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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 7


After putting away the flying spirit ship, these people no longer use their flying magic weapons. After all, the current mid-air fighting was too fierce that it almost covered an area of 100 miles, making it dangerous for them to use any flying devices.

Xia Beibei’s group simply used a light body technique to leave the area quickly. At this time, the cultivators in the nearby city who also felt the abnormality happening to the area also rushed to join the excitement.

Watching the crowd? Wanting to pick up the leftover treasure?

Your mom, it is up to you if you wanted to watch the excitement.

“Tsk, tsk.”

Seeing a group of cultivators passing by quickly, Fang Lingtian couldn’t help but curl his lips and whispered to Xia Beibei in a low voice: “Young Mistress, these people are going to die in order. To pick something cheap!”

“Oh, let them be, just a bunch of unworldly bumpkins.”

Xia Beibei could not help but laughed. She did not deliberately conceal her voice and laughter. At this moment, two cultivators suddenly stopped and looked at Xia Beibei with unkind expressions: “You girl, which sect are you from to be this arrogant?”


Xia Beibei charmingly raised her eyes as she smiled and whispered: “These two big brothers, are you asking this little me?”

Passerby A (B): …

Why didn’t they find that this girl is so beautiful before?

“This fairy, I don’t know from which school did you come from?”

From the girl just now to a fairy. The way they called here were really fluent and natural. These two people eyes become even warmer and enthusiastic than before.


Xia Beibei chuckled again: “This little girl… came from the underworld. Would the two brothers be willing to accompany me back to Underworld?”

“I am willing!”

“I am willing!”

Two people scrambling to squeeze forward. The next second, a red flash appeared, and before two people could have the time to react, they have fallen on the spot.

“That’s what I meant by rushing to die.”

Xia Beibei blinked and looked at Yan Yicheng beside her with a smile: “Li Fantian, your hands are too fast, right? I haven’t played enough!”

Yan Yicheng:…

He had already endured it for a long time, okay!

“Precisely, old Li, your hand is too fast. This young master hasn’t made any moves yet!”

Yun Ruixi also looked at Yan Yicheng with dissatisfaction. The opportunity to show off in front of the goddess was robbed by this hypocrite again! This is too much!

When several people were talking, Fang Lingtian, who had been following Xia Beibei, flashed towards the corpse. When he came back, he already had two more storage bags in his hand: “Young Mistress, your trophy!”

“Oh, oh.”

Xia Beibei put away the two storage bags without even looking at them: “Although there is nothing valuable in there, it is better than nothing. Who makes our sect so poor! Ai~!”

Yan Yicheng:…

Yun Ruixi:…

Is your Bliss Palace so poor?

With such a group of well-trained and money-hungry students, would you still be considered poor?


Yun Ruixi took a deep breath as he tried to prevent his urge to roast his goddess before looking at Xia Beibei with a smile: “Don’t worry, Yutong, I used my spirit stone for our journey to the Chu Kingdom!”

Speaking of this, Yun Ruixi could not help but raised his chin and glanced at Yan Yicheng.

Why don’t you try robbing me, you hypocrite?

Yan Yicheng: “Yutong, since Young Master Yun is so caring, let’s not be polite with him.”

Xia Beibei: “Okay, good! Thank you, Ruixi.”

Yun Ruixi:…

Why does this young master feel that something is amiss?

Seeing Yun Ruixi’s blank face, Fang Lingtian on the side could not help sighing in his heart. Sure enough, Young Master Yun is similar to his local tyrant father. Both of them has an exquisite quality, that is, a stupid, rich person.

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These several people continued on their way. After seeing their act of killing two people was as casual as trampling on two ants, the people passing by decided to turn a blind eye to what had just happened and minding their own business.

This is the law of the realm of cultivation.

When night arrived, this group of people had finally reached the boundary of Jin Kingdom. They would not arrive at the Chu Kingdom until they crossed the border of the Jin Kingdom.

Xia Beibei was not in a hurry. Therefore, she simply found an inn in the City of Jin to live in. The popular currency of the mortal country was naturally gold and silver ingot. Those yellow and white objects have shallow value in the realm of cultivation, but every monk will also carry some with them, just in case if they needed to use it from time to time.

Yun Ruixi took out one ten thousand silver ticket and directly booked the whole first floor of the inn.

“Yutong, you can choose any room.”

Fang Ruixi handed a stack of room number plates to Xia Beibei.  Xia Beibei randomly drew one out of them: “This one.”

She basically going to cultivate at night, so she doesn’t need to sleep and rest.

Seeing the number plate taken by Xia Beibei, Yun Ruixi’s eyes flashed. He subconsciously wanted to pick out the room next to her.

Yan Yicheng, who was on the side, had much quicker eyes as he took two-room number plates directly and threw one to Fang Lingtian.

Yun Ruixi:…

“Come on, Old Li, we haven’t had a chance to compete after the last practice. Don’t you think that the high wind tonight is perfect for that?”

“Oh, come on.”

Yan Yicheng put away his room number plate and walked out of the inn. Yun Ruixi threw the remaining number plates in his hand into Fang Lingtian’s arms and quickly followed Yan Yicheng’s figure.

“Young Mistress, how about those two…”

Fang Lingtian looked at Xia Beibei with some worry.

“Leave them alone. I’ll meditate first. You can give the remaining room number plates to our entourages.”

After saying this, Xia Beibei turned upstairs.

She was totally uninterested in a foregone conclusion…

When she found her room, Xia Beibei closed the door and placed a restriction in the room. She immediately sat cross-legged on the bed and started working her own mind. Her medicine could only regularly suppresses the pure yin aura in her body. Otherwise, the excess yin aura will cause her body to be damaged to a certain extent.

It was unknown how long it took before a knock on the door made Xia Beibei wake up from meditation. She slowly opened her eyes as the flow of light under her eyes flickered.

“Come in. The door is unlocked.”

Xia Beibei lifted her hand and removed the restriction she set in the room.

Yan Yicheng opened the door and walked in, holding a tray in his hand. A few small dishes and a pot of wine were on the tray: “Would you like a drink?”

He smiled at Xia Beibei. When Xia Beibei saw the food, she subconsciously touched her stomach.

The most deceptive thing in the cultivation world was a kind of pill called Bigu Dan. After taking it, you will not feel hungry even if you do not eat for a few days. It could even last you for a few months.

More than that, in fact, the Golden Core’s cultivator can go on without eating anything. Therefore, Xia Beibei has actually not eaten much in the past few days.

She is hungry!

The body is not hungry, but the spirit is about to be starved to death!

Yet, to maintain the dignity and personality of the Sect’s Young Mistress, she has been holding back without daring to eat!

“It’s still you who treats me the best, kissy-kissy!”

Xia Beibei blew a kiss towards Boss Yan and then rushed to the table. She pulled Yan Yicheng’s arm so that he would sit next to her: “Come on, let’s eat together. Though the food is scarce and the wine is limited, help yourself to it, ah!”

Yan Yicheng:…

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