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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Villain: Sect’s young mistress 14


After returning to the Bliss Palace, Xia Beibei threw Luo Chuya to Fang Lingtian: “Senior Brother Fang, she will be your dual cultivator from now on, so watch her carefully!”

“Yes, thank you, Young Mistress!”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Fang Lingtian nodded gratefully and thanked her. He then immediately carried Luo Chuya, who was still unable to move and speak, out of the main hall of the Bliss Palace.

Fang Lingtian is precisely a deviant. How he will treat Luo Chuya, Xia Beibei naturally knows.

However, she will feel neither guilty nor sympathetic. After all, she is a villain with a lot of evil.

As a villain, you must be selfish. You will hurt others to benefit yourself and take your own interests as the main prerequisite!


This trip to the Chu Kingdom is generally quite smooth. Although she met Qin Zizhen by accident, Xia Beibei did not really take it seriously.

Worried about the Male Lead falling in love with yourself?

Please, even though she said that, and no one should take it seriously!

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After returning to the Bliss Palace, Xia Beibei began to practice all day. Of course, Yan Yicheng occasionally visited her from the Xuanyin Temple. Most of the time, the two people used the communication and photo stone to contact, which is similar to modern phones and video calls.

What Xia Beibei did not expect was that after half a month, unexpected people suddenly returned.

An Yangmu!

“Young Mistress, the eldest son is back and waiting for you in the Palace’s hall.”

The hall’s maid immediately told Xia Beibei the news of An Yangmu’s return. Xia Beibei came out of her cave and flew to the Palace’s hall without hesitation. At this time, there was a man in the golden hall with sword eyebrows and heavy eyes.

“Big brother, you are back!”

Xia Beibei smiled and quickly walked into the hall. Seeing his sister’s figure, An Yangmu’s eyes flash. It seems that he wanted to smile, yet his smile frozen before it reaches his lips: “Yutong, tell me the truth, did you kidnapped the fourth princess of the Chu Kingdom, Luo Chuya?”


Xia Beibei was surprised to see the look in An Yangmu’s eyes: “Big Brother, what are you talking about? What princess of Chu? I don’t know.”

“Stop acting.”

An Yangmu slowly stood up: “I asked Senior Sister Nanshu. She told me that you took Fang Lingtian to the Chu Kingdom a few days ago. Coincidentally, the fourth princesses of Chu Kingdom disappeared in those few days, and even more coincidental, that princess is still a rare pure Yin physique!”

“Oh, what a coincidence? Is this the legendary twist of fate?”

Xia Beibei squinted her eyes and smiled at An Yangmu indifferently: “So, Hunyuan sect insisted that I had taken the fourth princesses. Yet, since they didn’t have the face to come and ask for someone, so they called you out, didn’t they?”

“Yutong, don’t say that.”

Listening to his sister’s words, who seemed dissatisfied with the Hunyuan sect, An Yangmu could not help but straighten up his face: “My master is very good to me, and the brothers and sisters are also very good to me. Don’t always misunderstand them.”

“Am I misunderstanding them?”

Xia Beibei sneered: “Big brother, I really don’t know whether you are too naive or you are too stupid!”


An Yangmu seemed to be offended by Xia Beibei word. His handsome face started to blackened: “You tell me the truth, Is Luo Chuya in Bliss Palace? If so, you hand her over to me. I will take her back to the Chu Kingdom.

“Princess of Chu Kingdom? We don’t have that person in our Bliss Palace.”

Xia Beibei also coldly stared at An Yangmu: “However, we do have many good furnaces. If you really could not go back without something, just tell me! What kind do you want? Fat, thin, short or tall, everything that should be here is here!”


“What bad habits do we have in the Bliss Palace?”

An indifferent female voice suddenly reverberated in the air. Hearing that voice, Anyang Mu was stunned, but Xia Beibei looked at the door with joy: “Mother, did you leave the gate?”

A breeze blew by, and then a misty shadow appeared in front of Xia Beibei and An Yangmu.

“This is a piece of my spiritual body. I am at a critical juncture. Yutong, I want to tell you something. As for Yangmu, you…”

Bai Lan’s voice was ethereal and beautiful, and her spiritual body turned and glanced at her son: “You may deny the Bliss Palace, or even your mother and sister Yutong, but I won’t allow you to help outsiders to deal with us. What are the fourth princesses of Chu Kingdom compared to our Bliss Palace? What kind of thing is that?”

Bai Lan’s voice suddenly became cold and icy. She then raised her hand slightly. The air in the entire hall was condensed and gradually turned into a transparent mirror, reflected a dignified and upright face.

“Palace Lord Bai, are you out?”

The man in the mirror image saw Bai Lan’s face and was slightly startled as he subconsciously asked.

“Heh, Sect Head Lin does not have to be so anxious. My worthless son still needs you to look after him. However, this time, it was you who had failed to protect the royal family of the Chu Kingdom. Yet, you still want to put all the responsibility on our Bliss Palace? Do you think that I am too weak that you could bully us arbitrarily?”

Bai Lan’s tone has always been indifferent and strong. When the other side heard her words, Sect Head Lin in the mirror was slightly taken aback as he smiled embarrassingly: “Palace Lord Bai, this is a misunderstanding, this must be a misunderstanding!”

“Huh, since it’s a misunderstanding, please don’t harass us again in the future!”

While speaking, Bai Lan flicked her sleeves indifferently, and the mirror image gathered in mid-air was immediately fragmented.

“Yutong, follow me!”

Bai Lan didn’t look at the expression on her son’s face anymore. She strode to another exit of the hall with Xia Beibei. She immediately attached herself to Xia Beibei’s ear and whispered a few words before the whole body became more and more transparent and finally disappeared…

An Yangmu, who was being left out by Bai Lan, has been standing quietly on the spot, watching his mother’s spiritual consciousness gradually dissipate into smoke. His heart slightly set off a wave of impetus-

Although he never agrees with her and even dislikes her, she is, after all, his mother…

“Yutong, mother…what did she say to you?”

Seeing Xia Beibei’s face was very bad. An Yangmu could not help stepping forward and asked.


Xia Beibei’s eyes drooped: “Big brother, since you are back, you should stay in the palace for a few more days before leaving. I… it seemed we hadn’t seen you for a long time?”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s words, Anyang Mu was taken aback, but he still nodded: “Okay, but I can only stay for three days at most.”

He would spend the next three days trying to find Luo Chuya’s whereabouts…

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