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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 8


Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng had a great time eating in the room, while Fang Lingtian and Yun Ruixi were staring at them from the next room.

“Young Master Yun, you…”

Fang Lingtian saw Yun Ruixi’s blue nose and swollen face. He really wanted to laugh, but… he had to bear it.

“You, change your room with me!”

Yun Ruixi pointed at Fang Lingtian’s nose. His expression was arrogant.

“Young Master Yun, this…”

Fang Lingtian immediately showed a look of embarrassment: “I still have to serve the young mistress. You know, our young lady has a bad temper, I…”

Seeing Fang Ling Tian continued to chirp to make an excuse, Yun Ruixi simply took out a bag of spirit stones from the storage bag: “Take this, can we exchange now?”

“Young Master Yun, you are making it difficult for me if you do this!”

Fang Lingtian glanced at the spirit stones. His eyes flickered continuously.

“Plus this!”

Yun Ruixi painfully took out a magic weapon from his storage bag: “There is only this!”

“Young Master Yun! Aiya, even though I want these things too, but we have strict rules in the Bliss Palace, I…”

“You can choose whoever you want from any of the female entourage I brought this time!”

Yun Ruixi interrupted Fang Lingtian’s word.

“Okay, deal!”

Before Yun Ruixi’s words even finished, Fang Lingtian had already happily handed over his room number plate.

Yun Ruixi:…

Your mom, if I have known earlier that you were actually aiming for that, this young master would not have wasted those spirit stones and magic weapons!

When Yun Ruixi regretted his blunder, our brother Fang had already collected the spirit stones and magic treasures and ran to a certain room with a smile. Cough, cough, well, he actually had his eye on one during the day, but he has not had time to pursue that person yet…

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The deal between Yun Ruixi and Fang Lingtian did not escape Yan Yicheng’s divine sense. Although he was in Xia Beibei’s room, he always kept his divine sense out, covering the entire inn. No one could find it out. Similarly, no one can escape from his divine sense.

“Well, this wine is good and strong.”

Xia Beibei, who was drunk, lay on the table as she tried to pour more out of the bottles: “No, no wine?”

She blinked as she suddenly raised her head and looked at Yan Yicheng and said solemnly.


Yan Yicheng was taken aback for a moment. He looked at Xia Beibei in surprise: “What do you call me?”

“Ma- Where is the Manager?”

Xia Beibei pushed the wine bottle in front of Yan Yicheng: “Manager, how did you open this inn? There’s no more wine in this, haven’t you seen it?”

Yan Yicheng:…

So, she was calling out the restaurant manager and not her Boss!

[T/N: Beibei actually called out [lǎobǎn]. This word means two things, which are boss or business proprietor]

Yan Yicheng breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing her sprawled on the table, he could not help but stare. As a cultivator, it was almost impossible for them to get drunk. For her to be so drunk, how insensitive was she of her environment?

“You’re drunk.”

Yan Yicheng sighed and threw the bottle aside: “You…do you remember who you are?”

“Haha, are you testing me?”

Xia Beibei’s eyes flashed. She raised her soulful eyes as she gazed at Yan Yicheng charmingly: “This small girl, this small girl is called Yutong. Mister Official, how about you?”

Yan Yicheng:…

Fortunately, fortunately, she also knew that she was An Yutong. Yet, she was so drunk that she involuntarily used her fascination art.

“I am not an official. I am…”

Yan Yicheng stepped forward and raised his hand to help Xia Beibei up. As a result, Xia Beibei leaned into his arms as a pair of slender arms clung to Yan Yicheng’s arm: “Mister Official, the spring night is precious, would you like for this servant to serve you?”

“Cou- cough, cough.”

Yan Yicheng’s hands immediately froze mid-air, but Xia Beibei’s small hands came around from his back, as soft as boneless hands as she slides her fingers, bit by bit, across Yan Yicheng’s body.

“You are really drunk.”

Yan Yicheng’s eyes gradually darkened. Even his voice started to change.

He raised his arm and grasped Xia Beibei’s restless little hand tightly. Then he put his other hand on her back, trying to force the alcohol out of her. Xia Beibei suddenly buried her head in Yan Yicheng’s arms and laughed, “Hehehe”.

“Xia. Bei. Bei!”

Yan Yicheng was stunned before immediately called her name in frustration in the next second.

“Well, cough, cough. Mister Official, did you call me?”

Xia Beibei raised her eyes and looked at Yan Yicheng with a smile.

“Is it fun?”

Though it has almost gone unnoticed, Yan Yicheng’s voice was a bit hoarse. It seemed that Boss Yan was almost unable to resist it, right?

“Isn’t it fun?”

Xia Beibei stick out her tongue at Yan Yicheng cutely: “Actually, I…just want to practice how to use fascination skill to seduce a man. You do not even know how duplicitous my task is. One of the must-do tasks this time is to seduce and hook the Male Lead away! It is still possible for me to use cornstarch to thicken the soup while cooking, yet, if you ask me to perform seduction and hooking PLAY, it is difficult for me, ah! Ahem, in fact, I have a little experience. So…”

Speaking of this, Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng with a pitiful face: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it then! However, when I was with you, I did not seem to think it was that difficult. Did I act well just now?”

Xia Beibei is indeed acting just now. In other words, she is practising her skill.

She is naturally charming and attractive, and according to the novel’s content, An Yutong has several large-scale dramas with the Male Lead Qin Zizhen. The scenes surrounding the two of them were very thrilling. After reading the novel, Xia Beibei could not help blushed and felt her heart speed up. Although they did not have any substantive relationship, in the end, the extremely explicit seduction scene was enough to give Xia Beibei a headache.

Your mom. She is such a pure child, yet, she was forced to stage this kind of large-scale drama. As expected, it is not easy to be a villain.

At this time, hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Yan Yicheng’s face couldn’t help getting darker.

Seeing Yan Yicheng’s black face and feeling the cold air around him, Xia Beibei thought Yan Yicheng was still angry at her previous deception. She immediately softened her voice involuntarily, “I really didn’t mean to lie to you. I am– I am afraid that if I told you first, you would not want to help me practice. So, I…”

Before Xia Beibei had finished speaking, her voice suddenly stopped.

Both of them were looking at each other when suddenly their expressions turned cautious.

“Someone is coming!”

Xia Beibei felt the violent aura belonging to the cultivator. That person’s cultivation level was definitely not low.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s word, Yan Yicheng’s eyes condensed. The expression on his face was indescribably weird: “It’s… Qin Zizhen. He is injured!”

Xia Beibei:…

Your mom!

Why couldn’t you play your role correctly?

You have not even met the Female Lead yet, okay. Is it good for us to come face to face like this?

“What should we do?”

Xia Beibei immediately looked around, looking nervous.

“Why are you so nervous?”

Yan Yicheng glanced at Xia Beibei. He felt that sometimes he really couldn’t keep up with her magical brain circuit.

“No, I have to hide!”

Xia Beibei heard Yan Yicheng’s question and immediately answered him with a serious face: “You can’t let him meet me. What if he falls in love with me?”

Boss Yan:…

“Cough. Beibei, did you read many novels nowadays?”

“You even know that too?”

Xia Beibei stared at Yan Yicheng with shining eyes: “Nowadays, female lead’s novels and counter-attack novels are all written like this! As soon as the male protagonist meets the female lead’s rival, he would immediately abandon the female lead.”

Therefore, Xia Beibei decided to hide! As ethical villains, we always sacrificed ourselves for the benefit of others! After all, this is the legendary- Professional ethics!

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