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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 98

Chapter 98: The Demon Girl 7


Xia Beibei’s single attack was equivalent to a ruthless and murderous finishing move.

In an instant, many disciples of Wutong Villa in the courtyard had been killed. Even the luckiest one was still wounded severely after being attacked indiscriminately by countless hidden weapons. Yue Yuanying’s face changed drastically as he looked at the myriad corpses scattering around him. He immediately waved his long sword as he violently attacked Xia Beibei: “Demon girl! Courting for death!”


In the face of Yue Yuanying’s attack, Xia Beibei just sneered in response. The dignified Wutong Villa; the century-old family of Wutong Villa; the owner of Wutong Villa, who is respected by everyone in the martial arts. Actually, how many people know that this hero is facing the dead end?

From the high-spirited youth to the present middle-aged extravagance. Many people are being blinded by fame and profit. They started to lose their bearing in a love affair and indulging in a life of luxury.

Chivalrous heroes? The villa’s owner? The righteous people of the Wulin circle?

Everything is just a ploy to deceive others and oneself!

Today’s Yue Yuanying only looked strong outwardly. He was, in fact, weak in reality. Even if his spirit was willing to fight, he has no strength to back his will. In his confrontation with Xia Beibei, it didn’t take long for him to retreat!


Yue Yuanying also knew that he was not the opponent of the Xueyi sect’s Demon Girl. Therefore, he immediately called his son: “Feng’er! What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Are you going to blankly stand there and watch our people die in the hand of this witch?

Hearing his father’s words, Yue Zhengfeng hesitated for a moment. However, he still rushed up with his sword: “A’ Lan, you and I are master of each side, forgive me for this offense!”

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Xia Beibei’s eyes became even colder when he saw the attitude of the Yue father and son: “Yue Zhengfeng, you don’t deserve to call my name. You are not qualified!”

While talking, Xia Beibei’s attack became more and more fierce. With her entanglement with both father and son, everyone from the Xueyi sect began to desperately fight back. Within a moment, they had already killed many ​​Wutong Villa’s people. Regardless of whether it was male or female, without exception, no one was left behind!

Seeing that the people in his Wutong Villa were about to die and severely wounded, Yue Yuanying couldn’t help calling out loudly: “Expert! Please help my Wutong Villa get through this disaster! I will be forever indebted to you!”


Indeed, there is a man behind the scenes?

Hearing Yue Yuanying’s words, Xia Beibei started to become a little bit curious. Who on Earth can train Yue Zhengfeng to become a martial arts master in such a short time?

A coarse fellow like Yue Yuanying couldn’t do it on his own.

However, even after Yue Yuanying shouted for a long time, and the killing continued in the courtyard, not a single shadow appeared to heed his call.

That person…

Yue Yuanying was really anxious at this time. He had been the villa owner half of his lifetime. During that time, he has been enjoying the support and love from the people of Feng County. He lived a happy life, even more, comfortable and freer than the Emperor. He could not just watch it blankly and let those Xueyi sect’s people ruined everything!

“Expert! As long as you are willing to help, I will not mistreat you!”

Yue Yuanying continued to shout. Looking at him being distracted, Xia Beibei’s eyes narrowed. A chance!

Five darts flew out suddenly from Xia Beibei’s cuff.

“Careful!” Yue Zhengfeng, on the side, immediately wielded his weapon to help his father swept down two hidden weapons. Seeing that, Yue Yuanying came back to his senses and hurriedly dodged another two. However, he missed the last dart and the opportunity to avoid it. The gleaming hidden weapon deeply pierced Yue Yuanying’s chest. Yue Yuanying’s face became pale and stiff as black blood spilled from his injury. He died before he could even say another word!

“Father! Father!”

Yue Zhengfeng rushed over frantically, holding his father’s body tightly: “Father!”

Yue Yuanying already took his last breath. The poison on this hidden weapon was highly toxic and immediately able to seal the blood in his throat.

“Ye Lan!”

Yue Zhengfeng raised his head as he looked at Xia Beibei with complicated eyes.

He might have felt guilty and remorse towards Ye Lan before. However, from this moment on, there was a touch of indelible hatred.

He couldn’t live under the same sky as his father’s killer!

“Ye Lan, I don’t want to make an enemy of you, but you ought not to have killed my father yourself.”

Yue Zhengfeng stood up and looked at Xia Beibei with cold eyes.

Hearing what he said, Xia Beibei couldn’t help but sneer: “Are you sick? You are only allowed to kill me, but I am not allowed to resist, right? Yue Zhengfeng, did your brain got flooded or something? Your Wutong Villa people are my Ye Lan, absolutely irreconcilable enemies. You want me to die, but now I am still alive. It is a matter of course that I returned for my revenge! Why is it that when I killed people, I was branded as bringing harm, but it was all for justice when you do it? What a joke! Do you think the world revolves around you?”

This man is a retard. Full stop.

It was really unknown why Ye Lan liked such an inexplicable person at the beginning.

It’s a waste of breath to continue discussing it. After killing Yue Yuanying, Xia Beibei immediately rushed towards Yue Zhengfeng without hesitation: “Yue Zhengfeng, tonight, it is either you or me who will live! “

Xia Beibei relentlessly pressed her opponents without mercy. Under her suppression, Yue Zhengfeng could only retreat step by step.

After all, Yue Zhengfeng was only a half martial arts person. Although his martial arts were superb, his training time was short. Ye Lan had been fighting alongside the Xueyi sect since she was a child. She has been going down the mountain to perform tasks since she was thirteen years old. She was an executioner whose hands were stained with blood.

Although the current Xia Beibei could not fully display Ye Lan’s original strength, she could express 70% to 80% of the original’s power. It was not too difficult for her to kill Yue Zhengfeng.

At this time, the Wutong Villa people were almost killed or severely wounded. Seeing that he was being forced to the corner by Xia Beibei, Yue Zhengfeng’s heart started to despair——

Could it be that Wutong Villa is going to perish under this sky?

Will the Wutong villa that was created by the ancestor being washed with blood by Ye Lan?

Leaving not even dog and chicken behind!

It was because of the dream that the senior Expert had shown to him that nade Yue Zhengfeng gave up his dream of becoming the scholar champion and instead began to desperately practice martial arts.

He wanted to change the fate of his family. He only wanted to change the tragic fate of Wutong Villa from being destroyed.

Even if the senior Expert arranged him to kill Ye Lan himself. He still did it.

However, by now, everything is like the reincarnation of fate. What should have happened still happened.

He should just give up.

Maybe this is fate?

At this moment, Yue Zhengfeng suddenly gave up his struggle. Seeing Yue Zhengfeng being dazed, Xia Beibei narrowed her eyes and stabbed her sword towards Yue Zhengfeng without hesitation.

Don’t expect her to be merciful to this man.

She is not Ye Lan.

Even if Ye Lan is still alive, she can no longer show mercy to this man!


A hidden weapon flew from the dark night and hit Xia Beibei’s sword, causing it to deviate. This is…

Xia Beibei was taken aback. The next moment, a white figure came down from high up in the sky.

In the dark night, this touch of white was particularly dazzling and inspire awe. En, in popular words, it blinds everyone’s dog’s eyes.

That person looked like a very young man. He wore a pure white suit from bottom to top as he floated down like an immortal. This is supposed to look like a Daoist immortal, but at this moment, the angular face of the man in white carries an endless playful look.

He squinted his eyes and looked at Xia Beibei. His posture was languid as he said in ridicule manner: “Ye… Lan?”

He was sure that Ye Lan could not survive such a severe injury more than a month ago. She should have been a “dead person”. But now, she is still alive and appears boldly here. If so, then there is only one possibility——

This “Ye Lan” is not the real Ye Lan!

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