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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 12


The next day, Xia Beibei and his party left the inn early in the morning. Xia Beibei did not want to stay too long at the boundary of Jin Kingdom. What if she accidentally met the male lead’s rival, Mo Qianlin?

Cough, cough, cough. For Xia Beibei’s unreasonable worries, this time, Boss Yan deeply agrees.

After meeting the protagonist Qin Zizhen last night, Yan Yicheng saw that Qin Zizhen had a good first impression of Xia Beibei. Even if he knew that she was An Yutong, the young mistress of Bliss Palace, Qin Zizhen did not dislike her.

For this, Boss Yan could not help but felt stifled——

Things that were obviously impossible to happen happened.

Could it be that Xia Beibei is wearing a halo?

For example, the female lead’s rival’s counterattacks halo?

For the sake of safety, Yan Yicheng simply told Yun Ruixi and asked him to take out the domineering flying spirit ship as the group began their flying trip again.

I have to say that Yan Yicheng really guessed it right this time, but he did not think deeply about it at that time. By the time he realized everything, it was obviously already a bit too late…

“Second prince, look at that flying spirit ship. How domineering!”

When the flying spirit ship passed by the imperial capital of Jin, there were two figures in the imperial city climbing high on a high platform. As they looked into the distance, they saw Yun Ruixi’s flying spirit ship at a glance.

“It is the flying ship of the Wuji Gate’s Master.”

The cold voice slowly sounded. Mo Qianlin, dressed in purple, raised his eyes slightly and stared at the flying ship that flashed by: “Looking at their direction, it seems that they are heading towards the Chu Kingdom.”

The Chu Kingdom?

People on the side heard Mo Qianlin mentioning the Chu Kingdom and immediately said: “Second Prince, do you remember that Princess Luo Qingge of Chu Kingdom? I heard that she went to the Medicine Sect to be an outer disciple! You tell me, isn’t she a waste? Why didn’t she stay at the palace and just become a princess? Didn’t she think that she is already embarrassing enough by being a mere handyman?”

Luo Qingge?

Mo Qianlin’s dark eyes flashed slightly: “Luo Qingge, who is that?”

Prince’s attendant:…

Ahem, I almost forgot, our second prince is someone with face blindness!

Yes, Mo Qianlin is someone with face blindness.

In the novel, he reunited with the Female Lead, Luo Qingge, two years later. At that time, Luo Qingge was already able to cultivate. Mo Qianlin also did not know that Luo Qingge was the foolish girl who had crazily pursuing himself before.

Just because he did not remember doesn’t mean that the Female Lead would already forget about it!

The Female Lead had always thought that Mo Qianlin was looking down at the original owner waste wood, so she went against Mo Qianlin everywhere as she tried to put him in an embarrassing situation.  As a result, after a long time, she really attracted Mo Qianlin’s attention.

He could not remember anyone else, but he remembers her.

Once, these two people fell into a trap together, and Mo Qianlin accidentally talked about his face blindness. Only then did Luo Qingge know that Mo Qianlin had never looked down upon the original owner. Every time he met someone, he would not be able to recognize him the second time. This is not because he is ignoring and despising others, but he is really sick and can’t remember them.

After the Female Lead learned the truth, she felt she had misunderstood Mo Qianlin and was very guilty. Therefore, she took out her pill and medicinal materials to help Mo Qianlin advance. She also helped him heal his illness and assisted him. The two people then worked together and finally escaped from the trap.

With the help from the Female Lead, after Mo Qianlin returned to his sect, he began to have a different feeling for Luo Qingge. Unfortunately, the Female Lead at that time did not notice Mo Qianlin’s feelings.

Later, when Mo Qianlin wanted to confess, he realized that Luo Qingge was already with Qin Zizhen!

That is right! The legendary Second Male Lead’s mantra- their confession is always a step slower than the Male Lead!

This is as cheating as the [Male Lead’s confession must always be interrupted by other] curse!

However, as an infatuated Second Male Lead, even if he knew that his sweetheart already belonged to others, Mo Qianlin still chose to protect her silently.

Until the end of his life…


The Chu Kingdom, the imperial city.

As soon as they approached the Imperial City of Chu Kingdom, Yun Ruixi put away the flying ship and changed their outfits. They all looked like ordinary wealthy children as they entered the Imperial City with a large group of an entourage.

The imperial capital of the mortal kingdom was naturally different from other places. The most powerful cultivation sect on the mainland shelters all the three mortal empires in the entire continent. Every few years, they have to help the great sect select qualified disciples and pay a lot of talent and treasure to protect their country.

In the imperial city of each empire, naturally, there are elders of the martial arts who take turns to oversee the town.

The elder of the Hunyuan Sect oversaw the imperial city of Chu

Speaking of Hunyuan Sect, Xia Beibei thought of An Yangmu, who was An Yutong’s brother. An Yangmu was actually a disciple of the Hunyuan Sect, and he was also quite popular.

Many people in the Hunyuan faction know An Yangmu’s identity, but those brothers did not isolate him. This is why An Yangmu has been hell-bent on staying at the Hunyuan sect.

It is just that this dull kid would never know that every year, the Bliss Palace will secretly send a lot of spirit stones and medicinal materials to Hunyuan as payment.

These are all ordered by Bai Lan. The purpose is to let the Hunyuan faction treat her son well.

In the past two years, when Bai Lan was in retreat, these things were settled by An Yutong. She kept this secret until she was forced into a dead-end before she told An Yangmu the truth. It is a pity that at that time, their brothers and sisters were already at the end of each other swords and could never go back to the beginning…

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“The imperial capital of Chu is magnificent!”

Walking on the long street of the imperial capital, Fang Lingtian could not help sighing as he looked at the young beauties coming and going on the road.

Since ancient times, Chu Kingdom had produced many beautiful women, and he did not come to the wrong place!

Unlike Fang Lingtian’s focus, Xia Beibei has been looking at all kinds of snacks and gadgets sold in the streets of the Imperial Capital. She will buy anything that caught her fancy. As for the matter of paying it, Young Master Yun naturally handled it.

The matter of carrying the bag fell on Fang Lingtian and the other entourage.

Seeing Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng walking further and further, side-by-side, Yun Ruixi put away his wallet and subconsciously touched his chin: “Why does this young master always feel that something is wrong?”

Fang Lingtian:…

Did you just notice it?

On the way, the young mistress of our family has been chatting and laughing with the lord of the Xuanyin Temple. Even a blind person would realize that they have been flirting with each other’s, okay?

For Yun Ruixi’s oversight, Fang Lingtian was also feeling befuddled.

In fact, when Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng were together, there was indeed a special aura surrounding them known as tacit understanding.

It is just that Xia Beibei did not notice it.

She seemed to be accustomed to meeting him in every mission and accustomed to spending time with him in this strange mission world.

She did not need him to help her with the tasks. She just needs him to accompany her, be by her side, listen to her own words, watch her occasionally being stupid, and have a big meal with her. These are enough for her.

Being with him, Xia Beibei feels comfortable from the bottom of her heart.

Only at this time, she still did not realize that this kind of comfortable feeling was not something that everyone can give her…

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