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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 24


In the TV circle, bringing capital into the group was a common phenomenon. Many new actors with money or backstage would choose to bring money into the group, then use their investment to exchange for a more critical role. If they encounter small productions, it is possible to directly become a male lead or female lead.

This was a common phenomenon in the circle. However, it was strange to think that someone as famous as Ye Qingge, who was busy shooting the female number one of an annual drama, would bring money to film a little-known small production. 

Ye Qingge…

Hearing Li Hui’s words, Su Luo’s face immediately changed——

Could it be that Ye Qingge was born again?

Su Luo still clearly remembers the plots of all the characters in the world of this novel that the system 9874 had told her. In the past life, Ye Qingge has been tepid. Even after making a few major productions, the audience still does not like her. In the end, she seemed to have quit the entertainment circle, married a mysterious rich young man and left China to settle abroad.

And now, Ye Qingge’s life has also undergone such significant changes, which makes Su Luo more and more suspicious.

In fact, Su Luo was like a frightened bird. Whenever there is trouble, she would start to become suspicious.

Hey, who made her encounter a pile of rubbish and an unreliable system?

Furthermore, she was unlucky enough to encounter taskers such as Xia Beibei and Yan Yicheng.

The reason why Ye Qingge went to film that drama was naturally due to Xia Beibei’s suggestion. After knowing that Ye Qingge’s gold master was Long Yiyun, Xia Beibei considered cooperating with Long Yiyun. Long Yiyun was also eager for this partnership. He wanted to be together with Ye Qingge, but he also hopes that his beloved woman can fulfil her dream. However, it was a pity that Young Master Long was a person of the underground world, So he only has a little knowledge of the entertainment industry. Although he can help Ye Qingge to enter many crews, he still missed a lot. Those TV series were unable to let people remembered Ye Qingge’s role.

As early as when Ye Qingge first became famous, she was labelled as “having a backstage”, “has a gold master”, “unspoken rules”, “vase”, and so on. It was tough for her to turn over with one play unless this play leads to a big explosion, and her acting skills could crush everyone on the crew. Xia Beibei, like Su Luo, was familiar with the plot of the novel, and she happens to know that there was such a play.

So, Xia Beibei made a deal with Ye Qingge. She returned some of YE Qingge’s black material she had collected previously and provided her with news about the crew.

Of course, Ye Qingge could not fully believe what Xia Beibei said. Long Yiyun did not have any good feelings for this small filming crew. However, after Xia Beibei successfully interviewed Shen Qiancheng and seeing her create a miracle, Ye Qingge could no longer bear it. She wanted to believe in her and make a gamble! As a result, the two parties completed their transaction very amicably.

When Xia Beibei first entered the mission, there were people threatening Chen Yining. Xia Beibei found the evidence and handed it to Long Yiyun. He wanted him to check it out himself. As a result, Long Yiyun’s people quickly found Pang San. Yet, they did not know that the person behind the scenes who contacted Pang San was Su Luo. Though Xia Beibei herself had already guessed the perpetrator behind the scene.

So she contacted Long Yiyun’s people and staged a big show together. Su Luo, who was in high tension, did not realize that she had been deceived.

After the incident, Long Yiyun’s people killed Pang San, and this incident became concealed.

Actually, Pang San was indeed an eyewitness eight years ago. He also had a video recording of Chen Yining leaving the bar with the victim, but the tape now fell into Long Yiyun’s hands.

This was his trump card to control Xia Beibei. He felt that as long as he has this tape in his hand, at least, in the entertainment industry, the other party would no longer dare to smear Ye Qingge at will. Even at critical moments, it can help them send some favourable news.

In fact, what Long Yiyun did not know was that Xia Beibei actually did not care about this videotape.

The reason why she worked so hard to design Su Luo was just to avenge herself.

After rebirth, Su Luo used some reports, threatening letters, bloody letters and dolls to force a mental breakdown, causing Chen Yuning to commit suicide after being overwhelmed.

This time, Xia Beibei decided to use the same method to force Su Luo little by little, driving her step by step on the desperate road…… 

The plan has been going smoothly from the beginning to now.

Pang San’s death, Xia Xiran’s being reused, the female lead’s role snatched by Ye Qingge in advance, everything was meant to remind Su Luo that—

Even if she knows all the future development, she still cannot escape the shadow of being cannon fodder.

She is destined to be a loser.


After Li Hui called the crew here, Ye Qingge had already told Xia Beibei about it.


Xia Beibei put down the phone, leaned on her chair and could not help but smiled. Almost there. Su Luo should not be able to hold on for long. Once her unreliable system finds that Su Luo can no longer counterattack, it will definitely leave her. Su Luo will be finished that day.

There is a saying that it is hard for a river to change its course. Su Luo was cannon fodder in her previous life. Because of her own death, this life she has a chance to redo everything. It is okay for her to wish to exact her revenge. It is also okay wanting to go higher, but …The premise is that she is also that piece of material, ah!

Xia Beibei never believes that their IQ will immediately soar to a sky in a straight line after experiencing a rebirth. Some people just master their rebirth plug-in, knowing how to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial. Xia Beibei was also like this. After all, she could make arrangements in advance because she knew the plot. However, once the plot changed, then what?

In this world, Xia Beibei had changed many plots. When Su Luo realized that everything was different from what she knew, she was immediately beaten back to her original form.

She does not know what to do; she always wanted to pin her future on others.

Seeing Xia Xiran being reused, Su Luo panicked. Seeing Ye Qingge suddenly starred as a female lead of a popular drama, she became suspicious again.

In her previous life, such a person did not know what she should cherish the most and ruined her future for a man.

In this life, how sober would she be?


When he got off work, Tang Xiao said goodbye to Xia Beibei in advance and went out to eat with others. Xia Beibei left the office alone and saw Tang Yifeng leaning in the corridor at the entrance of the newspaper office: “Are you free tonight? I want to invite you to dinner.”

Tang Yifeng always smiled when facing Xia Beibei. Even though everyone in the newspaper knew that our sister Yining hated the editor-in-chief, Tang Yifeng still happily stood in front of Xia Beibei to brush his existence.

Everyone at the newspaper: Editor-in-chief’s aesthetic is so wonderful. To think that he likes Chen Yining’s type!

Xia Beibei also felt very upset about Tang Yifeng’s inexplicable entanglement.

“Miss Chen, can we go now?”

At this moment, a loud voice suddenly rang from the other side of the corridor. Shen Xiao brought a gust of wind and walked over very handsomely.


Tang Yifeng raised his eyes and looked at Shen Xiao. Had to say, our family Shen Xiao, ah, that little stealing appearance, cough, cough, can still be used to bluff people.

Shen Xiao:…

Go away! What is bluffing? The handsome me, is never wanted to be friends with you anymore!


“You are here. Why are you so fast today?”

Xia Beibei was also taken aback when she saw Shen Xiao’s figure. Usually, he would wait for her in the car outside the building and rarely went upstairs to find her.

Hearing Xia Beibei’s question, Shen Xiao immediately leaned against Xia Beibei with a smile and said slowly: “Young Master is back; He is waiting for you in the car!”

“What? Shen… he came back so soon?”

Learning that Shen Qiancheng had returned home secretly, Xia Beibei was really taken aback, while Shen Xiao on the side smiled more slyly——

Ahem, I really didn’t do anything about it!

I just reported to Young Master that there was a little white face named Tang Yifeng who haunted Miss Chen all day long.

So, Young Master Shen returned to China without hesitation.

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