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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 31


The black market in Yunshui City was a more welcome existence to the cultivator and common people compared to the auction house. Anyone can come to visit the market, regardless of the cultivation level, and there was also no entrance fee.

In this place, you can get rich overnight, and you can also buy the most expensive treasures with the least amount of money. In short, the black market transaction would not care about the origin of the item. As long as you are willing to negotiate a good price with the seller, the buyer and the seller are not allowed to go back on their words once the deal was completed.

Over the years, the rules in the black market have always been like this. If someone dared to break the rules openly, that person would not only be expelled, they would also be blacklisted and unable to take half a step into Yunshui City in their whole life!


Xia Beibei was very happy when she came to the black market for the first time. However, as she walked around, she suddenly became unhappy.

That was all because she saw Mo Qianlin’s figure from far away. It turned out that he did not leave Yunshui City but also came to visit the black market!

Anyway, this black market was opened on a fixed date. She could not possibly act overbearingly and prevent others from buying things!

I…I will pretend that I did not see you!

Xia Beibei deliberately pulled Yan Yicheng and walked another way. As a result, after walking shortly, she saw two people quarrelling over a piece of merchandise. Although both of them were wearing cloaks of hidden breath, it was still obvious that these two people were men and women.

Furthermore, Xia Beibei also knew that it was her acquaintance.

“This book skill was seen by me first!”

Luo Qingge clutched the item in her hand tightly and did not seem intent to let it go.

Your mom!

Do you think it is easy for her? Since the last time she was robbed by those evil spirits, Cixiong Shuangsha, Luo Qingge has returned and used the system to refine more pills regardless of days and nights. She intends to go to the black market that was opened on the 20th to try her luck. Who knows that halfway through the road, I ran into this dead luck star, Mo Qianlin!

A man like that deserves to die!


At the thought of the original owner who desperately loved him to the inch of her life, Luo Qingge still felt soft and fed a detoxification pill into Mo Qianlin’s mouth.

Actually, she regretted it after giving him that medicine!

However, the pill already melted in the mouth, and she could not take it back. Moreover, Luo Qingge did not want anything to do with Mo Qianlin, so she left immediately and continued her journey to Yunshui City. Finally, she managed to arrive just before the opening of the black market this month.

Today, Luo Qingge’s goal was apparent. She wants to buy a cultivation book and nothing more.

She has been shopping in the black market for a long time. It was not like there was no such thing as a good cultivation book, but the price was too high, and she could not afford it now. Finally, she saw a mysterious book in the small stall. However, before Luo Qingge could buy it, she met an extremely annoying, unexpected guest!

“This fellow Dao friend, you haven’t traded yet, right?”

Seeing Luo Qingge’s appearance of not wanting to let go, Qin Zizhen on the side condensed his eyes coldly. He then turned to look at the stall owner on the side: “Stall owner, come on, if you are willing to sell to this person, I will definitely not going to force it!”


Hearing Qin Zizhen’s words, the stall owner smiled slightly: “This girl just glanced at it and didn’t make a bid. According to our black market rules, the book will go to the highest bidder if the two cultivators really like it. This is fair, right?”

“Five thousand lower-grade spirit stones!”

As soon as the stall owner’s voice fell, Luo Qingge spoke: “You told me that it was a 2,000 lower-grade spirit stone. Now I have more than doubled it for you. Are you satisfied?”

“Ten thousand lower-grade spirit stones!”

Qin Zizhen slowly opened his mouth: “I will double the price again. What do you think of it, stall owner?”

Luo Qingge:…

Your mom! You really have a thing for this lady, don’t you?

“I offer fifteen thousand lower-grade spirit stones!”

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The two people started bidding vigorously, and many people who were watching the excitement surrounded them.

Xia Beibei could not help shook her head when she saw this scene. The Male Lead’s money was not the opponent of the Female Lead at all!

But, Female Lead still has a large number of elixirs…and pills.


Xia Beibei suddenly remembered that she seemed to have robbed many pills from Luo Qingge last time.

So… did the Female Lead have enough pills on her?

She couldn’t be…

“Forget it. I can’t compete with you! Since you have so much money, you are the Lord!”

At this time, Xia Beibei suddenly heard Luo Qingge’s announcement as she let go of the book with regret on her face.

Xia Beibei:…

Female Lead-Daren! You must not, ah!

This is the capital for your counterattack, ah! This cultivation book is a peerless secret book, ah!

Are you going to discard it so easily?

Seeing Luo Qingge leaving figure, and Qin Zizhen appearance of putting the secret book in his bag, suddenly a cold male voice sounded loudly.

“Boss, I also like this book. Can I participate in the bidding?”

Yan Yicheng strolled to the booth in a leisurely manner. His pair of eyes had fallen on the book.

Li Fantian?

Qin Zizhen saw Yan Yicheng as soon as he lifted his eyes slightly. Others naturally could not see his original appearance, but Qin Zizhen could.

He subconsciously glanced behind Yan Yicheng and saw Xia Beibei as expected. After a few days, the aura on her body seemed to have undergone a subtle change.

She has been promoted!

Feeling the complicated and fiery sight of the male protagonist, Xia Beibei could not help shivering. She immediately hurried to Yan Yicheng’s side and embraced his arm affectionately: “My dear, this cultivation method looks very interesting. Yes, I want it. No, I want everything in this stall! You pack it all for me!”

Under the stall owner’s excited and pleasantly surprised eyes, Xia Beibei smiled softly at Yan Yicheng and said: “It was you who said that you would buy me whatever I liked. You can’t go back on your words!”


Yan Yicheng smiled slightly and turned to look at the stall owner: “I want all your stuff. Could you quote me a price? As long as it is not too outrageous, I will not bargain!”

The stall owner:…

See? Did you see it?

What is a local tyrant? This is a local tyrant, ah!

“This fellow Daoist is indeed straightforward. Okay, I will not cheat you either. Ten-thousand middle-grade spirit stones! This is a conscience price! Everything, including that practice method, is yours!”

Ten-thousand middle-grade spirit stones? Your mom, you still dare to say that this is the price of conscience? Are you kidding me?

This stall owner was really not an ordinary black-hearted seller. Yet, our family is rich in wealth, and we do not care about this spirit stone!

Seeing that Yan Yicheng had already started to make payment, Qin Zizhen hesitated a bit but finally let go of his mind.

In fact, he only saw that this practice method was interesting and wanted to spend some money to buy it for research purposes. However, since An Yutong has also taken a fancy to this thing…

He will not rob her. After all, she is still his saviour!

After buying the practice book, Xia Beibei packed everything, threw it into the storage bag, and quickly pulled Yan Yicheng away from Qin Zizhen’s sight…

There are many stalls in the black market, and the goods are even more dazzling. Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng walked around the black market again. After buying many things, Xia Beibei remembered that she still had some business to do–

Well, yes, she decided to rob the Female Lead again!

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