June 23, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 72

Chapter 72: The scumbag villain 22


After Su Mingxin left, the expression on Xia Beibei’s face gradually changed from relaxed to solemn.

She tried to secretly operate the fire and the thunder element in her body. The abilities in her body had been restored after a few days of rest, and even her current dual-line abilities had been promoted to level 4.

A Level 4 dual element superpower is enough for a person to be proud of during this apocalypse era.

After all, harvest always coexists with danger.

Xia Beibei looked down at her hands. She didn’t know how many zombies that she had killed with these hands. She still remembered that the world before her eyes was bloody before she passed out.

It turned out that she will gradually get used to everything.

Used to killing, used to act as other people, used to… life and death.

“I am Ji Liujing.”

“I am Ji Liujing!”

Xia Beibei whispered to herself twice before an arrogant smile graced her handsome face——

That’s right. I am a dual-line superpower, Ji Liujing!

She slowly stood up as she relaxed her hands and feet. She then walked out of the makeshift room.

The room where Su Mingxin and Su Muyu lived was next to Xia Beibei. Su Mingxin has long gone from that place, but Su Muyu saw Xia Beibei walking out and couldn’t help but walked to her side: “You’re awake?”

“As you can see.”

Xia Beibei raised an eyebrow.


Looking at Xia Beibei’s arrogant posture, Su Muyu’s lip twitched before she muttered dissatisfiedly: “If it were not for my sister, you would have been killed by the Thunder Squad!”


Xia Beibei was taken aback: “Muyu, what did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything! Humph!”

Su Muyu glared at Xia Beibei before she turned around and left quickly. She was going to find her sister. Her sister was so strange these days. In the daytime, she looked at the unconscious Ji Liujing all day. She didn’t even go back to the room to sleep. Even as soon as she approached her, she will hide from her.

Sister, what had happened to her?

Su Muyu was very worried. She even used her prophecy ability to see the future of her as well as her sister. Yet, in the future that she saw, her sister did not act too abnormally. But it made her see Ji Liujing flirting with others behind her sister’s back. That scumbag. She will kill him one day…


At this time, Xia Beibei, who stood in front of the door, sneezed. She rubbed her nose lightly, turned around, and wandered casually at this strange relief station.

This is a small relief station, which looks like a cannon fodder stronghold.

The relief station was built in an abandoned factory. Except for the original factory building, the entire base was made up of a temporary makeshift structure. For those survivors in this hard life, it was a blessing to have a place to shelter themselves from the wind and rain.

Xia Beibei walked around and came to the vicinity of the factory. Compared with the assembled houses everywhere, this old building was already quite luxurious.

Hey, do you want to find a way to change residence?

While Xia Beibei was thinking, suddenly, a woman with messy hair and clothes ran out from the factory.

“Help! Help!”

That woman yelled as she ran. Because she was so agitated, she ran directly into Xia Beibei’s arms.


Xia Beibei stopped her footstep and lowered her eyes. When the woman in her arms raised her head in a panic, Xia Beibei was stunned.

Bright eyes and white teeth, an outstanding beauty! Your mom, how could she casually bump into a stunning beauty, ah!

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that this stunning beauty has a red cinnabar mole under the corner of her eyes.

This beauty not only capable of causing the downfall of a city. She even has a cinnabar mole.

This is obviously Liu Muxue!

Your mom, what does it mean to be brought together by fate? Even after being a thousand miles apart, they still ended up meeting each other, ah!

Isn’t this the green tea bitch who seduce and lead the scumbag Ji in the original novel? Even after she had changed her way, she can still meet her here!

What an ape dung! An ape dung, ah!

Hello, Xiaosan, Hello, Green Tea!

Seeing Xia Beibei looking at herself with a dull face, Liu Muxue’s eyes flashed with triumph. But in an instant, she showed a look of fear and helplessness: “Sir, save me! Save me!”

Before Xia Beibei could react, a group of people rushed out of the building, and immediately surrounded Xia Beibei and Liu Muxue.

The group was headed by a tall and strong-looking man with a bald head and a fierce look in his eyes.

“Boy, give her to us quickly!”

Before the fierce bald head could speak, the little brothers behind him were already clamoring.


 Xia Beibei couldn’t help but sneer, and between her hands, there was a purple lightning ball!

The very happy person who had been clamoring just now became a corpse in an instant.


Xia Beibei raised his eyebrows and stared at the big bald head opposite to him: “This young master has taken his fancy on this girl. If you don’t want to die, get lost for Laozi!”

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