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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 25


Yan Yicheng’s return to China was indeed sudden.

Originally in the film crew abroad, the part that belonged to him will be filmed in one week. And according to his original itinerary, he has to fly to another country for acting class.

Yet when she learned from Shen Xiao that there was a suspected suitor next to Xia Beibei, Boss Yan couldn’t calm down anymore——

It was bad enough that there is a senior male god in the background!

It was not easy for Boss Yan to learn the strategy. He even mustered up the courage to complete his wife-chasing plan in the mission world. Why did suddenly a Tang’s Young master sprouting out of nowhere, ah!

All rivals in love must be eliminated in the bud.

He would rather kill three thousand than leaving one. Pei, pei, pei! The first principle is not to give any rivals any chance to take advantage of his absence. Yan Yicheng film continuously for 24 hours and finished all his scenes one week in advance. Then he gave up all other itineraries and took a private jet to return home overnight. It was already the next afternoon when he arrived in City A. He did not set aside time for himself to rest, so he directly asked Shen Xiao to drive him to the Xingyu Building to pick up Xia Beibei off work.


Xia Beibei came out of the office building, opened the car door, and at a glance, she saw Yan Yicheng leaning on the back seat to sleep.

Perhaps hearing the sound of her opening the door, Yan Yicheng suddenly opened his eyes.

Those eyes were still as charming and elegant as ever, but at this moment, the depths of his eyes could hardly hide his tiredness.

Even if Yan Yicheng is not tired, 24 hours of continuous high-pressure shooting and more than ten hours of flying across the still overwhelmed his body.


Xia Beibei saw Yan Yicheng’s tired face, and she could not help lowering her voice. In fact, when she went downstairs, Shen Xiao had probably talked about their eldest master’s affairs with Xia Beibei.

“It’s okay.”

Yan Yicheng heard Xia Beibei’s question and shook his head slightly at her: “I’m not tired. Ah Xiao, drive back to Diamond City.”


Shen Xiao nodded and immediately started the car. Xia Beibei looked at Yan Yicheng and could not help but asked, “What the hell is so urgent? Make you come back in such a hurry? Even if you are… well, I mean, Even if you are young, your body can’t stand it!”

Xia Beibei knew that as a time-space law enforcer, Yan Yicheng would definitely able to cope with various situations. Still, he was now using Shen Qiancheng’s body! What should she do if he accidentally breaks it down? Do you have to change your identity like the previous few times?

“It’s nothing.”

Hearing Xia Beibei’s word, Yan Yicheng’s eyes flashed: “Nothing is interesting abroad; I’m also not used to it.”


Hearing Yan Yicheng’s words, Xia Beibei blinked. He should not be unaccustomed to living abroad!

Could it be…

That is right! He also came to do the task! What is the use of running hundreds of thousands of kilometres away to film for no reason? The Male Lead and Female Lead won’t go! Su Luo would also never go abroad.

As soon as she thought of this, Xia Beibei instantly felt that she understood Yan Yicheng’s feelings.

“Okay, I understand; I understand your meaning.”

“Do you…really understand it?”

Yan Yicheng was taken aback. He stared at Xia Beibei with a flash of light in his eyes.


Xia Beibei smiled slyly. Taking advantage of Shen Xiao not paying attention to them, she leaned and whispered softly.

 “I know you come back for the task. Oh! Actually, I’m almost done, so please do it!”

Yan Yicheng:…

So Boss Yan, meeting a wife whose EQ is lower than you, do you feel stressed by it?


An apartment in Diamond City.

As soon as Yan Yicheng opened the door with the key, Xia Beibei rushed in, dragged him and walked to the bedroom.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

Yan Yicheng was confused by her actions.

Back in the bedroom, Xia Beibei blinked at Yan Yicheng, pulled him by his windbreaker and pushed him to the big bed in the bedroom: “Come on, be good, and take off your clothes!”

Take off my clothes?

Boss Yan was stunned. Seeing that he was standing still, Xia Beibei pursed her lips. Could it be that he does not even have the strength to take off his clothes?

“Then I take it off for you?”

Xia Beibei started to do it as she spoke.

Taking off the windbreaker outside, Xia Beibei raised her hand and went to untie the buttons on Yan Yicheng’s shirt.

Tsk, why did you buttoned up your clothes so high on such a hot day? It is like Boss Yan, uh, why am I thinking about Boss Yan again?

Xia Beibei’s movements froze.

At the moment she was in dazed, Yan Yicheng had already recovered, raised his hand and grabbed Xia Beibei’s hand: “Ahem, this, I… I’ll do it myself.”


Xia Beibei recovered and quickly let go of his hand: “You should do it yourself. I thought you did not even have the strength to unbutton it. You sleep obediently! I will go to the kitchen to cook. I’ll call you once I’m done!”


Hearing her word, Yan Yicheng’s eyes flashed slightly. He smiled and nodded.

He knew that she cared about him sincerely and that feeling really made him feel very comfortable and warm.


Looking at her figure leaving the room, as well as the rapid and powerful heartbeats that are yet to calm down, a touch of complexity flashed in Yan Yicheng’s eyes——

Just now, in his heart, he really hoped that something would happen.


Xia Beibei also did not come to this apartment for more than a week. When she went to the kitchen to open the freezer, she was taken aback. The ingredients in the freezer were all changed. From the original strange and high-end ingredients to very fresh, very common household ingredients, Most of them cater to her.


Xia Beibei remembered that when she ate here last time, Yan Yicheng seemed to ask her what kind of food she knew how to cook. She said casually about few dishes at that time, but she did not expect that he would remember them all!

Your mom, is this the rhythm of exhausting this baby?

Even though she was grumbling in her heart, but seeing the familiar fresh ingredients in the refrigerator, Xia Beibei’s eyes were still involuntarily stained with a smile——

There is a kind of person. He will not do anything on purpose. He will only silently remember everything you have said and done everything according to your heart, as he silently arranges everything for you.

Obviously, the man sleeping in the bedroom is so attentive and considerate.

Xia Beibei got busy in the kitchen quickly, without even realizing it; her face was always smiling…


The exhaustion of his body made Yan Yicheng fall asleep on the comfortable and soft bed. When Xia Beibei was ready for dinner, she looked in the bedroom and saw the man sleeping peacefully on the white bed.

Truly deserves to be a national male god, so handsome even when he falls asleep.

Xia Beibei gently walked into the bedroom and helped Yan Yicheng pull the quilt. As a result, Yan Yicheng suddenly opened his eyes, and the two of them looked at each other–

Xia Beibei: “I woke you up?”


Yan Yicheng looked at Xia Beibei with gentle eyes: “I just… suddenly smelled the smell of you.”


Xia Beibei was taken aback and subconsciously lifted up her sleeves and smelled it. As expected, it was full of cooking fumes and a kitchen smell!

She immediately held her apron with both hands in embarrassment: “I…I…”

Seeing her extremely awkward appearance, Yan Yicheng’s eyes softened: “The smell on you…I like it very much.”

This is the taste of home.

Xia Beibei:…

Male god, do you like to smell oily smoke? I am curious about your taste!

Author: Someone, drag this disruptive person who destroys the atmosphere and hang it a hundred times!

Boss Yan: Who dares?

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