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Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Entertainment Circle’s Villain 23


The newly appointed editor-in-chief was at odds with Chen Yining. This news spread quickly within Xingchen Entertainment. So much that when everyone was free, this would be the topic to talk about–

This Chen Yining was really abominable. With that cold face all day long, she rampantly looked down on others. If it weren’t for her to make money for the newspaper, Boss Liu would have fired her long ago.

Well, at the end of the discussion, everyone was still feeling depressed. Why that Chen Yining could always get the big news? Why?


In the past two days, Xia Beibei was actually relatively leisurely. She knows that Long Yiyun has sent those photos to Su Luo.

At this time, Su Luo had already returned to work. However, due to her poor mental state, she had been in a state of trouble. This made the manufacturers who signed her to do commercials and the directors who asked her to film dramas become very dissatisfied.

As an artist, one’s mental state was actually critical.

Su Luo was in a bad state and cannot complete the work on time, so the crew and advertisers could only replace her. At this time, Xia Xiran, who was also under Moyu Media and had a similar appearance to Su Luo, finally received a chance.

Initially, Lin Mo signed Xia Xiran because he did not want her to be acquired by his competitors. However, Lin Mo did not expect that this little girl was smart and could learn things quickly. She was very diligent throughout the company’s training class, interacted with all types of people, and forged good relationships. This kind of personality was prevalent in the entertainment industry.

Now that Su Luo had an accident, Lin Mo naturally left the opportunity to Xia Xiran——

He wants to see how far this little girl can go in the entertainment circle and whether she can surpass Su Luo.

At this time, Lin Mo was really looking forward to Xia Xiran’s future!



Sitting in her nanny car, Su Luo slammed her bag away.

“Su Luo, you are not in good spirits recently. It is good that the company wants you to take a break.”

Seeing Su Luo being emotionally anxious, Li Hui on the side immediately comforted her with a few words.

“Take a rest? The company wants to hide me in the snow and hold Xia Xiran to the top.”

Su Luo whispered fiercely. She knew that Xia Xiran was the heroine and Lin Mo, the president of Moyu Entertainment, was the hero of this world.

It seemed that the two people have hooked up and caught up by now? Maybe Xia Xiran had already climbed into Lin Mo’s bed. Else, how could Lin Mo name her to replace her job?

No, I no longer have any future in Moyu Entertainment.

Perhaps the mental pressure has been too great that Su Luo has begun to get out of control.

From the night someone sent the photos of Pang San’s death scene, Su Luo became agitated.

 Who is it?

Who is the one hurting her?

Su Luo asked the system in panic, but the system only asked her to remain calm and work hard.

Since her rebirth, Su Luo has always thought that her system was omnipotent. After having the system, she believed that she can easily reach the pinnacle of life.

However, now she realized that no system is omnipotent.

The system she has can do nothing except tell her the main storyline and tell her everything about the future of this world.

Want more features? Yes, please complete the task first!

As for the task——

Kill Chen Yining?

Trample Xia Xiran to death?

Su Luo has no time or energy to do it now.

No, she can’t go on like this. Su Luo comforted herself over and over again. Since she knows all the plots, knows which company will develop smoothly, and knows which drama will be famous, she should take the initiative to fight for it. She could not let Xia Xiran pressing her down.

 “Sister Li.”

Thinking of this, Su Luo firmly grasped Li Hui’s hand beside her: “Sister Li, I don’t believe anyone else, I only believe you, I want to…leave Moyu Entertainment!”

Leave the place where the male lead and female lead exist, and go to another more developed company to start again. This is what Su Luo wanted to do most now.

Leave Moyu Entertainment!

After Li Hui heard Su Luo’s words, she subconsciously stared at her: “Su Luo, you have to think about it clearly. You have two years of contract with Moyu. If you leave now, you will have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages. And… Moyu was also the best entertainment company in the circle. Su Luo, be honest with Sister Li. You are in a bad state these days because you have been considering quitting the company? Did someone contact you? Which entertainment company?”


When Su Luo heard Li Hui’s words, she gritted her teeth gently. In fact, she often had nightmares recently. It was either her jumping off a building, the scene of Pang San’s death, and the dream where many police were chasing after her.

Even if she had not killed anyone, she still felt that she was about to go mad.

Furthermore, this secret was so crucial that Su Luo could not tell anyone about it.

She did not know who the person behind the threatening letter was. Now anyone looking suspicious in her eyes.

“Sister Li, in fact, I just have this idea. I feel that President Lin seems to appreciate Xia Xiran more. You also know that she and I follow the same route. There is no room for two tigers in one mountain. An entertainment company does not need two female idols with similar appearances. So I…”

Su Luo sighed and continued: “Sister Li, I remembered that last year a film group offered to give me a lead character for a novel adapted TV series? I do not have much work now. I want to try it. The crew seems to have not officially started up yet, so please contact them for me!”

“Are you talking about [The Beggar Queen]?”

Hearing Su Luo’s words, Li Hui frowned: “Those clichés novels are cheap. Not only the plot is absurd, but most of it was also produced by small companies. What is the future in that? If others knew that you went to a small filming crew, those people would say that you have been going downhill. Why should you pick up those bad dramas needlessly? In fact, you are just in a bad state now, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

Obviously, Li Hui was not optimistic about that drama.

Yet why did Su Luo mentioned this drama? That is because, this hilarious, novel-based comedy-drama, would become a dark horse after it was released next year. All the young actors in the play became famous overnight because of this play!

This is a drama that attracted not only fans but also fame and fortune. Since most of the people in the drama are newcomers, it can highlight a person’s acting skills.

Even Su Luo, who was not in good shape now, can still easily overwhelm these performing arts freshmen who yet to graduate.

“Sister Li, I read that novel. The novel is wonderful. Anyway, I do not have any work arrangements. You can help me contact them, just looking at it state.”

When she was just reborn, Su Luo had a great plan. She felt that her future was bright. However, now, everything around her is changing. The Female Lead has taken the position in advance, and Chen Yining has become even more famous. There have been too many things recently that Su Luo became more and more disturbed. Now, this dark horse TV drama has become her life-saving straw. She must get the heroine position for this drama and fight a stunning turnaround.

“Okay, okay.”

Seeing Su Luo’s resolute tone, Li Hui nodded. She took out her mobile phone and immediately contacted the chief director of the crew. However, after a few conversations, Li Hui’s face changed slightly. Finally, she hung up after a few words of politeness. The phone was disconnected.

“Su Luo.”

Li Hui turned to faced Su Luo. Her voice was full of comfort: “The crew has already found the heroine, and she has already joined the filming.”

“So fast?”

Why even the filming time of this crew was put in advance?

Su Luo remembered that after she refused the invitation of the crew in her previous life, the directors of this crew spent a lot of time auditioning many young actors. Later, it took several months for them to get the sponsorship. After barely got the funds, then did they started the filming!

Feeling Su Luo’s surprise, Li Hui could not help but speak again: “It’s really surprising to say you know? The heroine of their crew turned out to be Ye Qingge, and she still brought money into the group!”

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