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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Villainous Bestie (29)



“Bai Tingting, let’s meet and talk. It’s at the café next to the school. I’ll be waiting for you.”

When Bai Tingting received the message from Xia Beibei, she was at home doing household chores. Upon reading the message, her face lit up with excitement.

Throughout her life, she had very few friends with whom she could honestly talk, and Wu Yan was the most exceptional among them.

Bai Tingting didn’t want to lose Wu Yan as a friend. It was Wu Yan who had helped her break free from her weakness, who had told her to stand up and say “no” to those who bullied her.

Even though Wu Yan had many flaws, Bai Tingting understood that nobody was perfect. She genuinely considered Wu Yan as her close sister.

After putting her phone away, Bai Tingting ignored her mom’s nagging for the first time, left everything behind, changed into different clothes, and hurriedly left her home.

There were several cafés with an elegant style near the Di Feng No. 9 School, but Wu Yan used to take Bai Tingting and Song Li to only one of them.

Bai Tingting headed straight to that café. As expected, she saw Wu Yan sitting in her usual spot. Wu Yan was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. It was a simple outfit, yet it looked exceptionally good on her.

Indeed, Wu Yan was a princess who would shine wherever she stood. She was born to live in the clouds.

“Wu Yan!”

Bai Tingting smiled and quickly rushed over to Wu Yan. She pulled a chair and sat down slowly.

Upon seeing Bai Tingting’s figure, Xia Beibei, without thinking, looked at her and said, “You’re here. What would you like to drink? Order anything you want; it’s on me.”

“Wu Yan, you’ve finally forgiven me!”

Once Bai Tingting sat down, she raised her hand to grab Xia Beibei, but Xia Beibei swiftly moved out of the way, saying, “Bai Tingting, I can forgive you too.”

While speaking, Xia Beibei took out a brand new set of exercise books from her bag.

“This is the latest exercise book. Help me do all of them, but don’t tell anyone you did it. As long as you help me this time, we’ll still be good sisters!”

“What’s this…”

Bai Tingting looked at the brand-new exercise book, her gaze slightly narrowed. “Wu Yan, I can help you, but deceiving An Yichen like this will eventually be exposed. Have you thought about the consequences? He’s a proud person. If he finds out, he’s been deceived…”

“If you don’t say anything, how will he know?”

Xia Beibei suddenly stood up and leaned in, her cold gaze fixed on Bai Tingting. “Bai Tingting, it seems like you’ve sensed it a long time ago but never said a word. I’ve underestimated you!”

While talking, Xia Beibei put the exercise book back into her bag. “Forget it, if you won’t help me, I can find someone else. Money can make the devil turn the mill.”

Saying that, Xia Beibei pulled out two hundred yuan bills and placed them under her cup. Then, she got up to leave.

“Wu Yan, wait for me!”

Seeing her about to leave as soon as she spoke, Bai Tingting naturally hurried to catch up.

Xia Beibei walked briskly ahead, and it seemed like she was about to cross the road. At that moment, a black sedan suddenly came rushing by. The car slammed on its brakes, and two men jumped out of it. They grabbed Xia Beibei and forcefully pushed her into the car.

Everything happened so quickly. By the time Bai Tingting regained her senses, Wu Yan had already been abducted!

“Help, someone’s been kidnapped!”

Bai Tingting shouted loudly while instinctively dialing the emergency number.


Inside the car…

“Miss Wu, are you alright?”

The “kidnappers” who had just acted swiftly looked at her nervously.

Xia Beibei moved her hands and feet, realizing she had been abducted for the second time in the mission world. She seemed really unlucky.

However, this time, these people were Boss Yan’s men.

“I’m fine.”

Xia Beibei leaned back in her seat comfortably. A person next to her immediately handed her a box of juice.

“This is juice personally squeezed by the young master. He said it’s your favorite flavor.”

“Tsk tsk, he’s considerate.”

Xia Beibei smiled faintly. “Where’s your young master now?”

“The young master is waiting for Miss Wu at the villa.”

Seeing that Xia Beibei was in a good mood, the person beside her breathed a sigh of relief.

They had been with Xie Jincheng for a long time, and they knew that the young master was unpredictable, ruthless, and bloodthirsty. How many people had died at his hands over the years?

When had they ever seen the young master speak to someone else with such a friendly tone, with such gentle eyes? Even the elderly Mr. Xie didn’t receive such treatment as Miss Wu!

This was true love!

Undoubtedly true love!

That day, the young master saw Miss Wu on a date with the young master from the An family. He acted like nothing had happened.

At that moment, in reality, the hearts of all their subordinates were in turmoil:

Young master, are you still the ruthless and heartless master who disowns his own family?

Indeed, love makes people blind!

The black car unobtrusively drove into Xie Jincheng’s villa in the suburbs.

Xia Beibei exited the car and entered the villa, accompanied by the person next to her. As soon as she entered the room, she was greeted by the scent of roses filling the entire house.

“What’s going on?”

Xia Beibei was taken aback when she entered the room. However, her confusion grew even more when she saw Boss Yan, dressed in a black suit, descending from upstairs.

“You’re here?”

Yan Yicheng waved his hand, and the other people in the villa immediately retreated tactfully.

Ahem, when the young master is conducting important business, nobody is allowed to disturb him. Not only do all the people have to leave, but also all the villa’s surveillance cameras must be turned off.

Seeing that everyone had left, Yan Yicheng smiled at Xia Beibei. “This is Xie Jincheng’s habit, well… it’s a little quirk.”


Xia Beibei was speechless.

My god, this is beyond creepy, even when forcing someone, you have to make it like a marriage proposal.

“Go take a shower.”

Yan Yicheng glanced at Xia Beibei’s clothes as he spoke calmly. “I’ve prepared hot water upstairs. After you take a shower, they should arrive here!”

On their way, their vehicle did not deliberately avoid surveillance cameras, so when the police noticed the kidnappers’ car entering Xie Jincheng’s villa on the monitor, they were also quite surprised—

Is kidnapping happening in broad daylight like this?

However, the police had been watching the Xie family for years and could never catch them red-handed. This time, it seemed there was hope!

Upon learning that the police were going to Xie Jincheng’s villa to rescue the victim, Bai Tingting immediately volunteered to go along, but the police officers naturally rejected this request—

Who does she think she is? Has she watched too many TV dramas? Can the police bring outsiders with them when making arrests?

Meanwhile, An Yichen, who received the news, happened to arrive at the police station.

“Bai Tingting, what’s going on?”

“An Yichen, it’s Xie Jincheng! Xie Jincheng kidnapped Wu Yan!”


Upon hearing Bai Tingting’s words, An Yichen’s face immediately turned pale.

He recalled the words Xie Jincheng had spoken that night at the No. 7 Club—

“This kind of person, I have no interest. Since she’s your classmate, you can take her with you. As for your girlfriend, I’ve never seen her before… But, I’m starting to get a little interested!”

Could it be…

An Yichen immediately returned to his car, only to find that Bai Tingting was sitting in his car. “I’m coming too!”

She looked at An Yichen with determination in her eyes.


An Yichen did not dare to hesitate. He knew how dangerous Xie Jinchen was. If Wu Yan fell into his hands, the consequences would be…

An Yichen didn’t dare to think about it.

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