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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 100

Chapter 100: The Demon Girl 9


T/N: Wow we are at the 1/8 mark of this novel…ha..ha.. This is for today updates BTW. May I persist to the end LOL~

Seeing Feng Jiutian’s appearance, Chu Ran paused his movement. Immediately, he stared at Feng Jiutian’s face for a long time. Before long, his eyes flashed, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became weirder: “You are here. Tsk, look at this face, This Lord really felt unaccustomed!”


Feng Jiutian gently put down Xia Beibei from his arms. He then subconsciously put her behind him: “Chu Ran, what kind ability is it that you arbitrarily bully the newcomer? You are really getting… more and more depraved!”


Chu Ran couldn’t help laughing frantically.

“Do you know what depravity is? Do you even understand what feeling is? You don’t understand. You simply don’t understand anything at all!”

At this moment, Chu Ran’s eyes turned blood red. Endless pain and hatred were raging crazily in his eyes.

Endless murderous spirit. So much that it could cut the flowers and plants in the yard!

His Qi is taking physical form!

This is something that a martial artist at the peak of the realm can do! At this moment, Xia Beibei knew that when Chu Ran was playing against her, he only regards it as a game and did not even exert any effort.

Perhaps in his opinion, she is like an ant that can be trampled to death by his foot, anytime and anywhere.

This is the gap between the strong and the weak!

“Take her away!”

Feeling that Chu Ran was about to do his best, Feng Jiutian immediately whispered to a corner outside the courtyard. A figure that made Xia Beibei feel so familiar immediately appeared beside her.

Old Man Ji!

Xia Beibei looked at the bamboo hat’s man in surprise. Why is he here? Could it be that… he and Feng Jiutian are together?

Feng Jiutian pushed Xia Beibei into Old Man Ji’s arms: “Take her away! Immediately!”

Hearing Feng Jiutian’s words, Old Man Ji lowered his eyes and nodded vigorously: “Landlord Feng, thank you!”

While speaking, he did not hesitate to turn around and pick up the injured Xia Beibei as he tapped his toes lightly and quickly disappeared into the night.

That person is…

Looking at Old Man Ji’s back, Chu Ran was taken aback for a moment. Still, he quickly recovered and looked at Feng Jiutian indifferently: “Yan Yicheng, since when did you like to play this kind of role-playing games? Did you feel ashamed to meet people with your face or something?”

Feng Jiutian is Yan Yicheng.

And the reason why he came to this world is that this world’s plot has artificially tampered maliciously.

And the person who changed all the plots was Chu Ran.

He is law enforcement’s defector!

Simultaneously, he was also jointly wanted by the Time and Space Law Enforcement Alliance in the entire universe. He is an SSS-level wanted criminal, the time and space’s defector, Chu Ran!

Since Chu Ran rebelled against the Time and Space Law Enforcement Alliance, he committed crimes on various planes. He had maliciously tampered with the world plots of countless planes.

This time, it was the first time he appeared on the plane under Yan Yicheng’s jurisdiction.

Chu Ran was actually familiar with this plane. After all, he used to be Yan Yicheng’s companions who debuted at the same time with him as an enforcer.

Fate is fickle. Once, both of them were proud pair, unmatched in their generation. However, today, they finally met their match!

“Chu Ran.”

Even after hearing Chu Ran’s mock, Yan Yicheng still didn’t show any different expressions on his face: “Now the Alliance is still looking for you. You should follow me back. I will intercede this matter for you and asked the Alliance for a favor. Based on your previous contributions, the Alliance won’t do anything to you. You…”

“Enough, shut up!”

Chu Ran interrupted Yan Yicheng’s words. Contrarily to his relaxed posture while facing Xia Beibei, Chu Ran couldn’t calm down at all when he was in front of Yan Yicheng. He had travelled to so many planes, but he specifically avoided any plane under Yan Yicheng’s jurisdiction. In fact, he was escaping from his past, running from his former self, as well as escaping from the past that was buried in his heart.

And now, Chu Ran appeared here because he didn’t want to continue to escape.

He felt extremely boring wandering endlessly in various strange planes and continuously changing the fate of others.

Chu Ran knew that there was a dead knot in his heart. And this dead knot could only be solved by Yan Yicheng.

“Yan Yicheng, I don’t need your hypocrisy! From the moment you deny your close relatives to become a law enforcer, you and I are no longer friends, let alone brothers, we are… enemies!”

It’s an enemy, an enemy who cannot live under the same sky.

Hearing Chu Ran’s words, Yan Yicheng lowered his eyes. He thought he had forgotten some of his past. To ignore those things, he even used his work to paralyze himself, but it turns out that there are some things that he will never forget.

Even without Chu Ran’s reminder, even without Chu Ran’s appearance, Yan Yicheng still couldn’t forget those things…

“In that case……”

Yan Yicheng raised his eyes again, his eyes were deep as the sea: “Chu Ran, I will perform my duty to bring you back to the alliance, and I will definitely do it!”

He has always had his own principles and bottom line. This is his restricted area that no one can touch!


Chu Ran smiled coldly. He did not hesitate to shoot instantaneously. The battle between the two men made heaven and earth turned pale…


Outskirts of Feng County.

Xia Beibei was carried by Old Man Ji and came to an abandoned house.

“A’ Man, A’ Man, are you okay?”

Old Man Ji carefully put Xia Beibei on the wooden bed. The deathly pale Xia Beibei involuntarily vomited a big mouthful of blood.

She had just recovered from her injury recently, and now she was severely injured by Chu Ran. What a fate, ah! It’s precisely deceptive, ah!

“A’ Man!” Seeing Xia Beibei vomiting blood, Old Man Ji immediately raised his hand to fell Xia Beibei’s pulse. Immediately, his expression turned grim.

“Am I, am I going to die?”

Xia Beibei slowly opened his eyes and saw Old Man Ji in front of her: “Uncle, I didn’t expect you to be a good person. But I am a demon girl who kills people without blinking. Since you saved me, aren’t you afraid of being chased by the righteous people of Wu Lin? “



Old Man Ji suddenly chuckled: “I’m afraid. After all, I’m a coward, A’ Man, but…I am not afraid now. Really, A’ Man, don’t be scared. I will help you heal your wounds! You will not die! I won’t let you die!”

While talking, Old Man Ji began to continuously transmit his internal force to Xia Beibei. Xia Beibei watched the handsome middle-aged uncle in front of him. He grew old little by little and finally turned into a dying old man.

“Old Man Ji, what are you…”

This practice of passing one’s life skills to others is merely suicidal!


Xia Beibei looked at Old Man Ji in surprise. Old Man Ji gently raised his wrinkled hand and touched Xia Beibei’s face lightly with fear and excitement: “A’ Man, I… I’m sorry for you. I am sorry to your mother, I… I am a sinner!”

“You, you are A’ Man’s father!”

Hearing Old Man Ji’s word, Xia Beibei was shocked.

The deity of hundred transformations, Zuo Qianjie!

He is not Old Man Ji, but a famous hero in the Wulin’s circle ten years ago.

Zuo Qianji was a legend in Jianghu. At the same time, he also brought shame to the righteous people of Wulin. It was all because he fell in love with the demon girl from the Xueyi sect. 

A love between good and evil that is not recognized by the world was destined to be a tragedy with no hope for a reprieve.

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