide? You are truly a learning scumbag!


At this moment, there was a sudden scream in the hall downstairs. The conversation between Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng was also interrupted.

“It turns out that we have reached that ten-thousand-year-old amethyst finale!”

Xia Beibei saw that the hot treasure was being bid crazily downstairs and immediately changed the subject wittily!

“One hundred thousand middle-grade spirit stones!”

The person who quoted this bid was naturally that Eight Tribulations cultivator!

This cultivator who could survive eight thunder tribulations naturally has real abilities, and his worth was naturally abundant.

Xia Beibei estimated that this Eight Tribulations cultivator must have planned to use this ten-thousand-year-old amethyst to forge a defensive magic weapon to resist the ninth thunder tribulation!

Therefore, he was definitely going to win this one.

So, is there any hope for Qin Zizhen?

“120,000 medium-grade spirit stones!” Sure enough, private room No. 13 started to increase the price!

“You also increase the price!”

Xia Beibei sat back next to Yan Yicheng as she whispered in a low voice.

“Do you want to help Qin Zizhen win this ten-thousand-year-old amethyst?”

Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei in surprise. He did not even notice the sourness of his tone.

“Let me bat a ball for him. I want to get his attention with this. Darling~”

While talking, Xia Beibei had already taken the pastry on the table and put it into her palm. She then used her hand to feed Yan Yicheng: “Come and come, please give this little girl a chance to perform! Mister Officials~!”

[T/N: Need to explain here since it will appear more in the future. When Xia Beibei said, “this little me” or “this little girl” (in the context of the current arc), she was actually using the pronoun “nujia” which mean “Your servant (humble self-reference by young female). This pronoun is actually ancient, particularly in Song Dynasty. Also used by concubines when addressing themselves in front of their husbands. Not in a derogatory way, more like flirty kind of way, I guess?]

Here we go again!

Boss Yan gave Xia Beibei a helpless look. He then turned his head and stared at the lot downstairs and coldly offered a price: “150,000 middle-grade spirit stones!”

Since this ten-thousand-year-old amethyst was something that Qin Zizhen must get, he should let him bleed some more money!

Humph, Boss Yan will never admit that he is eating vinegar. His intention is… to hone the protagonist!

That is right! If the protagonist road is too smooth, then it will be too easy for them to be counterattacked.

Therefore, in place of heaven, he must let this protagonist bleed; so that he would know how hard life is, ah!

Hearing Yan Yicheng’s offer, the whole auction venue sighed once again.

The only time the people from private room No. 8 sent any offer was for the fifth-grade Heavenly Spirit Pill. Even then, he still stops midway. At that time, everyone thought that the mysterious guest in this private room did not have enough money. They did not expect that this time, he would be able to throw 100,000 middle-grade spirit stones just like that!

In the end…

Who is this mysterious guest?

Once again, there were countless people unconsciously sending their divine sense to probe. At the same time, they immediately realized that the force that rudely interrupted their divine sense last time no longer appeared.

This time, everyone clearly saw the scene in the private room. There were two people in the private room. They looked like a man and a woman. Although they could not see their looks, they did not feel that these two were too old.

At this time, the two people were flirting as they ate and drank in the private room. They continued acting [You feed me and I feed you], so much that people simply felt disgusting with them, ah!

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In the 13th private room.

Murong Yi was also one of the countless curious bystanders. He saw the situation in the room and could not help but curl his lips: “I can’t bear to believe that the world is deteriorating.”

Hearing Murong Yi’s sigh, Qin Zizhen’s eyes flashed. He then indifferently announced: “180,000 middle-grade spirit stones!”

In fact, before coming to the auction, Qin Zizhen had already prepared about 300,000 middle-grade spirit stones. Of course, he did buy some small things he fancied. Now he still has 250,000 middle-grade spirit stones left.

These were the funds he planned to use to bid for the ten-thousand-year-old amethyst. Of course, if it was not enough, he can still get some from Murong Yi. He could even use some of the good treasures in his storage bag to trade it in with Wanbao Zhai.

Qin Zizhen was already the richest disciple in the entire Guiyizong. His wealth and resources are more abundant than the head of Guiyizong himself.

In short, the cultivator community was not easy to mix in nowadays. For Yun Ruixi to always call those decent sects poor ghosts, it was all justified!

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