January 30, 2023

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 145

Chapter 145: The Villainess 28


Regarding Ning Chuan unexpected answer, not to mention Shen Linfeng, even Xia Beibei felt a little trapped——

Oops, did this baby accidentally turn on the aura of the Villain Mary Su? Even Ning Chuan took the initiative me?

After all, in the original plot that Xia Beibei knew, Ning Chuan and Gu Churong had almost nothing to do with each other. At most, the two of them were nodding acquaintances in the military department.

This time, for Ning Chuan to come to her inexplicably, could it be because…

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed. She suddenly thought of something. She then quickly looked over the crowd and searched for Yan Yicheng’s figure–

“Looking for me?”

A low-pitched male voice rang not far away, as Yan Yicheng walked elegantly in a black dress. He then gently raised his hand to embrace Xia Beibei’s shoulders: “Churong has agreed to dance the first dance with me. So, if you want to ask her, remember to line up!”

Ning Chuan: …

Shen Linfeng: …

“En, en.”

Seeing Yan Yicheng came here specifically to help her, Xia Beibei immediately smiled and leaned against him: “Yes, I have made an appointment with Colonel Lin, let’s go!”

With that, Xia Beibei turned and left with Yan Yicheng.

Ning Chuan did not have any extraordinary reaction as he continued standing still, yet, Shen Linfeng on the side was already looking distraught–

Are the times changing too fast? Or is it that I can’t keep up with the pace of the times? What the hell with Gu Churong and Lin Yixuan?

Should it not be that Miss Gu hate Young Master Lin the most?

Without paying attention to Shen Linfeng’s stunned expression, Xia Beibei followed Yan Yicheng to the dance floor. She keenly felt that the arms of the man beside her were stiff.

“Did your hand hurt?”

Xia Beibei could not help but ask with concern.

Yan Yicheng: …

Since this is his first time, BOSS Yan unexpectedly feel unaccustomed of holding a girl’s shoulders so proactively and openly.

Although, he had already embraced Xia Beibei many time before…

Ahem, but it was just a special situation during the mission. How can it be the same as now? Right?

“I’m not…”

Yan Yicheng wanted to explain, but realized that he had no excuses.

“Shall we dance?”

He looked at Xia Beibei. This was also the first time he actively invited a girl to dance.


Xia Beibei responded subconsciously. When Yan Yicheng took her to the dance floor, Xia Beibei finally remembered— Miss Gu seemed to be bad at dancing? However, she is not!

Aiya, do I have to pretend that I could not dance and then step on Colonel Lin’s foot a few more times?

Xia Beibei was planning when suddenly she felt a pain in her foot. She could not help but yell.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

“No, I’m sorry.”

At this time, Yan Yicheng was embarrassed to death. He did not know how to dance, but at the thought of dancing with someone he liked, Boss Yan could not calm down!

At this moment, he is entirely like a hairy boy who just discovers his first love. He is totally unable to do anything right, ah!

Xia Beibei: …

Why did you suddenly do that? You totally snatched my lines and actions. What do you want me to do then?

“Uh, it’s okay, let’s go and rest for a while!”

Xia Beibei took the opportunity to suggest something, and Yan Yicheng immediately nodded vigorously: “Okay, let me help you.”

“Deputy Commander, let me help you!”

It was unknown from where Lan Xiaowu pop out as she quickly held Xia Beibei’s hand and looked at Yan Yicheng with alertness in her cold eyes.

The sad BOSS Yan was regarded as a pervert once again.

“Xiaowu, why are you…”

Xia Beibei was stunned when she saw Lan Xiaowu’s figure. She then turned her head and looked around. Not long after, she saw Mu Chen’s figure in the crowd. Mu Chen’s eyes were chasing after Lan Xiaowu’s figure. When his eyes touched Xia Beibei’s gaze, he just nodded gently at her.

“Deputy Commander, let me help you sit there!”

Lan Xiaowu smiled and helped Xia Beibei while ignoring Young Master Mu. She also did not tell Xia Beibei that she parted with Mu Chen on bad terms.

Initially, she regarded Mu Chen as a confidant. She also admired Mu Chen. Unexpectedly, he confessed to her when they were dancing just now. Lan Xiaowu naturally rejected him immediately without hesitation.

All the military department people knew that Gu Churong likes Mu Chen. They were also aware that the Gu family was about to forge a connection with the Mu family through marriage. Lan Xiaowu always regards Gu Churong as her most generous benefactor. Therefore, she must not betray her or do anything sorry to her. Due to this, she strictly rejected Mu Chen’s confession…


Whatever you could not get is always the best.

After Mu Chen was rejected by Lan Xiaowu, he returned to the barracks. Her image continued to haunt his entire mind.

Mu Chen, who grew up with Male Lead’s aura since he was a child, has never been rejected. He knows that many women like him. Even the violent Gu Churong, who ignores all men, has a favourable attitude towards him.

Mu Chen knows that he is the genius of the Mu family. He also the future of the Empire. Unlike other people, he was someone with negative EQ.

For this reason, He felt that Lan Xiaowu was unique and pleasing to the eye when she rejected him!

At this time, Mu Chen decided to pursue Lan Xiaowu fiercely. Yet, at the same time, Elder Mu had also sent someone to call Mu Chen back to Mu’s house. He announced his decision to let him be engaged to Gu Churong!

This news undoubtedly likes a bolt of thunder for Mu Chen. He naturally refused desperately and finally angered Elder Mu until he had a heart attack. Seeing that his grandfather really made up his mind, Mu Chen had no choice but to concede. He agreed to his grandfather’s decision and promised him to choose a date for his engagement to Gu Churong.


News of the Gu family’s engagement with the Mu family soon spread throughout the capital.

When Xia Beibei heard the news, she was still in the Fourth Army.

“Congratulations, Deputy Commander!”

When Jian Ning and Lan Xiaowu heard the news, they ran to Xia Beibei’s bedroom to congratulate her.

Seeing the two girls laughing so happily, Xia Beibei was not happy at all—

Hearing Jian Ning’s revelation, Xia Beibei glanced at Lan Xiaowu subconsciously. At this time, there was no particular expression on Lan Xiaowu’s face.

When Xia Beibei saw this, her eyes flashed. She deliberately pretended not to care, and asked: “Commander Shen is a good person, um, the place where he invites you to eat must be very upscale? If he is too stingy and did not go to a good place, tell me once you come back, see how I clean him up!”

When Lan Xiaowu heard Xia Beibei’s words, the expression on her face looked somewhat awkward. She mumbled the name of a restaurant, which happened to be one of the best restaurants in the capital.

In fact, Lan Xiaowu only regarded Shen Linfeng as an ordinary friend. To get rid of Mu Chen’s repeated entanglement, she agreed to Shen Linfeng’s invitation.

Even though Lan Xiaowu had never been to that restaurant, she had heard of it. She was really not used to going to such a high-end place.

“I see!”

Xia Beibei quietly wrote down the name of the restaurant and smiled at Lan Xiaowu as she said: “It just so happens that I have a few sets of new clothes in my closet. They are all the latest ones. I will give you all that I haven’t worn. Remember to dress nicely when you go!”

Lan Xiaowu tried to refuse Xia Beibei’s “goodwill” initially. Still, she could not fight against Xia Beibei’s insistence, so she finally left with those clothes.

After Lan Xiaowu and Jian Ning left, Xia Beibei immediately called Yan Yicheng: “Lin Yixuan, I have something to tell you…”

Xia Beibei told the matter regarding Lan Xiaowu while lying on the bed. She could not help but sigh: “The plot is a bit messy at the moment. I decided to take the initiative. What do you think?”


Hearing that Xia Beibei was about to take the initiative, Yan Yicheng on the other end of the phone was indeed concerned: “What are you plan to do?”


Xia Beibei explained her plan to Yan Yicheng in detail, and then asked inquiringly, “What do you think of my idea?”

Hearing her plan, Yan Yicheng could not help but nodded: “Yes, just follow your own ideas! You…well, you still have the potential to be a villain, fighting!”

Xia Beibei: …

Are you really praising me? Right? Right?

You actually wanted to say that I am a bad person, aren’t you?

Xia Beibei was pouting as she hangs the phone. She then found a space card from one of her drawers and then used that space card to send a message to Mu Chen…

On weekends, the sky is high, and the clouds are pale.

Lan Xiaowu hesitated for a long time. To show respect to others, she put on the high-end dress given by Xia Beibei. She then went to the high-end restaurant according to the address specified by Shen Linfeng.

“Welcome, ma’am, do you have an appointment?”


Lan Xiaowu thought for a while and reported the private room number.

“Oh, please follow me!”

Hearing Lan Xiaowu’s words, the beautiful waitress’ eyes flashed as she led her to the door of a private room upstairs.

“My lady, please!”

“Thank you.”

This is the first time Lan Xiaowu had ever come to such a luxurious restaurant. She pushed in and saw a figure sitting at the table with his back facing her.

“Commander Shen?”

Lan Xiaowu subconsciously called out softly. The figure slowly turned around, revealing a handsome face.

“Mu Chen!”

Seeing Mu Chen’s face, Lan Xiaowu exclaimed in surprise.

“Are you disappointed to see me?”

Mu Chen smiled and stood up: “That guy Shen Linfeng has always been so unreliable, but it doesn’t matter. Since you are here, let’s have a meal together!”

Every male protagonist is an overbearing president in his bones, and Young Master Mu is no exception.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Lan Xiaowu shook her head slightly: “Forget it, I won’t eat anymore, I’m leaving!”

With that, she turned around and walked out the door.

“Lan Xiaowu!”

Mu Chen strode to catch up. At the door of the private room, he grabbed Lan Xiaowu’s wrist, then turned sideways, as he overbearingly trapped her between his arm.

Lan Xiaowu was leaning against the corridor’s wall as she looked at the man close at hand. Her expression immediately became flustered.

“Mu Chen, what are you doing? You let me go! This is a public place, don’t mess around!”

“Mess around?”

Mu Chen raised his lips and smiled: “What do you mean by messing around? I have not done anything yet. Do you want me to mess around with you?”

While talking, Mu Chen softly approached Lan Xiaowu’s cheeks. He actually liked to see her looking helpless and frustrated. That appearance of her looked particularly lovely.

“Today you are dressed so beautifully, do you want to show it to Shen Linfeng?”

Mu Chen’s breathe attacked Lan Xiaowu’s nerves little by little. His eyes looked both charming and dangerous.

At this moment, suddenly, an indifferent female voice rang behind the two people: “What are you doing?”

Xia Beibei, who had been prepared for a long time, appeared behind the two with a cold face. Neither sooner nor later. It was just right on time!

At this time, Xia Beibei would like to thank countless brain-disabled idol dramas for this inspiration-

Correct! You must be dedicated to be a proper villainess!

The atmosphere in the corridor became a little weird.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s voice, Mu Chen’s movements froze. In the meantime, Lan Xiaowu also took the opportunity to struggle out from Mu Chen’s confinement. Lan Xiaowu walked towards Xia Beibei anxiously while trying to explain the ins and outs explained helplessly: “Deputy Commander, listen to me, this matter is not…”


A loud slap fell on Lan Xiaowu’s face. Xia Beibei used seven points of strength, and half of Lan Xiaowu’s face immediately became red and swollen.

This slap made Lan Xiaowu stunned.

“Gu Churong, are you crazy?”

Seeing Xia Beibei raising her hand and hitting Lan Xiaowu, Mu Chen immediately rushed to grab her wrist.

“I’m crazy? The whole Empire knows that you are going to be engaged to me, but now you are fooling around with my subordinates here? Mu Chen, what do you think of me Gu Churong, and you!”

Xia Beibei turned his head and looked at Lan Xiaowu fiercely: “I am the one who tried to promote you and yet! I, Gu Churong, are truly blind. To think that I lead the wolf into the room! You slut is not worthy of staying in the Fourth Army!”

“Deputy Commander, I…”

Lan Xiaowu did not care about her face’s pain and wanted to explain. Yet, Xia Beibei didn’t give her this opportunity at all: “Is that my clothes that you wore today? I gave you the clothes and this is how you repay me? Using it to hook my fiancé? I no longer wanted to give you my clothes. You give me back– take it off, now!”

Take it off?

Hearing Xia Beibei’s unreasonable request, Lan Xiaowu suddenly felt stupid. Mu Chen on the side immediately shook Xia Beibei off as he raised his hand and pulled Lan Xiaowu to the side: “Xiaowu, let’s go! She is just a lunatic, ignore her!”

With that, Mu Chen took Lan Xiaowu and left. Perhaps she was shocked by Xia Beibei’s sudden change of attitude that she went with Mu Chen without a struggle!

“You wait for me!”

Xia Beibei cursed lowly behind the two people. She then turned around and walked to the door of another private room.

Pushing open the door, a table of delicacies has been prepared in the private room.

“Did you nailed it?”

Yan Yicheng heard the footsteps and immediately raised his head and glanced at Xia Beibei.

“Of course. So you think that this baby will fail when she makes a shot?”

Xia Beibei had long lost her exasperated expression just now. She smiled and sat opposite Yan Yicheng. There were so many delicious foods that she could not even look at all of it.

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