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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 97

Chapter 97: The Demon Girl 6


Xia Beibei stayed in that inn for two days. The strange thing was that she didn’t even encounter Feng Jiutian in these two days. That person seemed to have never left his room. Even when it was time for dinner, he called the waiter to send his food to his place.

By the next night, Xia Beibei was informed through a secret code that all her xiaongdi selected for this mission finally gathered at one of the abandoned courtyards in Feng County.

In the dim light of the night, Xia Beibei, dressed in red, treaded along the dark road. Her delicate and pretty face appeared cold.

“Holy priestess.”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s figure, all of them bowed as they saluted respectfully.

“Everyone has worked hard coming all the way.”

Xia Beibei raised her eyes and glanced at the people in the courtyard: “Now there is something that happened to Wutong Villa. Therefore, I decided to change the plan and attack Wutong Villa tonight. Are you ready?”


The answer given to Xia Beibei was neat and unified, full of murderous expressions.


When Xia Beibei heard everyone’s answers, her expression got even more severe. She raised her hand and made a start gesture- In the night with high wind, it is the right time for slaughter!


Wutong Villa, Gaomen Courtyard. 

The entire mountain villa was located at the center of Feng County. Bordered by mountains on one side and water on the other, the environment was remarkably quiet. The Wutong name came from the Chinese parasol trees that surrounded the Villa’s circumference.

At this time, the night is quiet. Many of the disciples and people of Wutong Villa were already fall asleep.

In the backyard of the Villa, the courtyard of the young owner was still lit by candlelight. Yue Zhengfeng’s maid, Fenglan, was cautiously holding the wine bottle, as she looked at her Master with a worried look: “Young Master, please stop drinking. It’s already late at night. You should rest early.”

Hearing Fenglan’s words, Yue Zhengfeng raised his head hazily. His eyes were intoxicated. Seeing Fenglan’s face next to him, Yue Zhengfeng squinted his eyes subconsciously: “Fenglan, do you know? I really wanted to get drunk. However, no matter how much alcohol I drink, my mind still sober.”

Soberly remembered her every frown and smile. Clearly recalled, his long sword pierced through her thin body that day.

At that moment, her widened eyes and unbelievable appearance was still profoundly imprinted on Yue Zhengfeng’s mind.

A’ Lan, Ye Lan.

Even now, Yue Zhengfeng still hopes that everything he had experienced was a big dream——

When he woke up from this dream, A’ Lan will still appear in front of him. She will smile and tell him that she is not the demon girl from Xueyi Sect. She is not a female monster who killed others without blinking her eyes. She is merely a girl who is not versed in the affairs of the world—a little girl with a sweet smiling face.

If that is so…

How good would it be?

Yue Zhengfeng lowered his eyes as it was reflected in the clear drink. Those eyes that were once high-spirited were now bloodshot.

“Ye Lan will definitely die. She and Wutong Villa have an irreconcilable adversary. Yue Zhengfeng, are you going to ruin the 100-year foundation of Wutong Villa and your family for your own personal affairs?”

That person’s voice echoed in Yue Zhengfeng’s mind again–

Family or personal feelings?

He resolutely chose the former.

Everyone has to make a lot of choices in their life. Since he had chosen this, he must continue unswervingly.


What rights and qualifications did he have to regret?

Yue Zhengfeng, you are just a coward.


Yue Zhengfeng ridiculed himself. He grabbed the glass and drank the wine in one gulp. He then again raised his hand to grab the bottle held by Fenglan and filled himself with another glass of wine.

“Young master…”

Fenglan, on the side, looked at Yue Zhengfeng with painful eyes. She was about to say something when suddenly, there was noisy fighting coming from the outside the Villa.

What happened?

Yue Zhengfeng’s eyes changed abruptly as he stood up with a grim face.

“Young, Young Master!” At this time, the guards who should have been patrolling outside the yard rushed into Yue Zhengfeng’s room: “Young Master, this is not good! The Xueyi sect is here!”

Xueyi sect?

Could it be that… Hu Yandian sent someone over to avenge Ye Lan? There have been rumours in Jianghu that Hu Yandian and Ye Lan have an excellent relationship. Ye Lan has been in an accident for more than a month. In fact, Yue Zhengfeng had been waiting for Hu Yandian to arrive. He did not expect that Hu Yandian would appear so late…

At this time, the entire Wutong Villa was ablaze in a fire.

The people from the Xueyi sect wore a set of a red robe. Wherever they go, the blood will splatter, and anguishes wailing will sound.

The moment Yue Zhengfeng rushed to the front yard, he saw countless of Wutong Villa people got injured and killed. He immediately joined the battle and quickly killed several Xueyi sect’s disciples. 

At this moment, the disciples of Wutong Villa gradually gathered from all over the Villa. Even the Wutong Villa’s Master, Yue Yuanying, fought murderously with the Xueyi sect’s people. Slowly, the situation at the courtyard started to reverse. The people from the Xueyi sect began to suffer defeat after defeat under the hand of the Wutong Villa’s people.

Beyond every one’s expectation, silver needles started to dance in the breeze as far as eyes can see. Simultaneously, a red-figure came down from the sky like a butterfly.

As the red dress fluttered, countless disciples from Wutong Villa fell to the ground in response.

The blossom’s rainstorm!

Xueyi sect’s demon girl, Ye Lan!

When Xia Beibei’s figure suddenly appeared, everyone from Wutong Villa had their eyes wide-opened. They looked at her in horror as if seeing a ghost—

More than a month ago, Ye Lan had killed many people from Wutong Villa all by herself. This red-figure left an indelible impression on all Wutong Villa’s disciples.

“A’ Lan…”

At this moment, Yue Zhengfeng also put down his long sword as he stared dully at Xia Beibei, who suddenly appeared in front of him.

“A’ Lan, are you… still alive?”

Am I dreaming?

At this time, Yue Zhengfeng looked at Xia Beibei’s face blankly, until a burst of exclamation sounded in his ears. As soon as Yue Zhengfeng recovered, the long sword in Xia Beibei’s hand pierced him.

Yue Zhengfeng didn’t even evade her, nor did he move around. He just stared at Xia Beibei’s face in a daze.

“A’ Lan, I…”

He wanted to say sorry to her. For more than a month, every time he dreamed of her at night, he could see her face and her dying figure with blood all over her body—

A’ Lan, I’m sorry. I don’t want this to happen either.

I… have no choice.

Yue Zhengfeng opened his mouth and was about to speak. At this moment, a large silver light flashed by. Yue Yuanying’s long sword suddenly pierced through the two of them.

“Feng’er, careful!”

Yue Yuanying responded to Xia Beibei’s offensive while quickly pulling his son to his side!

“Feng’er! Be sober, don’t be fooled by this demon girl again!”

At this moment, Yue Yuanying’s voice was extraordinarily loud and clear: “The evildoers of the Xueyi sect! You are just the scorn in the martial arts world. Only you will resolve to mount a sneak attack at night! A group of scoundrels! Where is there to fear!”

The target of scorn?

Hearing Yue Yuanying’s words, Xia Beibei smiled: “If we are scoundrel, then what you are? Undead cockroach? Old man! Don’t talk nonsense! When a large group of your Wutong Villa bullied a little girl, you are not even as good as us who is the target of scorn!”

While speaking, Xia Beibei once again raised her hand. Countless hidden weapons started to rain from the sky.

The poisoned hidden weapon can attack indiscriminately. As long as the people in the yard were shot, a blood seal will immediately appear on their throats. By then, they will be unable to recover!

Since it is a murder weapon, there is no distinction between justice and wickedness.

To kill is to kill.

The so-called punishment towards the wicked and evil is nothing but a high-sounding excuse that those pompous righteous people find themselves after killing others.

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